Why It’s Important to Enter Freight Characteristics Correctly


Freight Characteristics Entry 


Providing correct information and details are always important. Correctly providing the details of your freight when requesting a shipping quote is crucial to receiving an accurate estimate. Giving correct and complete information about your freight not only helps you get a quote, but it also helps you avoid stress, save time, and cut costs.


Incorrectly entering freight information may cause delays, unforeseen expenses, and dissatisfaction on the parts of both you and the carrier. Due of this, it’s critical to provide accurate information the first time and prevent starting out with a mistake. 


You will be guided through the process of entering freight information by reading this article. 


What Are Some Important Features of Freight? 


When transporting items, the first factor that comes to mind is frequently the freight dimensions. Even while it’s crucial to accurately identify the size and shape of your freight, there are other crucial aspects of shipping.


A lift gate 


The lift gate is one of the most erroneous aspects of shipping. If your package weighs more than 100 pounds or is taller than 72 inches and is difficult to hoist manually into the back of a vehicle, a lift gate will be required. When a customer claims that a lift gate is not required when it is, it may cause delays, raise costs, or even necessitate the rescheduling of a shipment services.


Shipping Point 


Even though it might seem simple, the position of your freight when it is picked up is really crucial. If you don’t give the carrier the correct location information, they can show up without the right tools for the job. This inaccuracy could increase the cost of the shipment or necessitate a rescheduling of the shipment if the carrier shows up with the incorrect equipment.


Freight Specifications 


Many first-time shippers mess up when properly describing their shipment. Similar to the preceding categories, providing false information about your freight can result in carriers that are not ready and unforeseen charges. Give a full description of the size, weight, and look of your packages when specifying your freight.





The amount of room an object will take up in relation to its weight is known as its density. By dividing an object’s mass by its cubic-foot volume, the density of the object is calculated. As long as you measure everything in inches, you must multiply the length by the breadth by the height, then divide by 1,728 to determine the volume. The weight is then divided by the volume. All packaging and materials must be taken into account in the calculation in order to determine your shipment’s density appropriately.



The ease with which the cargo can be loaded, stashed, and stacked on the truck is meant by this. The majority of freight should fit comfortably aboard a train, ship, or truck, while some goods are more challenging to stow. For instance, special handling will be necessary for overweight cargo, dangerous goods, fragile items, or objects of unusual shapes.



In that it concerns the simplicity or complexity of handling specific goods, handling and stowability are quite comparable concepts. Once more, shipments that are bulky, dangerous, delicate, or unusually shaped will require extra care.



Liability relates to the likelihood that your freight will be destroyed, stolen, or treated improperly in any other way. A larger liability will be attached to cargo that is vulnerable to explosions, spontaneous combustion, perishing, or breaking.


A portion of the projected $35 billion less than truckload (LTL) market’s size may be attributable to the range of available transportation classes. These four criteria assist in identifying the shipment’s class for less than truckload shipping services, as well as if it is speciality freight, expedited freight, overweight freight, and more.


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