How To Join the Metaverse in 5 Steps


In 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta. At the time, everyone thought that it would be a temper-tantrum decision. But it’s been almost two years, and the name has stuck. In fact, the name has become synonymous with the Metaverse concept. Everything about the Metaverse, good or bad, is now associated with Meta. And that is a very good thing for the company. They can claim leadership in the metaverse industry and be at the top when the virtual dust settles.

You may not have the clout or the money of Meta, but you have a golden opportunity to enter the Metaverse. The concept has yet to mature. So the entry is relatively easy. You can learn how to join metaverse as a brand and be a pioneer in your industry.

Why though?

According to recent tracking, consumers are reluctant to join the Metaverse. Even among the younger, tech-savvy generations, only 46% think that the Metaverse will be a juggernaut as the market is making it to be.

On the corporate side, however, the story is quite different. Businesses are investing in new technology because they think it will last and be a huge part of the future. Every corporation is interested in the metaverse concept, from small retailers to big companies.

Because even if the consumers aren’t aware, the Metaverse has entered their discourse. They’re talking about it on Twitter and other social platforms. Metaverse has broken into real-world discussions too.

Once there were crypto bros. Now we have proper communities in the metaverses themselves. The mainstream audience has become aware of the concept, understands its importance, and is investing in developing these virtual worlds.

Steps to Join the Metaverse

Now you know why you should be interested in the Metaverse. Here’s how your brand can join it.

1: Learn what Metaverse is.

Metaverse is a relatively new concept. Or we’re made to believe this. But in reality, the metaverse concept isn’t new at all. The idea of a new world where we interact with virtual objects has been around for decades now.

The exact term, Metaverse, was introduced in 1992 in a novel by Neal Stephenson. But the concept had been around before that. After his novel, we had Matrix, which gave us glimpses into a dystopian metaverse.

But what is the Metaverse of the real world? You need to understand that first. Because without this knowledge, it’d be like jumping into a shark infested virtual pond. Your chances of survival will be slim.

Read about it, get the latest news, listen to experts, and stay on top of the knowledge pool – like Brainiac.

2: Is Metaverse the right platform for your brand?

It’s a tricky question. Or is it?

If your business is on social media and your target audience interacts using the latest communication channels, your business will benefit from the metaverse move.

You have fashion brands that would benefit from displaying their articles in the virtual world. You have game developers who want to get a piece of the Metaverse’s growing gaming community. And even if your business requires person-to-person interactions, the Metaverse is a good place to go.

3: How do you attract people in the Metaverse?

Now the pressing question, you’ve decided to join the Metaverse. You’re all excited. You’re about to dip your toes. Or dive full in. Up to you.

But how do you go about attracting new people in the Metaverse?

You need a proper marketing strategy to make your move a success. Again, you’re ahead of the curve if you’ve been dealing with social media. You can execute very similar strategies to make a name for yourself in the Metaverse. And because Metaverse gives you a 3D environment to interact, you can use physical marketing tactics too.

A combination of both is what’s required to succeed in the metaverse space. If you’re not sure, you can ask marketing experts for help. There are many companies offering virtual marketing services for the Metaverse. But stay away from spam. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on ads that don’t even work in the Metaverse.

So do your research before hiring anyone. Or do all the leg work yourself.

4: What metaverse platform will you go with?

Ok, what?

All the research has led to this. Which platform will you go with? Metaverse isn’t a single space, not yet. It’s an amalgamation of various small metaverses that have yet to interact with each other.

So choose a metaverse platform that suits your niche perfectly. Roblox is good if your audience is GenZ. If you’re targeting millennials, maybe you should try Decentraland. And if your audience doesn’t belong to a specific generation, then XANA is a good alternative.

5: Now, jump in!

It should be clear now that you’re ready to take the leap. Just believe in your work and join the Metaverse.

You’ve done all the overthinking. It’s time to stop that overthinking and take action.

If you have any questions, don’t worry. We’re here for you. Drop a comment, and we’ll answer asap.

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