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Is Your Fridge Making a Clunking Noise? Here’s What You Need to Know

The global refrigerator market is expected to be worth over 100 billion dollars by 2026. Everyone needs a fridge, after all!

But it can be hard to decipher the root of the problem when your fridge is on the fritz. That’s especially true when it starts making weird noises.

Read on to find out what to do if your fridge is making a clunking noise.

Figure Out Where The Fridge Noise Is Coming From

The origin point of your fridge noise will help you figure out what’s actually causing it.

If the noise is coming from the back of the fridge, for example, the noise you’re hearing is probably coming from either the compressor or the condenser fan.

Look For Simple Solutions

In some cases, the weird noise coming from your fridge might have an easy fix. If your fridge isn’t level, for example, it might be knocking against the wall.

Or, it could be that your evaporator fan is dirty. In that case, all you really need to do is clean it.

Maybe the noise is coming from the bottom of the fridge. In that case, it’s likely that your issue is a loose drain pan. You just need to secure the drain pan, and your problems will be solved.

It’s also useful to remember that some noises from your fridge are normal.  For example, if you have an ice maker, you’ll hear a clunking noise every once in a while as the machine fills up. If you have a fridge with a defrost cycle, you might hear unusual noises when it kicks in.

Dig Deeper

If there isn’t an easy answer to your refrigerator issue, you might have to start exploring other possibilities.

It’s possible that the problem with your fridge is the compressor. In that case, you’ll certainly have to bring in the professionals to help you repair your fridge.

They can replace your compressor if possible. If you have an older fridge, they may recommend that you replace your fridge altogether.

Or, there could be a problem with your evaporator fan. The fan may have bent, or the motor could’ve burnt out. These problems can be fixed, but unless you’re an electrician you should let the professionals handle it. You don’t want to have to shell out the money for a whole new fridge if you don’t have to.

When your broken fridge becomes an urgent situation, it’s time to bring in the professionals. You can get appliance repair 24/7 with the right company, so do your research and make some calls.

In some cases, the noise in your fridge can be caused by a water hammer. This is more of a problem with your water pressure than your fridge itself. If you suspect this might be the case, call in a plumber.

Resolve Your Clunking Noise Today

Now that you know why your fridge is making a clunking noise, it’s time to do something about it.

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