5 Fastest Players of Free Fire in The World


The growing popularity of Free Fire has paved the way for many famous players to embark on their journey as content creators and streamers. This game of battle royale is created through 111 Dots Studio published by Garena for Android and iOS. It’s an online-only battle royale game that is played from the third-person perspective. The survival shooter game has been gaining popularity over time. Many players are hooked on the game and want to be table toppers. This is an overview of the five fastest free-fire players worldwide!

Let’s take a look at the fastest Free Fire Players in the World

5. TSG Jash

TSG Jash

Jash is among the fastest Free Fire players in The World out there and is among the top 1% of all players in the worldwide. Part of the TSG team, he is often called TSG Ritik. He shines in all game modes be it Duo, Solo or Squad.

His Free Fire ID is 123643969. Additionally, he is head for TSG ARMY, the Guild – TSG the ARMY. The Guild has 8.39 million subscribers.

As a member of the Heroic Tier His score for the 12th season is 3354. TSG Team was invited to attend the Free Fire Asia Invitation.

The player has an impressive winning percentage that is 23.6% by winning 1235 matches of the 6500 squad matches he’s played. Also, he has maintained a high percentage of K/D of 3.1, with around 153787 kills with his name.

He has played over 2440 games in duo mode, and emerged triumphant in 250 matches. Additionally, he has the number 107 of Booyah! to his name during more than 1305 matches played when playing in squad mode.

4. SK Sabir

SK Sabir

The original name was He was originally named Sheikh Sabir He is an acclaimed Indian Free Fire YouTuber. SK has more than the 3.3 million subscriber number. He has played more than two thousand and fifty-nine matches. He was ranked 4th on the top 10 fastest free Fireplayers In The World

In 883 matches, he was declared unbeatable. Sabir has an overall win percentage in the range of 32.75%. A KD-to-D-ratio of 5.,27 and over 93892+ kills. In duo mode, players have played 2914 times, and been able to win in 603 matches. With a win-rate in the range of 20.69%. He has received 7902 frags , which is an K/D ratio of 3.42. The player has played in over 1590 matches alone and has won 142 times. This gives him an average win ratio at 8.92%. He has recorded 336 eliminations with a K/D ratio that is 2.23.

Sabir has played in 157 team matches in the current season of ranked games and scored 43 wins. He has dropped to a winning percentage that is 27.38%. Sabir has racked up 277 kills while maintaining his K / D ratio that is 2.41. This player played 38 games in duo mode and scored seven wins, sustaining the winning percentage at 18.42%. He scored 101 kills and an K / D ratio that was 3.26. The YouTuber played in 3 match-ups on his own and killed two opponents with the ratio of K/D in the range of 0.67.

3. Raistar


A player with HTML0 is among the most talked about and fastest players on the free fire gaming community. He has a limited amount of videos. He has a total of 5.31 million subscribers. His Free Fire ID is 12022250.

The participant has played the 4485 duo games, and has a win tally that is 706 totaling an average winning ratio that is 15.74%. The Internet player has 1435 kills, and has the ratio of K/D that is 3.80. The creator has played 3529solo games. He has won a continuous amount of 401 consecutive games. He has kept an approximate winning percentage at 11.39%. At the number of 10,745 death, the player has maintained an K /D rate in the range of 3.44.

Some even believe the hacker is due to his speed. He doesn’t know he’s about to take your life remotely. Even in a single-on-one battle people are afraid of him because of his swift movements and precise shooting.

2. Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarka

Sarkar is well-known in his fellow members of the Free Fire community. Sarkar was one of the most elite 22% of players in Season 12 around the world. He is skilled in close combat and good speed. He devised a fantastic strategy and knows which players to take out and be victorious. The creator also uploads videos of him taking part in Free Fire on his YouTube channel, Gyan Gaming, which has more than two million users. Sudip Sarkar happens to be among the fastest free-fire players around the world, with a 2nd place ranking.

Sudip Sarkar is a player who has participated in more than 27536 games in squad mode and has won with 8535 of the matches. Sudip Sarkar has a win percentage at 30.63%. He has racked up a staggering number of 103829 kills while maintaining an outstanding R/D of 5.44 and the average of damage at 1410 for each game.

In the duo mode, he’s had the 154 Booyahs in 1222 games. He has also racked the equivalent of 3083kills while achieving an amazing K/D ratio 2.89.

Sudip was also involved in 1198 in solo matches and has won at the end of the 110 matches. Sudip has scored the number of 2927 kills for his record and has a K/D rate in the range of 2.69 in this mode.

1. Sultan Proslo

Sultan Proslo

Sultan Proslo is an Indonesian content creator, and is also a famous Free Fire player in the world. He’s very well-known within the gaming community and boasts a the most impressive number of subscribers. Sudip Sarkar has the highest speed free-fire player on the planet.

The original name was Dyland Maximus Zidane. His Free Fire ID is 16207002, and his IGN is SULTAN.INDO! Dyland has been on the field in 831 match matches for the squad and has had a win the match in two87 of the matches. Dyland boasts been able to score 2094 kills and a K/D rate to be 3.85.

In duo mode streaming player has been playing 99 games and has the complete of 26 Booyahs. With the K/D that is 4.19, he has 306 frags that are in stock! Proslo is playing 557 games on his own and won on the 58 games. Proslo is averaging fifteen08 eliminations with an K/D ratio 3.02. 3.02.

Dyland has played in 13 team games in the current season of ranked games and has secured two wins. He has a winning percentage that is 15.38%. In the process the player has scored nine kills and has the ratio of K/D to 0.82.

In duo mode, this YouTuber has played in three matches and was unbeaten in an extremely single match. The YouTuber has killed 5 opponents with a K/D that is 2.50.

Finally, he’s played in 11 matches by himself and registered 17 kills against his record.

NOTE: The data that are mentioned in the article could differ from the date of reading. They were collected during the period of the research and will likely change when the player continues to play!

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Top Five Fastest Free Fire Players In The World 2021:

Player Subscribers
5. TSG Jash 8.39 Million
4. SK Sabir 3.3 Million
3. Raistar 5.31 million
2. Sudip Sarkar 2 Million
1. Sultan Proslo 14.9 million

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