The technology is taking hold on a large scale, demonstrating that endless elements can benefit the development of daily activities as the Metaverse emerges as an immersive virtual reality project. Thus, to be safe and doubly sure, you can go for the app.

Although Meta has been a protagonist during the last year, not only because of its ambitious projects to involve Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp with the Metaverse, where it has had to go through difficult financial stages, which have even cost it a decrease in its payroll by more than 10 %.

Meta’s vision is not the whole of the Metaverse.

The fact is that Meta has a subdivision dedicated to the creation of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices known as Reality Labs, developing a set of projects that would be the basis of Meta’s Metaverse. However, unfortunately, they have also lost 10% of their most outstanding personnel among engineers, developers, directors, and team leaders.

The trust and credibility in the decisions made in Meta by its owner have been affected to the point that the investors and shareholders themselves do not consider these decisions appropriate, where based on the high costs of virtual reality devices, they already made an investment inaccessible to its users.

How Facebook considers the new Internet consumption through the Metaverse will allow technology users to see that the idea of virtual reality is not something we have not been linked to; on the contrary, many platforms today open the doors to the world in 3D.

We can cite some examples, such as Second Life, the closest idea to what the Metaverse will be, being this free, allowing its users a virtual reality world experience where they are known as residents and graphically known as avatars.

The interaction between users is done immediately, where they can carry out various activities such as those that take place in real life and which project in a certain way the aspirations that Facebook may have about the Metaverse and the inclusion of financial transactions.

Over the years, new virtual reality worlds have been created to which a large number of users are being added, Second Life has been left aside, plus the number of users it has generates revenues of more than 65 million dollars annually.

This type of Metaverse has allowed brands such as Coca-Cola and Microsoft to have a presence on virtual reality platforms that will enable users to consume their products digitally, thus promoting a new market for these companies, generating passive income that is quite attractive.

The Metaverse Project does not decay.

Currently, there are a variety of companies in addition to Meta that have been linked to the creation of their Metaverses, with projections and formulas that differ from each other; plus, the purpose is to allow users to experience what a real environment is but in 3D.

Meta may not be working with its strategy since it has offered many elements which almost none resemble what was promised, generating discontent among users and, of course, dissertations in their virtual worlds.

Otherwise, this has happened with the Metaverse called Fortnite. This online video game allows users to participate in various exclusive events, such as concerts or live performances by the most recognized artists in the real world.

It could be considered one of the aspects intended to be promoted with the implementation of the Metaverse, where users can move around the virtual reality worlds as they would normally do in everyday life.

In addition, are these types of activities part of this Metaverse, and also the big fashion brands, where users can purchase the various types of clothing that renowned companies such as Reebok, Adidas, Nike, and Tommy Hilfiger, which already offer their products to dress the avatars.

These companies generate income based on cryptocurrency technology, which could undoubtedly represent the necessary boost for this type of financial market to establish itself among users of the Metaverse.


The various external factors of the economy and finances worldwide have significantly affected the development of Meta, considering that many applications have emerged that have served as competition.

However, many of those involved in the transformation process from Facebook to Meta tend to infer that Zuckerberg’s ambitious metaverse projects, the owner of Meta, have involved investing a large amount of money, even leading him to mortgage his profits.

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