Facing Multiple DUI Charges in New Jersey: What to Expect


A DUI can affect your life and another DUI charge can lead to more serious consequences.  Additional DUI charges lead to more legal issues and understanding what’s required of you can be complicated and confusing. And things can get even more complex if you are facing related charges such as driving on a suspended driver’s license. If you are facing DUI charges, you must get call a defense attorney at njcriminaldefensellc.com. Because more is at stake than before, you must get top-notch guidance and counsel. 

What to Expect When Charged with a DUI in New Jersey

When you are convicted of DUI, you will your license and face heavy fines. If you depend on your car for work, the conviction can impact your stability. 

A second DUI can have you behind bars for up to three months. Often, you will be sentenced to 2-90 days in prison. Also, you will lose your license for at least two years and pay up to $1, 000 in penalties. During and after your license’s suspension, you must utilize an ignition interlock device. A third DUI offense can lead to serving jail time for six months, paying fines of $1, 000, and having your license suspended for eight years. 

The DUI Step-Down Sentencing System in NJ

The step-down sentencing provision can give you relief from penalties imposed for several DUIs. This provision lets you reduce the jail sentence you must serve if it has been ten years since your last DUI charge before the current one. With this law, you may not have to serve jail time and it may or may not have an effect on the decision of the DMV to require you to attend rehab or take courses.

Is It Possible to Challenge Your DUI Conviction?

Reversing a DUI conviction is possible under some circumstances when you seek post-conviction relief. This relief lets you request the reversal of your conviction. When the request is granted, your DUI conviction won’t be included in your motor vehicle record. But not all people can apply for this relief. There may be time restrictions to observe when applying for post-conviction relief. Also, you must meet a high standard to be granted relief. 

Avoiding a Second or Third DUI Conviction

To avoid the harsh consequences of being convicted of DUI is to establish a valid defense that results in a dismissal. This requires you to seek help from a skilled lawyer who can challenge the case of the state against you successfully. 

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