How to Choose a Vacation Rental Management Company


Suppose you’ve been a vacation rental owner for a time. In that case, you may eventually get overwhelmed by the never-ending responsibilities that come with renting out your home and consider hiring a vacation rental firm to assist you to run your business.

You are not alone. Many homeowners feel they need assistance managing their vacation rental and hire a professional firm or property manager to assist them. Your scenario and budget determine the amount of work you want the firm to undertake and how to pick the finest vacation rental company for your requirements.

Furthermore, selecting the appropriate one might be difficult since there are so many different vacation property management businesses out there, all claiming to be better than each other in various ways.

Let’s look at what a vacation rental property manager performs and how you should choose the best alternative for your vacation rental company to make this decision simpler.

Of course, after you’ve chosen the ideal firm, you’ll need a property management agreement to specify the scope of work and protect both the owner’s and the company’s rights.

When do you need vacation rental management?

Determine how many hours you have in a week and whether or not you can complete all of your responsibilities within that time frame.

If you prefer to manage everything yourself but need assistance promoting the property, you may engage hospitality-specific services to advertise your rental. If you’re having trouble getting bookings in the off-season, they may fill your property all year so it’s never empty.

Similarly, if you merely want assistance with cleaning or check-in and check-out, a vacation rental management company may help. However, if you are unable to be there, there are numerous additional solutions for automatic check-in and check-out, such as WIFI door locks.

Of course, if your property is located far from your home, you will need to employ someone to handle it. However, if you have a close friend or family member who lives in your rental region, they may be prepared to look after your home for a nominal charge. If you manage numerous homes, you will find it difficult to accomplish everything alone, thus a vacation home rental agency becomes critical to the success of your company.

Where can I discover the greatest vacation home management company?

How do you find the best vacation rental management firm if you decide to use one? Here are some things to think about:

First, determine which vacation services you need.

Knowing what you need is always the initial step. How much time do you have, what do you want to do, and what do you avoid doing daily? Which jobs take the most time and which are the most cost-effective to outsource? If you are an expert at marketing your vacation rental but dislike interacting with visitors, concentrate on getting them through the door and let a vacation rental business handle guest inquiries and check-in and check-out processes. Perhaps you’re searching for a vacation rental management firm to take care of everything for you. Check out this Apartments for rent in Wichita.

Find out precisely what services the property management businesses in your region provide, such as if they specialize in Airbnb, other OTAs, or Airbnb rental arbitrage. Remember that these businesses might vary based on the state, therefore, we suggest looking for one in your neighborhood!

Discover a solution that works for you.

Investigate your choices.

The best place to begin is through internet research. Examine each company’s amount of experience, whether large or little and read reviews on Yelp and other review sites. Inquire about references from past employment.

Examine the vacation rental management costs in your region.

Decide how much you want to spend or how much money you have put aside. Vacation rental property management costs may range across states and localities, so conduct your homework and find the charge structure that is most applicable to the services you want.

A vacation rental firm’s fees may range from 10% to 50% of your rental revenue, depending on a variety of criteria such as the location of your home, the size of the company, the number of rentals you want them to handle, the services they provide, and the fee structure.

Fee structures for vacation rental companies vary, and they may offer a set rate, guaranteed revenue, or a commission-based system. Make sure you understand which services are covered by each structure and that any extra costs are identified early on. Then, compare apples to apples and make an educated decision.

What to Ask a Vacation Rental Management Company

The next phase in the decision-making process is understanding what questions to ask a vacation rental property manager to see if they’ll be a suitable match. As an example:

  1. How much experience do they have in the field?

Vacation rentals in various cities can come with a distinct set of challenges specific to the place. As an example, consider Barcelona.

Barcelona is not just one of Europe’s most famous tourist attractions; it is also becoming regarded as a city where people have a growing dislike for visitors. So, in terms of property management, it presents many different challenges than operating a vacation rental in a peaceful community along the seaside.

Years of expertise managing vacation homes in a certain location is a tremendous asset that a property management firm can offer. They will have dealt with a wide range of common problems in the region. For example, what should be done if a problem arises between the visitor and a neighbor in the apartment building? This means they have already learned the best techniques to deal with these challenges and the specifics of all the legislation in the region.

  1. What are the price and terms of the contract?

Before handing over your money and signing on the dotted line, it is critical to understand all of the charges, complexities, and “little print” involved in hiring a vacation property manager.

A competent property manager will be transparent and forthright about the fees and will provide you with a detailed breakdown. A property manager who attempts to conceal such information or makes it difficult to get is likely to be significantly less trustworthy than those who have a more open connection with the property owner.

A vacation rental property manager will focus on all of the services they can provide you and their positive reviews rather than the costs and contract details, but if something appears to be wrong with the costs or contract details, or if they’re difficult to obtain, don’t ignore your gut feeling.

  1. Are any services included in the price?

It is usually a good idea to consider what services you will want from your property management and what the prices would be if you handled them yourself. You’ll be considerably more equipped to match prospective individuals to your requirements this way. You’ll also have a far better notion of whether the price they’re offering you for maintenance, cleaning and so on is a fair bargain or not!

Consider the hassle of coordinating these services yourself. Even though it is cheaper to handle some of the services they provide yourself, it may be worth the additional money to save stress by having your property manager handle every aspect!

  1. Who is in charge of marketing?

It’s pointless to have the ideal house ready to greet visiting visitors if no one knows about it!

As a property owner, you should consider how successful you would be able to promote the property on your own, and then determine if it is worthwhile to hire a vacation rental property manager whose services include marketing. This question is related to all of the ones asked thus far because if the property management has successfully marketed previous rentals in the neighborhood, they will undoubtedly be able to do the same for your house.

However, if this service is not already included in the price, it is also worthwhile to investigate the expenses that the property management charges for it. If you want, there are several free vacation rental tools and tips available to assist you in marketing your home!

Creating a formal property management contract with your vacation rental manager

Once you’ve found the ideal match for your business, you’ll need a property management agreement to outline the scope of work and protect both the owner and the company’s rights. This is a must-have, not a nice-to-have, so equip yourself with the necessary facts and a suitable template for a property management agreement to cover all legal bases.

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