The perfect sendoff: 5 steps to the ultimate bucks party


One of friendship’s great honours is being chosen to plan your best mate’s bucks party. From the buildup to the banter, the drinks to the shenanigans and everything in between, this is the ultimate fellas event and one whose planning should never be taken lightly.

Why? Because your best mate’s wedding is a historic occasion, and one that requires a little extra thought to ensure it’s a sendoff to remember!

So, whether you’re going it alone or with the ultimate bucks night package available, here are five steps to planning a mammoth of a sendoff soiree for your mate:

  • Choose the date

The first – and nearly most important thing – is to set the date early. This is because people often leave it too late and this creates a serious planning problem that often leads to a shambolic disappointment of a bachelor’s.

It’s best to have a chat with your mate and see which day works for him: having this event the night (or even week) before the big day is more and more becoming a thing of the past, and your mate might want to have the big sendoff with enough time to prepare for the other important day in this situation, so have a good chat with him and decide which date is perfect.

Note: Conferring with the groom regarding the date is also a fantastic opportunity to get a vibe of what kind of party he wants: a lowkey get together, a few adventure activities, a night at the strippers, you’ll have a great idea of the event after this chat!

  • Get the boys involved

Planning this most momentous occasion solo can be a little overwhelming. After all, we’re not all professional party planners, and determining every minute detail surrounding the occasion can leave one feeling like their mate never asked them to plan the event!

So, get the fellas involved, asking their advice regarding top class locations, transport options, food and beverage, and everything else that you might overlook when trying to plan the big picture party.

  • Start inviting

Next, it’s time to start inviting the boys. Create an email chain with all invitees and provide the dates as well as estimated cost per person to attend this mega occasion. Include a deadline for RSVPs so that the crew understands that you have a bit of work to do to ensure the party is one to remember and that you also have time to finalise the guest list.

  • Book your bucks night package

Once you have finalised the guest list you can then start paying deposits to book the big event. Obviously, most event companies will request deposits to ensure the crew actually rolls in on the day, and this is why finalising the date and guest list with plenty of time to spare is imperative!

This, of course, includes requesting a small deposit from each of the lads attending the party, as well as organising everything from transport to catering, so don’t skip out on these things just because you’re thinking about the ultimate bucks party night package!

  • Send out the details

You’ve paid the deposits and the big event is fast approaching, and now it’s time to send out the details to ensure everyone’s on board with the grand plan. These details include everything from meeting points, times, dress/costume requirements, important info and key contacts.

Once you’ve got all this sorted you should be set for a day of outrageous fun with all your best mates!

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