Any organization can launch a payment card in a few weeks


The rapid development of innovative technologies allows the owners of companies not to waste time and effort on the registration of bank payment cards but in just a few weeks to launch their card project. Payment platform by Wallester was created especially for this purpose. It is a turnkey payment card solution, allowing even small brands and companies to launch White Label cards after prior approval in no time.

How do you create the right ecosystem?

To be successful in the financial market, you need to find the right partner to create an ecosystem. It must not only meet current needs but also have the flexibility to adapt to new market conditions in the future. When choosing a payment platform, ensure it fits your strategic goals and overall vision.

Wallester platform includes an open REST API, which shortens the time to market for individual card projects and simplifies the implementation process with its ready-to-go solution. This platform’s main advantage is that it can meet the needs of fast-growing startups and global corporations. With Wallester platform, you can create flexible and customizable solutions for any client or your corporate needs.

Wallester platform will also be helpful for those companies that do not need personalized card programs. For them, it is only essential to quickly bring financial services to the market. We are talking about small and medium-sized businesses and non-fintech companies. For such customers, Wallester offers a turnkey solution that doesn’t require coding experience.

Turnkey solution

Wallester’s platform allows companies to run off-the-shelf card projects on their own. It has practically unlimited functionality and provides the user with the following possibilities:

  1. Using all of the company’s systems through a single interface. The platform is a central point of interaction that provides access to all the parameters and functions of the system.
  2. Issue any types of cards. These can be physical or virtual cards, debit, credit, gift, transport, etc. All cards comply with international security standards.
  3. Manage your card program through the platform. Access to payment cards is provided 24/7. You can promptly block cards, replace them, set limits and control spending on them.
  4. Brand cards, applications, and platforms. White Label solutions allow you to increase brand awareness and expand your customer base. With Wallester platform, you can provide your customers with personalized and unique products.
  5. Take advantage of BIN sponsorship. This opportunity is relevant to those who don’t have their BIN and those who don’t want to spend many months getting one. Wallester sponsors the bank identification number, which allows his clients to start the card project immediately.
  6. Manage transaction processing. You can change card limits, manage account verification, and track card deposits, payments, and credit limits through the platform.
  7. Manage the card program. Wallester provides a multifunctional portal for this purpose. It provides tools for collecting statistical information and processing cardholder data.

The features listed above help make managing any business more manageable. The interface of the Wallester platform is straightforward, specifically designed for practical use by users with any level of computer literacy.

Easy startup

An outdated financial system won’t be able to implement and use innovative payment solutions quickly. But to start your card project, you need to not go against the system or break it down but complement it with a ready-made solution from Wallester. With Wallester platform, a pre-tested and approved card program can be brought to market in just a few weeks.

With Wallester, any company can focus on its brand and getting the customer experience. Wallester oversees all administration, risk management, security, and compliance with international standards. Just one platform is enough to perform fine-tuning of all the financial services your company offers.

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