How To Deal With A Rejected Car Accident Claim?


The sole purpose of procuring insurance is robust financial security against medical bills and property damage expenditures. It provides you with a sense of peace of mind in emergencies. However, the last thing you would want to encounter after enduring medical procedures or recovery related to health and property damages after a car accident is to face the rejection of your insurance claims.

Insurance companies operate on a certain set of clauses based on surveys and verification of reports generated of the accidental situation and the applicant’s documentation. The claim is either accepted or rejected based on this mode of operation. If you happen to come across the rejection of your insurance claims, identifying the company’s criteria that lead to rejection is the first step to consider. So, contact a Personal injury attorney in Atlanta to revive your claim and gain compensation.


  • Understand the reason behind the rejection of your insurance claim.

Before opting for reclaiming your insurance, you should go through the reasons the insurance company has put forward for the rejection. The most common reasons for rejection account for human error while submission of documents during application procedures or errors regarding the dates of filing for the claims. Another common reason accounts for unjustified hospitalization and maintenance of property damages.


  • Collect proper proof of data of incidence and documentation.

For reclaiming the insurance against prior rejection of the insurance claim, you should correct some information about the documentation and data of the reports generated at the time of filling for the claim. Provide corrected documents that are desired according to the company’s criteria and carry the authentication certificates against your documents if the reason for rejection is related to incorrect documentation during the application process. The most common basis for rejecting an insurance claim is the defense against unjustified hospitalization for medical procedures, which can be overruled with a doctor’s letter of suggestion for hospitalization.


  • Consider filing the claim again.

You must write a formal letter of reconsideration of the claim after you have corrected the data and documents related to the incident against which you are claiming to the insurance company, which clearly states the reason for rejection and your recorrected submissions with policy numbers and other important details.


  • Appeal to the court.

The appropriate response before filing a case against a company is to approach the ombudsman office, whose official acts as a mediator between such corporate companies and their customers, as the case filing might cost you more.


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