You can view the Android files from your browser by using file: /// SDcard


You can access your Android phone’s files from your browser by using the command “file” / sdcard/. Without the need to use any file manager (even one that came with your device), you can see what is in your folders.

You can do this using the browser you prefer, such as Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

How do I use file? to view my Android files /

To complete the process, follow the steps below:

  • Start the browser you prefer.
  • Just write “file” in the address bar.
  • Enter (-) to see the file list in your mobile’s root storage.

File: /sdcard/in Favorites

Once you’ve accessed the files on Android, you can save them to your Favorites.

  • Use the browser at file / sdcard to open the page.
  • Tap the star at the top of your pop-up window. The star will appear transparent at first and then change to blue when you press it. This indicates that it has been saved as a favorite.
  • When you open “Favorites”, “Index of/sdcard/” will appear.

View files from Android using file: /// SDcard /

  • You can access your Android’s root folder directly from the browser without having to use a file manager or leave the browser.
  • You can check if the file was downloaded to the right folder if you are downloading it, for instance.
  • Hidden files are those whose names begin with a period and are not visible.

This trick doesn’t work if you want to open files on an SD card. The root folder is often called “sdcard” on an SD card. To view files on the external SD, we recommend using a file browser.

The same thing works on the PC, but it’s written differently. You can view the files on the hard disk “C:” by going to the browser and typing “file: /// C ///””. It will display the files.


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