What Happened to LimeTorrents?


A well-known and trustworthy website for torrents, Limetorrents, is an authentic torrent provider that has an array of films and TV shows, apps music files, games ebooks, and more. It offers high-quality pirated content as well as legal content for free. This is the reason why certain countries, like those in the US, UK, Australia and India have banned the usage of Limetorrents due copyright infringement concerns. Many users are still confused as to the fate of Limetorrents, and would like to know what alternatives to Limetorrents. Therefore, keep by reading the article in order to find out more about Limetorrents.

What Happened to LimeTorrents?

As we mentioned earlier there are some exceptions to the content available on Limetorrent is protected copyright-wise. It is mostly legal to distribute as well as safe for download however, some may have copyright issues. Therefore, users from different countries can benefit from these services due to the fact that their country has not banned LimeTorrent. Even the country you reside in has been banned from LimeTorrent however, you are able to unlock it and access its services. Utilizing VPN programs or Virtual Private Network will solve the issue of blocking LimeTorrent. This makes it available to all.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is an Virtual Private Network, is an internet-connected server or group of servers located in remote locations that is accessible via an application. The VPN is then able to hide your Internet-bound IP address by itself. For example, if, for instance, you connect to the VPN that is located in Germany and your IP address will reflect the identical. Therefore, VPN will:

  • Allows you to access region-restricted websites
  • Be safe from tracking
  • Protect your browsing habits
  • Securely filter internet traffic with its secure service
  • Guard your passwords online

The connection of your PC through the VPN server through the client can be secured to the 256-bit encryption level, however it is contingent on the VPN company that hosts the service. In addition, all operating systems include the capability of connecting to the VPN by adjusting the settings for their networks. If you’ve got the connection and network details of an VPN then you are able to connect to it via your available Windows 10, Linux, or MacOS alternatives.

Here is a list of ways is listed below to help you get access to blocked Limetorrents. Follow the steps carefully.

Method 1: Use Proxy Sites

It is possible to easily access the unblockable LimeTorrents site by using its proxy sites, which utilize an unblocked, unblockable domain to grant access to LimeTorrents’ official website.

NOTE: This method does not require any VPN. It is however not secure to download information from any website without the use of a VPN since it always carries the risk of copyright concerns. This means that it could reveal your location to others through your Internet Protocol address. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a reliable VPN service to connect to websites for torrents.

  1. Open the browser you prefer and enter Limetorrents. Go to the first URL.
  2. Original LimeTorrents website will be accessible and you can download your desired content.

Method 2: Use Opera Browser

The most reliable, cost-free, and easy way to connect to the restricted Limetorrent website is to use Opera Web Browser, which includes a built-in VPN with a variety of locations to select from. Thus, ultimately, allowing you gain access to LimeTorrents and giving users a solution to the issue with LimeTorrents.

  1. Install and download and install Opera Web Browser.
  2. After that, open Opera. Opera browser.
  3. Click on your settings icon located in the upper-right part of the screen.
  4. Under Settings, select the Enable in the Settings option. It is located under Security & Security.
  5. Then, switch the button to enable VPN..
  6. Simply click on the VPN button located on the left-hand corner of the screen.
  7. If you find a Connected VPN, then it means that the service is Connected this signifies that the VPN has been active and that the service is operating.

NOTE: Although Opera will connect to the optimal location automatically, users can select the location of their preference by selecting it in the drop-down menu of the Virtual Location.

  1. Then, open a brand new tab and click the + symbol and then go there to DuckDuckGo.
  2. Look up the word “Limetorrents” and click the first link as it is shown.

Now you be able to access the LimeTorrents website.

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Method 3: Use Psiphon

What was the fate of LimeTorrents? You are able to use Psiphon to connect to the website. Psiphon is a censorship-circumvention tool. It was designed to provide access to the web, the past of censors, as well as firewalls. It is an open source project and was created within Toronto, Canada.

  1. Check out Psiphon’s website of Psiphon. website for Psiphon then click Download Psiphon.
  2. Scroll down to click to the Psiphon in Windows alternative to download the software, as illustrated below.

The portable edition Psiphon 3 will be downloaded. Psiphon 3 will be downloaded.

  1. Then, double-click on your saved file to start Psiphon.
  2. When it is launched it will immediately be connected to the top-performing servers.

NOTE:You can also choose the server region yourself using the drop-down menu below.

  1. If it says PSIPHON is connected,then it’s because it’s linked to the server.
  2. Now , open your browser and navigate there to DuckDuckGo
  3. Here, look to find LimeTorrentsand click the first or second link like before.

List of Alternative of LimeTorrents

You’ve seen the fate of LimeTorrents when all the above strategies are not able to unlock Limetorrents Here are the top options to access the LimeTorrent website.

1. The Pirate Bay

It is regarded as the most durable BitTorrent site. Pirate Bay is an extremely well-known torrent website which offers a wide range of content for free, including games, applications, films audio, TV shows, images, and more. However, be cautious when downloading anything on it as not all files are free.

These proxy links include:

2. 1337X

1337X is also an excellent alternative to LimeTorrents which has a massive collection. It’s popular with users across the globe due to the latest movies it has to offer.

3. ISO Hunt

ISO Hunt is another popular and well-known torrent site. While it offers content from all categories however, the focus is on apps and games.


RARGB is a mix of categories that you can choose from however it is most popular for the most recent films, web series and television shows.

NOTE: If none of these torrent websites work then you are able to download VPNs which are ideal for torrenting.

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