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YouTube Sign-Up: How To Create An Account

You can also create a YouTube and Google account simultaneously

Although the YouTube account registration process is simple, it can be complicated as YouTube owns YouTube and links them for registration purposes. To sign up YouTube accounts, you will need a Google ID.

How to Create a YouTube Account

You can log in to YouTube.com using your Google ID via Gmail or any other Google product. Signing in to YouTube.com with a Google ID automatically registers you as a YouTube user and links your YouTube sign in to your Google account. If you are happy to link your existing Google username, you don’t have to create a YouTube account.

Register for a new Google User ID if you don’t already have a Google Account or if you are a business but don’t wish to link your Google Profile to YouTube. One registration form is sufficient to create a YouTube and Google account simultaneously and cross-link them.

YouTube Accounts: The Essentials

These steps will help you create a YouTube account.

  1. To access the basic Google sign up form, go to the YouTube.com page.
  2. Select To create an account. An account can be created for you or your company.
  3. To confirm your identity, provide a name, password and email address.
  4. Select Next for more information.

Google Accounts Profile Information

You will see the page Create Your Google Profile when you create a Google profile. This page is for your Google Profile. It does not include your YouTube profile. However, they are linked when you create your Google profile.

Google profiles can only be created for individuals and not for businesses. Google profiles can only be created for individuals. Your profile could be suspended. Google scans usernames to ensure that they are not products or companies. You create a Google brand account when you create a Google business account. This account is geared towards business use.

Create a profile if you are an individual who uses YouTube and Google as a Google user. If you wish to have a picture that Google will display, you can upload a photo from your computer. Your thumbnail profile pic could be shown to others who see the same material if you add a photo of yourself to your Google account.

Personalize your YouTube Channel

After registering, the first thing you should do is find YouTube videos that you like and subscribe to them. Subscribing makes it easy to locate and watch channels later, by showing links to them on your YouTube homepage.

A YouTube Channel is a collection video uploaded by a registered user of YouTube. It can be either an individual or an organisation.

When you sign in, the Channel guide will list popular channels. To subscribe to any channel, click the Subscribe link. Broad genres such as pop music are included, but there are also specific channels like those made by artists.

To find out more about the topics, browse them or click your username to visit your homepage. Links to popular channels are listed in the left sidebar. These are channels that get a lot of traffic.

You can watch YouTube videos

It is simple to figure how watch YouTube videos .

  1. To go to the page of any video that you are interested in, select the name.
  2. The default window in which the video is displayed is a small one. To fill the entire screen with the video, click the fullscreen button at the lower-right corner. To enlarge the video viewing area, but not take up the entire screen, click on the middle largescreen button.
  3. A commercial may appear before the video. To skip the advertisement, you can click the X button. After five seconds, many commercials can be skipped.


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