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4 Tips for Writing a Winning Resume That Stands Out From the Crowd

Around 100 people apply for every online job post, and about 75 applications get filtered out by applicant tracking systems.

Of the remaining 25 applications, ten people will be granted an interview, and only one will get the job.

When your resume is the only tool you have to potentially beat 99 other candidates, you must ensure it’s faultless. Fortunately, with these tips for writing a resume, you can make sure your resume is every hiring manager’s dream and secure any interview you want.

Read on for some insider secrets.

  1. Re-Write Your Resume for Every Job 

A winning resume is written for that specific role – every time. Sure, you can create a template resume, but you need to refine your resume to match the job specification of every position you apply for.

Take a highlighter to the job post and take time to understand exactly what skills, traits, qualifications, and experience they’re looking for. Then, add all these keywords to your tailored resume.

Give them what they want, and you will get an interview.

  1. Presentation and Accuracy 

Next, when you write a resume, you must ensure it’s simple, gets the point across, and doesn’t contain useless information. If you’re applying for a role in a creative field, you have a little more slack here; otherwise, keep it strictly professional.

Things to consider:

  • Use a standard font and color
  • Send your resume in a PDF format
  • Save your resume with an appropriate title
  • Include all relevant work experience in a logical order
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • List experience correctly (you might need more info for freelance work)
  1. Include Measurable Successes 

Every hiring manager or recruiter loves to see tangible and measurable successes in job applications. If you’ve ever worked in a job with targets, include them on your resume.

For example:

“When working in a call center, I consistently overachieved my KPI of 5 calls per hour, averaging 6.5 calls per hour.”

Then, if you were in a role where this led to tangible money savings or profits, make sure you add that on there too! Numbers, targets, and statistics are one of the most eye-catching parts of a good resume.

  1. Avoid Cliches and Common Mistakes

Once you’ve looked through 100 other resumes, you start to get a feel for which ones are sincere, which are copied from the internet, and which are oversharers.

Here are four common things to think twice about:

  • The use of cliche phrases such as “highly motivated” and “passionate”
  • Putting your complete address in your resume
  • Listing more than three hobbies
  • Including a photo and date of birth

Tips for Writing a Resume That Gets Interviews

With these four tips for writing a resume, you’ll get interviews left, right, and center. So, make sure you only apply for jobs you really want; and spend adequate time perfecting your resume for that role.

As long as you do that, we can guarantee you’ll stand out from other job applications they receive.

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