Wonderland Mini Storage review: The Most Authentic Review


There are many self-storage units in London- Ontario that offer storage spaces. There are so many perks of using a mini storage service. You get easy access moreover, a 24*7 access to everything. If you choose an outside parking service then there are around 15 cameras to monitor everything. 

There is a security fence to prevent theft. Entries and exits are controlled via a keypad. Everything is properly lit and well-defined. The staff and employees are very friendly and customer support is excellent. 

The top self storage companies offer services of different types like- personal storage, car storage, record storage, RV storage, Business storage. Along with these services you get two options. Either you choose a short-term storage facility or a long-term storage facility in London, Ontario both are quiet cheap in this area.

Now if you are eager to learn more about different types of storage services then you are at the right spot. Here in this article you find a more detailed review on some of the top storage facilities offered by mini storage. 

 Storage Units

Storage units depend upon the size required. Be it an individual or a business, storage services are available for all. 

One just needs to know what size is required. Some of the most common sizes available are here under:

  • 25 square Feet

A simple 25 Square feet or we can say a 5 by 5 sq ft area is like a small closet. It can be used to store boxes, components, computers and small furniture. It is the most used space and has a very affordable cost.

  • 50 Square Feet

A 50 Square feet unit or we can say a 5 by 10 sq ft area is bigger as compared to the previous one. So you can store more things. 

You can keep your decorations, bicycles, boxes and other stuff of similar size. It is another most used unit.

  • 75 Square Feet

A basic 25 Square feet area or we can say a 5 by 15 sq ft area is sufficient to store things in an apartment or one bedroom. 

You must have seen the size of a studio apartment. It is quite similar to that. You can easily store stuff in this if you travel regularly.

  • 100 Square Feet

Another favorable size is a 100 square feet area. It has the capacity to store furniture, mattresses, even the dining tables and chairs and stuff like that. 

You can put boxes in it as well. It is an ideal storage unit for a couple or two people living together.

  • 150 Square Feet

If you live in a small apartment with 2 rooms then a 150 square storage unit will be perfect for you. The best self storage companies provide this unit. You can store a lot of stuff here like washing machines, bicycles, mattresses etc. 

The largest self storage companies in Canada provide a 150 square feet storage box for all types of business and personal needs.

  • 200 Square Feet

Now a 200 square feet storage unit is just like your car garage. Therefore, whatever is present in your garage you can easily store here. 

All the 3 bedroom apartment stuff along with your appliances, extra boxes can be easily stored here without any space issue.

  • 250 Square Feet

This size can easily store the contents of the 200 square feet storage unit. Along with it can also store contents like your gardening equipment, other boxes and appliances. 

So, if you need some extra space in the 200 square feet storage unit then this size is perfect for you.

  • 300 Square Feet

Lastly, the biggest storage unit of 300 square feet has the capacity to store so much stuff. It can accommodate everything present in a big house. Therefore you can store items from your bedroom, kitchen, garage, garden, and also basement area. 

Also, it is an ideal size for business purposes. Many small businesses choose this size to store their extra inventory and other assets.



If you have a vehicle that does not fit because of which you need some extra space then you can choose the outside parking storage services as well. You can put a boat, RV, car or whatever vehicle type you have. If you travel a lot then you need a place to securely park your vehicle to mitigate the risk of thefts. 

Many self-storage in Canada offers the same services. You just have to visit the office or their website and enquire about everything. Undoubtedly, these services will assist you in your daily needs.

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