Unique Bracelets: What Are the Best Styles?


Did you know that 56% of jewelry buyers are women compared to 44% of men? Jewelry trends are changing to include unisex looks that every person can enjoy.

If you want to add unique bracelets to your jewelry collection no matter your gender, this is the guide for you. Keep reading to learn the different styles.

Utility Bracelets

One of the most unique bracelets making its way into trend status is the utility bracelet. Smart utility bracelets are typically made from stainless steel and neoprene straps.

This bracelet is not only eye-catching but it’s multi-functional. It transitions into a flathead screwdriver and knife with one click.

Although targeted to men, this bracelet is perfect for anyone adventurous! There are some styles that aren’t multi-functional and just give the futuristic look.

Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets are classic but still unique in style because they are customizable. They are often made from gold loops that link together to create a chain.

Chain bracelets can be made of any type of metal and come in various sizes.

Although unique, these bracelets are versatile enough to suit many occasions and styles. Plus, you can convert them into charm bracelets by attaching charms to the different loops.

Cuff Bracelets

Cuffs are inflexible bangles but are different than other bracelets because they have an opening. Cuffs are easier to put on because they don’t come with clasps.

You can find basic and unique cuffs in different styles and sizes. Each cuff has its own bold, confident look.

A lot of vintage Viking bracelets are cuff styles. Purchase this Viking bracelet if you are interested in the vintage cuff look.

Cuffs are unisex and look great on women and men. Typically, you’ll find them made of metal like silver or gold but they can also be created using leather and other unique materials.

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelet designs are unique because they can be made with a variety of colors and bead sizes. This is one of the most unique jewelry trends because it stems from a bohemian style.

Beaded bracelets are famous for their simplicity, but unique because they can be customized to fit your style.

If you’re into spiritual or meditation jewelry, this is the type of bracelet you should look into. You can buy beaded bracelet styles on Etsy and other handmade jewelry shops, or you can attempt DIY to make your own!

Unique Bracelets to Add to Your Jewelry Collection

If you want to add unique bracelets to your jewelry collection, these four styles are the way to go!

Not only are utility bracelets trending, but they are functional. Chain bracelets and cuff bracelets have been around for a long time but are unique in that they have various design possibilities.

Lastly, you have beaded bracelets that are great for the bohemian look and style, or for connecting to your spirituality.

Use this guide to help you shop around and don’t forget to keep coming back for more blog posts like this.

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