Year-Over-Year (YoY): Complete Examples


What Is Year-Over-Year (YOY)?

Year-over-year (YOY)–sometimes known as year-on year is a frequently used monetary comparator to view two or more relevant events on AN annual basis. Perceptive YOY performance allows to determine if a business’s financial performance is increasing or declining. For instance you’ll see in the financial statements that show that a certain business has reported revenues that doubled in the third quarter in a YOY perspective, for the last three years.


“Year-over-year” (YOY) can be a way that evaluates two or more events in order to compare the results of one event against those of a similar amount on AN annual basis.

* YOY comparisons are popular and efficient method to measure the financial performance of an enterprise.

Investors looking to assess the financial performance of a company utilize YOY reports.

Understanding YOY

The YOY comparators are a popular and efficient method of evaluating the performance of financials for a business as well as investment performance. Every measurable event that occurs every year will be evaluated to a YOY-based basis. A common way to compare YOY performance is to look at quarterly, annual as well as monthly performances.

edges of YOY

YOY measures facilitate cross-checking of different the data. For the first quarter of a company’s revenue by utilizing YOY information the financial analyst capitalist will look at first-quarter data from previous years and determine quickly whether or not a business’s revenue is increasing or declining.

For instance, during the mid-moon period of 2021 the Coca-Cola company reported an increase of 5% in revenues from the internet in the first period of last year’s quarter. When you compare the same months from many years, it is possible to make accurate comparisons despite the fact that seasonality is a factor in customer behavior.3 The YOY comparison can also be useful for investing portfolios. Investors should examine the performance of YOY to see if the performance fluctuates over time.

Reasoning Behind YOY

Comparisons of YOY are trendy when analysing a company’s performance because they help in reducing seasonality, a factor that can affect the performance of many companies. Profits, sales and other financial metrics change throughout the different seasons of the year since the majority of lines of business have a seasonality and demand for coffee.

For instance, retailers can experience the peak demand time in the summer months of holiday shopping which falls in the final quarters of year. To measure the company’s performance, it’s best to compare profits and revenue in YOY.

It is essential to evaluate the performance of the fourth quarter for one year with the performance of the fourth quarter in different years. If AN capitalist outlook at a retailer’s results in the fourth quarter as compared to the third quarter prior It could be that the company is experiencing an unprecedented expansion, even if it’s the seasonality is causing the difference in the numbers. Also, in a highly comparative analysis with the results of the Fourth Quarter to the previous quarter it might seem like an eerie drop, but it could be result of seasonality.

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YOY also differs from the term”sequential,” that compares the time from one quarter to the previous one , allowing investors to view growth in a linear fashion. For example, the number of mobile phones that a technical school is oversubscribed for in the fourth quarter as compared to the third quarter, or how many seats AN airline has packed into Gregorian calendar month as compared to December.

Real-World Example

In a stunning in a data system report for the year 2019 the food producer Company reported mixed results for its Fourth Quarter of the year showing that its YOY profits decreased even after sales increased due to acquisitions by the company. Kellogg believed that its adjusted earnings would yield an additional 5%- 7 percent in 2019, as it continued to explore different channels and formats.4

Kellogg also has unveiled plans to revamp the company’s North America ANd Asia-Pacific segments and removing several segments from previous divisions and reorganizing it into food manufacturing Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Although YOY revenues decreased however, its strong presence and ability to respond to changing consumption patterns meant that Kellogg’s overall outlook was favorable.4

What is YOY used for?

YOY is utilized to make comparisons of only one amount and one that’s a year prior. This permits an annualized comparison, for instance of third-quarter earnings this year and. third-quarter results from the previous year. typically, it is not common to measure a company’s increase in revenues or profits and also to refer to annual changes in the quantity of cash in an economy and the gross domestic product (GDP) and other economic measures.

However, how is YOY calculated?

Calculations for YOY are straightforward and usually expressed in proportion terms. It can be done by taking the current year’s value and dividing it with the previous year’s price and subtracting one (this year) + (last year) 1.

What’s the difference between the two terms YOY and YTD?

The YOY’s appearance in a twelve-month change. The year to date (YTD) is changes in relation to the beginning of year (usually the month of January. 1.).

What if I’m interested in Comparisons that are less than one year?

you’ll be able to calculate month-over-month and quarter-over-quarter (Q/Q) in the exact same ways like YOY. You can choose any time period you’d like to.

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