Icelandbased Valitor 100mfaridi Crowdfundinsider


Companies need to be able raise capital efficiently and quickly, as the political and economic landscapes around the world are constantly changing. Valitor 100mfaridi Crowdfundinsider, an iceland-based startup, uses innovative technology to assist companies in this process.

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

Mila Garcia, co-founder of iPaydayLoans said that valitor is one of the most successful iceland-based startup companies. They offer a solution to help small businesses and their owners get the funds they need. It offers a B2B mobile payment solution that enables businesses to easily and securely pay their customers and employees. Check here company’s platform offers several features, such as instant payments, real-time tracking of payments, and fraud prevention.

Iceland-based valitor announced it had raised 100 million ISK through crowdfundinsider. Iceland-based valitor is an innovative financial technology company offering innovative products to the Icelandic banking sector.

Asmundur Gudjonsson, Jon Oddsson

founded iceland-based valitor. It is headquartered in Reykjavik. Products include a digital payment platform and lending platform. A custody service is also available for institutional investors.

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Crowdfundinsider money will be used by the company to expand operations in Iceland and launch new products. The money will also be used for research and development projects.

Crowdfundinsider allows investors to help individuals and businesses raise capital online. It has raised over $500 million since 2013, and is still active.

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider


Valitor is an iceland-based startup company that has been very successful. They provide a solution for small businesses and their owners to get the funding they need. Valitor is seeking new investors. As such, they launched a Crowdfund Insider crowdfunding campaign.

They have already raised 1,918,000 USD in less than a month, and the goal is to raise $3 million USD. This feat is amazing and shows the interest in their products and company.

Visit their Crowdfund Insider crowdfunding page to make a contribution. To keep up with the latest developments, you can follow Valitor on Twitter or Facebook.

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

Valitor, an iceland-based fintech company has launched its first Crowdsource Insider crowdfunding campaign. This campaign aims to raise EUR150,000 for the company’s expansion and growth.

Valitor is a B2B mobile payments solution that allows businesses to securely and easily pay employees and customers. The platform includes several features such as instant payments and real-time tracking. Fraud prevention is also available.

The campaign runs until September 2nd, and has already met its funding goal of EUR145,000. Backers will receive a variety of rewards from the campaign organizers, including VIP access to events and free membership in Valitor loyalty club.

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

Valitor, Iceland’s largest online financial institution, announced today that it has launched a Crowdrise campaign to raise funds for its expansion plans in America.

The company seeks to raise $2million to open a US subsidiary. It is also offering substantial benefits to donors who contribute over the course of this campaign. These benefits include:

– Priority Access to Investment Opportunities in the USA

– Priority treatment for US banking products and services applicants

– Private access to Valitor’s investor community

Exclusive opportunities to interact with Valitor’s executive team and advisors

Crowdrise is a place where you can support Valitor’s growth efforts. Visit Crowdrise today and make a contribution.

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

Valitor, a cryptocurrency-based electronic money transfer platform, is seeking to raise EUR3 Million in a crowdsale. The company intends to use the funds for expansion and to build a more technologically advanced platform.

Valitor allows users to send money securely and easily through the platform. The company is looking for new products and services to make managing your finances easier.

This is Valitor’s second crowdsale. In just two weeks, the first crowdsale raised more than EUR1 million. To learn more about this project and to invest, visit the Valitor website.

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

Valitor, an iceland-based startup, is seeking crowdfunding support to grow.

Valitor, a startup located in Iceland, helps small businesses obtain the financing they need to grow.

Mfaridi 100mfaridi, CEO and cofounder of Valitor, founded the company. Mfaridi is a veteran of the financial services and banking industry with over 20 years. He believes startups have a lot for the world.

Valitor is looking for crowdfunding opportunities to grow. Visit Valitor’s website to sign up for the mailing list.


Valitor, an online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell products by independent artists and designers from iceland, has launched crowdfunding for its first product, a portfolio case for iPhone 6/6S/7. Crowdfund Insider reports. In just three days, the campaign has exceeded its $25,000 goal and has raised more than $41,000 from 828 backers as of writing.

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

Valitor, an Icelandic debit and credit card company, seeks to raise $5 Million to expand its operations into new markets. Investors will have the chance to invest in the crowdfund and participate in the company’s growth.

Valitor currently has operations in Iceland and Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It plans to expand its reach into additional countries in the coming years. The crowdfund will be used by the company to expand its operations and to fund new markets.

Investors interested in Valitor’s crowdfund investment opportunity can visit the company website to find out more. Investors can invest in dollars, euros, or Danish kroner.

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

icelandbased valitor, 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

The 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider, an iceland-based valitor, is a novel way to invest in small Icelandic businesses. This platform allows investors to invest in small businesses across the country.

You can also invest in businesses individually or in a portfolio of businesses. It is simple to use and offers high returns on investments. An online Crowdfunding campaign allows you to invest in the valitor.

This exciting new way to invest small businesses is a great way to support Iceland’s economic growth. It is revolutionizing how small businesses are funded and making it easier for people to participate in the Icelandic economy.

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

The 100mfaridi-based valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider was launched in iceland on February 2, 2019. It is an iceland-based company and a subsidiary 100 mfaridi which has been named the most funded entrepreneur in Africa and the Middle East by the global entrepreneurial award for 2018.

The idea behind iceland-based valitor is to make it easier to invest in overseas businesses by making it more accessible for Icelanders. Tomas Mar Jonasson founded the company, having previously worked for the Icelandic Financial Supervision Authority.

100mfaridi, Mar Jonasson’s subsidiary 100 mfaridi, is 100mfaridi. 100 mfaridi Venture Capital has invested in many high-growth Icelandic businesses, such as Bokur, Kringlan and GoSkippy.

The aim of iceland-based valitor was to make it easier for Icelanders to invest in overseas businesses. The company provides a variety of services including guidance and funding as well as support throughout the investment process.

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

Valitor, the leading online provider of consumer credit in Iceland, seeks to raise EUR3 Million through crowdsale to expand its operations in new markets and support growth in the Icelandic economy.

The company intends to use the crowdsale funds to expand its operations in new markets, support growth of Icelandic economies, and make it easier to access affordable credit for customers.

You can now participate in the Valitor crowdsale by purchasing tokens called VITs. VITs can be purchased on Kucoin and Cryptopia as well as Binance.

The crowdsale has a goal of raising EUR3million. If it achieves that goal, the company plans to issue 100,000,000 VITs. Based on the investments made, tokens will be distributed proportionally among participants.

Visit Valitor’s website to learn more about the crowdsale and the upcoming Valitor stock sale. You can also read the white paper.

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

Mfaridi, an Icelandic valitor, seeks to raise EUR1 Million through a crowdfunding campaign. The company provides short-term loans to small Icelandic businesses.

Mfaridi was established by Hreinn Gunnarsson, CEO of Valitor, and Sindri Sigurdsson in 2015. So far, the company has raised EUR500,000 from investors such as Atomico, First Round Capital and Relative Ventures.

Mfaridi has granted loans totaling EUR2.5 million to 764 small Icelandic businesses. The averagea loan amount is EUR26,000. There will be a 30-day crowdfunding campaign. It has already raised more than EUR15,000.

icelandbased valitor 100mfaridi crowdfundinsider

Valitor, an Iceland-based fintech startup, has started crowdfunding on Crowdfund Insights to raise EUR1 Million in seed funding.

Valitor was founded by bankers and entrepreneurs who have experience in banking. Their mission is to make banking easier, more accessible, and faster for all.

Valitor, which has over 100,000 customers, has created a mobile banking platform that allows users to monitor their finances and manage them in real time. Customers can also get loans and savings products from the company.

Valitor’s inception in 2016 has seen significant progress in expanding its market reach and building its ecosystem. The company has offices in London and Berlin, as well as in Reykjavik.

Visit the crowdfunding page to support Valitor’s growth and make a donation today!


  1. Valitor, a cryptocurrency business based in Iceland, has started crowdfunding Insider to raise $500,000 to expand its business.
  2. Valitor intends to expand its operations outside of the island nation and into new markets with this investment. The funds will be used by Valitor to create new products and services for customers.
  3. Already raising over $2 million from private investors and now the company is looking to expand its reach by appealing to a wider audience. Valitor hopes to reach this goal by crowdfunding Insider.
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