Why is my TikTok not getting views? (15 Reasons, Fixes)


If you are a well-known creator, a sudden drop in views can be frustrating.

If you want to be successful on TikTok, it is essential that you have constant views.

You might be wondering why you are experiencing a sudden drop of views.

This guide will help you identify and fix any mistakes that you might make.

Why is my TikTok not getting views? (15 Reasons, Fixes)

Your TikTok videos will drop in view count if your content isn’t engaging viewers or is harmful.

There are many reasons why people might not know about them.

Let’s talk about the top 15 reasons that your TikToks suddenly have no views, and what you can do to fix them.

1. Sensitive Content

Sensitive content is one of the main reasons that your TikTok views are low.

These videos can contain fake blood, arms or weapons, as well as anything that could frighten viewers.

While such content is not in violation of TikTok’s Terms of Service, it can be harmful for some viewers.

TikTok’s algorithm lowers the number of views, so your TikToks get fewer views.

Fix: Avoid Creating Any Sensitive Content

Avoiding such content is the only way out.

TikTok is a great way to get started with TikTok. Make sure your content doesn’t contain any sensitive information.

If you do not, your TikTok journey won’t be long.

To restore your account’s normal viewership, delete any sensitive TikToks you accidentally created.

While it may take some time for your views to gain momentum, they will eventually become more energizing.

2. Your Content Doesn’t Excite Viewers

Another reason that sudden drops in views can be caused by boring content.

TikTok can start to remove content from your site that doesn’t get viewers’ attention or engages them.

TikTok closely monitors performance of TikToks reaching the For you Page.

TikTok closely monitors videos that get low engagement, even on the For You Page.

Checking the comments is the best way to find out if your TikToks have been boring.

These videos have less comments, and people are more likely to mention friends or talk about them.

Fix: Think Different

Try different things to solve the problem.

To create something that excites your viewers, you need to think outside the box.

You can make TikToks in a variety of genres, themes and styles to do this.

To create engaging content, you can collaborate with other content creators.

This will help you attract more viewers to your account.

3. Create a New Account

New accounts are likely to have fewer views on TikTok than existing accounts.

Initial indexing might not be possible by TikTok’s algorithm.

This means that your TikToks will not be going to the TikTok’s For You Page.

Fix: Wait For Some Time

It is best to wait at least six months before trying new things.

To have a better chance, however, it is essential to continue creating content.

You never know what video will be viral and your video may generate hundreds of views within a few weeks.

4. Your TikToks are too short

Your views can suddenly drop by creating short videos.

Your content viewership will increase if you suddenly have a habit of creating short videos.

Most people have seen their videos gain a low view count after the latest updates to TikTok’s algorithm.

These videos lasted between two and five seconds.

Fix: Create Longer TikToks

To avoid this problem and increase viewership, you need to make longer TikToks.

TikToks should be developed in a time limit of 15-17 seconds. This is the ideal length for a video.

There are also chances that you will go viral on the platform if you have TikToks in the right time frame.

5. Uploading too many videos at once is a problem

Many people believe that TikToks will bring them more fame and viewership. This is completely false.

You can’t make too many TikToks at once. They won’t go viral if there isn’t enough activity.

Maintain Balance

You can fix this issue by keeping your balance intact and posting your TikToks in a timeframe.

In an ideal world, you shouldn’t post more than three videos per day.

You should also keep posting the same number of videos each day.

Unless TikTok makes any changes to its algorithm, you should set a limit on how many TikToks per day that you will do.

6. Posting at the Wrong Time

Your success on TikTok depends on your posting time.

You have a high chance of failing if you post TikToks randomly without following any pattern.

Remember to keep your target audience’s time zone in mind.

This will allow you to decide the best time to post the content.

Fix: Upload at the Right Time & Day

It is easy to fix the problem by memorizing the ideal posting times on TikTok.

It is important to plan your content calendar in advance and keep it up until you are a hugely popular TikTok user.

These are the best TikTok posting times (EST), for the specific days.

  • Monday: (6 AM, 10 AM, 10 PM)
  • Tuesday: (2 AM, 4 AM, 9 AM)
  • Wednesday: (7 AM, 8 AM, 11 PM)
  • Thursday: (9 AM, 12 AM, 7 PM)
  • Friday: (5 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM)
  • Saturday: (11 AM, 7 PM, 8 PM)
  • Sunday: (7 AM, 8 AM, 4 PM)


7. You are not following the trend

TikTok, a social media platform, focuses on content creators who are following the trends.

Your TikToks will not get more views if you stick to one type of content and ignore the trend.

While you shouldn’t limit your account to one trend, it is important that you follow certain trends.

Trending TikToks can help you increase viewership and make your videos more viral.

Fix: Keep Up With The Trend

You can only fix it by following the trends.

Always search for the latest social media trends and post anything that is relevant to them.

It will assist your TikToks to get to the For You Page.

You will notice a dramatic increase in views when you create something on trending topics.

It is not necessary to create TikToks based solely on any one trend.

Talk about the topic, add hashtags and that will suffice to get viewers.

8. Your Account Is Shadowbanned

Shadowban is another reason for a sudden drop of TikTok viewers.

This is a ban TikTok places on users without notifying them.

Users don’t realize that their content doesn’t reach their followers or appears on relevant hashtags.

TikTok will ban content creators who violate minor TOS.

It could be sharing your nudeity or posting sensitive content.

Search for the hashtags to confirm if your account has been shadowbanned.

TikTok will ban your account if your videos don’t appear on this hashtag.

Solution: Some tricks to get out of the Shadow Ban

Contact customer service to resolve the problem.

You can explain the situation and inform them that your TikToks do not appear in the For You Page or relevant searches.

It is sometimes difficult to convince customer support about shadowbanned cases.

You will need to put in some effort to make this happen.

If TikTok refuses to accept your application, or if you don’t wish to contact support for any reason, please follow these steps.

  • Wait for a while before you post again.
  • Switch to a Professional account
  • Learn the community guidelines for TikTok and then delete any video that is in violation of them.
  • Collaborate with other creators to create new content.

9. Copied Content

You will fail on TikTok and other platforms if you are a copycat.

It is important to ensure that your content is original and has not been published elsewhere.

TikTok’s algorithm can catch copied content.

It instantly brings down your videos once it is seen.

If you post content from other creators, you will be issued a copyright violation notification.

If you continue to violate the copyright guidelines, this could result in a permanent suspension.

Fix: Create Unique Content

This situation can be avoided by creating quality content.

While it is important to keep up with the trends, it is also important to add your own unique spin.

This will allow you to gain more fame and ultimately increase your audience on the platform.

10. TikTok is reviewing your video

Most content creators will see the Under Review notification when they press the publish button.

TikTok’s algorithm flags inappropriate content and requires manual approval.

This also happens to accounts with a history of violating TikTok’s TOS.

It can take up to three days for the review process, so your video won’t be live until then.

Because the review is manually done, the time could exceed the two-day limit. You should be prepared for that.

Avoid Violation of TikTok’s TOS

You can only get your TikToks approved by creating content that doesn’t violate TikToks community guidelines.

If you have a history violating TikTok community guidelines, and your videos are approved, it is best to wait for at least a day.

11. TikTok’s Algorithm Changes

Sometimes, you may notice a sudden drop of views shortly after a change in TikTok’s algorithm.

This is due to changes in community guidelines for creators. It leads to down promotion of content that does not conform with the guidelines.

Fix: Learn the Changes and Create Relevant Content

You can only fix this issue by creating content that conforms to the community guidelines of TikTok.

It is important to review the changes made by TikTok and think about what you can do to change them.

All new content must comply with these guidelines.

This will increase your TikTok viewership.

12. Too Much Competition In Your Niche

A niche too saturated is one of the biggest mistakes novice content creators make.

They are not familiar with the platform or content creation and they cannot compete. Their content is therefore ineligible for viewers.

Fix: Make Extraordinary Content or Change the Niche

Only way to fix the problem is to create exceptional content.

Your content and marketing strategy must be high quality if you are to be competitive in a niche.

This does not mean that viewers will be able to watch the show for a long time.

Although it will take time, you will soon be creating quality viewers.

You should target niches with low competition if you’re a new creator with limited funds but still want to make a big impact in the long-term.

If you target low competition, you will have a higher chance of attracting more viewers. Once you are successful you can also transition into your dream niche.

13. No Descriptions for Content

TikTok creators tend to ignore the description. This is what leads to their failure.

It is not only a reason for low viewership but can also be a huge disadvantage as a content creator.

If you don’t include the descriptions, your content will not be found in the search queries by the TikTok viewer.

Your content will not be visible to anyone else on the platform and you will not be listed on any hashtags.

Fix: Use Hashtags to Write Relevant Description

It is easiest to solve the problem by using hashtags to describe relevant topics.

Short captions can be written about the purpose and nature of the video.

It is important to search for trending topics and include relevant search queries in the description.

This will make your video rank high on various searches and will eventually lead to a lot of views.

14. Generic Content Creation

Another problem that can cause low views on your TikToks is posting generic content.

This is one of the biggest mistakes that beginners make, as they don’t know their target audience.

This can lead to too many content on various topics and not enough followers.

TikTok’s algorithm will recognize that you have generic views from all accounts, and your followers are not growing, so you will see a decrease in viewership rather than an increase.

Fix: Stick To A Single Niche

It is important to stick to one niche so that you can target a specific niche audience.

This will allow you to gain more viewers and recurring followers.

Before you target a specific niche, it is important to research all possible niches.

Once you have found the potential in a niche, you should stick with it until you are well-known on the platform.

15. Posting Sometimes

Another reason why TikTok videos are not getting enough views is that you post too much.

The majority of people who join the platform don’t post content for several weeks.

They have a tendency to post at random times, leading to a drop in views and little fame.

Fix: Consistency is the Key to Success on TikTok

This situation can only be overcome if you remain consistent.

It is important that your account receives different videos from time-to-time.

For better results, it is important to post at a certain time.


It is important to take every step necessary to ensure that your content is of sufficient quality to attract constant viewers on TikTok.

Keep an eye on TikTok’s algorithm to ensure you are gaining fame on the platform.

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