OnlyFans shares new TOS for “sexually explicit conduct”: no intercourse, masturbation, exhibition of genitals; any such content must be removed before Dec. 1 (Richard Lawler/The Verge)


OnlyFans releases new TOS for “sexually explicit behavior” There is no sexual contact, masturbation, or showing of genitals. Any such content has to be removed by the end of December. 1. (Richard Lawler/The Verge)

 Richard Lawler / The Verge:
OnlyFans has a the new TOS for “sexually explicit behavior” No masturbation, intercourse, or showing of genitals, and any material that is deemed to be sexually explicit must be removed prior to the end of December. 1. The site’s TOS states that Sexual activity and masturbation that is simulated or real, are not permitted. This Thursday, the images and video sharing website …

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