Why Is My TikTok Not Getting Views? (15 Reasons, Fixes)



A sudden decrease in views could be depressing even if you’ve got the track record of having many views as an author.

Continuous views on TikTok is a vital element in ensuring your success using the app.

If you experience an abrupt drop in view, you could be wondering why.

This guide is thorough and will explain every mistake you might make and solutions to avoid them.

Why Is My TikTok Not Getting Views? (15 Reasons, Fixes)

In general you will notice that the majority of TikTok videos will suddenly decrease in popularity when your content is no longer engaging the viewers . It can also cause harm to certain viewers.

There are several other factors that the majority of people will not know about.

Let’s talk about the top 15 reasons why your TikToks have stopped receiving views, and what actions you can take to get them fixed.

1. Sensitive Content

One of the main reasons why your TikTok has very few views comes from when you publish sensitive content.

These include videos that contain fake weapons, blood, weapons or anything else that could make the viewer feel scared.

The content in question isn’t in violation of the terms of Service (TOS) however, it can harm certain users on the platform.

To this end, the algorithm used by TikTok reduces its views to the point that your posts start seeing fewer visitors.

Fix: Avoid Creating Any Sensitive Content

The only way out of the mess is to be aware of kind of content.

If you’re just beginning with TikTok it is important to ensure that your content isn’t near anything that could be considered sensitive.

If you don’t, your trip via TikTok will be short-lived.

If, however, you’ve accidentally created a sensitive TikTok then you must think about eliminating it in order to bring your account’s view count returning to its normal.

While your opinions may require some time to gain momentum but you will be there at some point.

2. Your Content Does Not Excite The Viewers

The lack of interest in content is another important reason for an abrupt drop in the number of views.

If you’ve started to create content that’s not capturing the attention of viewers and is not making them feel engaged, TikTok will start bringing down your content.

The algorithm for TikTok is constantly monitoring the performance of the various TikToks that make it to for page for you..

The videos that typically have low engagement, even on For You Page For You Page are closely watched by TikTok.

The easiest way to determine whether your TikToks aren’t enthralling is to check the comments.

The videos typically contain fewer comments, and less people talking to friends or discussing about the video.

Fix: Think Differently

The easiest method to fix the problem is to test different solutions.

You must think outside the box to come up with something that will entice your audience.

To accomplish this, you can make TikToks of various themes, genres and styles.

You may also collaborate with other creators of content to create engaging content.

This can allow you to draw their attention to your page and possibly gain followers.

3. New Account

There are a few comments on TikTok is not uncommon for new accounts.

At first, the algorithm of TikTok may not even recognize your content.

This means that your TikToks won’t be directed through the For You Page.

Fix: Wait For Some Time

It is recommended to wait at least of six months prior to exploring different options.

But, it is vital to continue to create content in order for a better chance.

In the end, you don’t think about which videos will become viral and start receiving hundreds of views in just a few weeks.

4. Your TikToks Are Too Short

Making short videos could be one of the main reasons why your views suddenly drop down.

If you’ve suddenly started to create brief videos, your is likely to be less popular with viewers.

With the recent changes to TikTok’s algorithm, many users have noticed their videos getting the lowest number of views.

The videos were in an interval of two to five seconds.

Fix: Create Longer TikToks

It is the only method to prevent this problem and begin to gain an audience that is of high quality is to make longer TikToks.

It is suggested to develop TikToks with between 15 and 17 seconds that is the ideal length for a video.

You also stand a chance of becoming famous on Twitter thanks to TikToks which are within this time frame.

5. You Are Uploading Too Many Videos At A Time

One of the most common misconceptions among the new TikTok users is that having more TikToks will increase their recognition and viewers. This is completely false.

If you create too many TikToks without keeping a certain period of time between each one, none of them will become viral because of the excessive activity on the account.

Fix: Maintain A Balance

The easiest way to resolve the problem is by maintaining an equilibrium in your account and posting TikToks within a timeframe.

Ideally, it is recommended to upload at least three videos per day.

It is also crucial to continue posting a set amount of videos per day.

It is recommended to choose a specific amount of TikToks you’d like to complete during the day, and adhere to it in your TikTok account, unless modifications are made to the TikTok’s algorithm.

6. Posting At The Wrong Time

The time you post is among the most important factors to getting your message noticed on TikTok.

If you make posts on TikTok at random times , without following a set pattern the chances of failing are very high.

Also, you should keep in mind the time zone of your viewers.

This will assist you to determine the best timing to publish the content.

Fix: Post During The Right Time & Day

The easiest solution to the problem is to learn the optimal posting times on TikTok.

It is important to plan your content calendar in advance and adhere to it until you are famous on TikTok.

Here are the best time to post (EST) via TikTok for the next few days.

  • Monday: (6 AM, 10 AM, 10 PM)
  • Tuesday: (2 AM, 4 AM, 9 AM)
  • Wednesday: (7 AM, 8 AM, 11 PM)
  • Thursday: (9 AM, 12 AM, 7 PM)
  • Friday: (5 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM)
  • Saturday: (11 AM, 7 PM, 8 PM)
  • Sunday: (7 AM, 8 AM, 4 PM)

7. You Are Not Following The Trend

TikTok is a social media platform that concentrates on and encourages content creators that adhere to the current trends.

If you’re in the habit of sticking with the same type of content and not following the current trend sooner or later you’ll find that your TikToks won’t get you more views.

While you shouldn’t tailor your account to follow trends only, it is crucial to be aware of some trends.

Popular TikToks will allow you to increase your views and could even become viral by sharing some of the posts.

Fix: Follow The Trend

Only way to resolve the problem is to follow the current trend.

It is important to keep an eye on the most recent trends in social media and share things that are related to those.

It can assist your TikToks to get on the For You Page.

If you create an article on one of the hot subjects, you’ll see an rise in the number of views.

However, it’s not necessary to build TikToks exclusively based on any particular trend.

It is possible to simply discuss the topic , and then add relevant hashtags. This should suffice to increase the number of viewers you reach.

8. Your Account Is Shadowbanned

Shadowban could be a different major reason behind a sudden decrease in TikTok viewership.

It’s a form of ban that TikTok applies to users without notifying users of the ban.

Users don’t know that their posts aren’t reaching their followers, and it doesn’t show up on relevant hashtags.

TikTok prohibits content creators when the creator of content violates an unimportant TOS of the platform.

It could be anything from sharing sexually explicit content to sharing sensitive content.

You can determine if your account is being shadowbanned or not by searching hashtags on the platform.

If your videos aren’t showing up on the hashtag you’re using, TikTok has surely imposed an account shadow ban.

Fix: Get Out Of The Shadow Ban With Some Tricks

The easiest way to resolve the problem is to contact customer support.

You can also explain the situation and inform them that your TikToks do not appear on your For You Page and relevant search results.

But, it’s not always simple to convince customer support in the shadowbanned cases.

As a result you’ll also need to work hard on your part.

Follow these steps Follow the steps below if TikTok does not respond to your request or you do not want to reach support for an issue.

  • Reinstall the application and then wait for a while before you post again.
  • Make the switch to a professional account.
  • Review the community guidelines for TikTok and remove any video that is in violation of the rules.
  • Create original content by collaborating in collaboration with others.

9. Copied Content

If you’re prone of copying others then you’ll fail not just with TikTok but also on other platforms.

Make sure that your content is original and has never been published before.

The algorithm behind TikTok is clever enough to recognize every copy of content.

After being viewed, it instantly slows down the videos.

You may also receive an notice of copyright violations when you share the content of other creators.

This could result in an indefinite suspension if you continue to violate the copyright rules for the entire community.

Fix: Create Unique Content

The most effective way to avoid this scenario is to make content that is of high quality.

While it is crucial to be on the cutting edge however, you need to make sure to add your own unique twist to it.

This will allow you to get more attention and ultimately increase your audience via the website.

10. TikTok Is Reviewing Your Video

The majority of content creators will receive Under Review notifications when they press the publish button.

This is due to the fact that TikTok’s algorithm determines that the content is unacceptable and demands approval by hand.

This also happens for accounts with a track history of committing violations to the terms of service of TikTok.

The review process could be between two and three days. The video will not be available in that time.

It could even exceed the limit of two days since the review is conducted by hand, so be prepared for it.

Fix: Avoid Violating TikTok’s TOS

The only way to have an account on TikToks accepted even without TikToks manually-approved approvals is to make content that doesn’t violate the guidelines of TikTok’s community.

If, however, you have a an egregious history of breaking some of the guidelines for community members on TikTok and your posts are subject to approval, it’s better to wait at least a day or two.

11. Change In TikTok’s Algorithm

Sometimes, you’ll see an immediate reduction in views right after a change has been implemented in the algorithm of TikTok.

The main reason is the recent changes to the guidelines for creators of the community that result in the removal of the promotion of kind of content in violation of the guidelines of the community.

Fix: Read the Changes And Create Relevant Content

The only solution to the issue is to create content that is in line with the guidelines of community on TikTok.

It is important to look at the changes brought about by TikTok in detail , and then brainstorm the things TikTok has altered.

Your latest content must comply with the current guidelines.

This will help you get more users on TikTok.

12. Too Much Competition In Your Niche

One of the biggest mistakes that novice content creators make is to target an area that has too many competitors.

Since they’re relatively new on the platforms and its content creation, they are unable to be competitive, and their content is not able to gain audience.

Fix: Create Extraordinary Content Or Change The Niche

The only solution to this issue is to create amazing content.

If you’re looking to stand out in a highly competitive market the content and marketing strategy must be of top quality.

But, it isn’t enough to guarantee a high level of viewership within a short period of time.

It might take a while however, you’ll begin to see some high quality viewers in the near future or sooner.

If you’re a novice creator with a small budget, but would like to grow in the long run then you must focus on a niche with low competition.

There is a high chance of gaining more viewers If you focus on areas with little competition. You can also change to your desired market once you’ve achieved the success.

13. Content Without Descriptions

The majority of TikTok creators are guilty of not paying attention to descriptions, and this can be the primary reason behind their failing.

It’s not just the most important reason for the low number of viewers However, it can result in huge disadvantages for you as an artist.

If you do not read the description the content will not show up in the search results within TikTok. TikTok viewer.

You won’t be featured on any hashtags available on the platform and your content will be available to your followers.

Fix: Write Relevant Description With Hashtags

The easiest solution to solve the problem is to create relevant descriptions that include hashtags.

You can also write descriptions of the content of the video and the purpose behind it.

It is also essential to research popular topics and incorporate relevant search terms within your descriptions.

This will allow your video to get a good ranking on various searches In the end you’ll get an impressive amount of views for your video.

14. Creating Generic Content

Posting content that is generic is another problem that can result in low engagement for your TikToks.

This is among the most common mistakes that newbies make because they are completely ignorant of the audience they are targeting.

This could result in an overabundance of content on various subjects, and there aren’t enough followers to keep them.

If the algorithm of TikTok realizes that there are always generic views on different accounts, and that your number of followers isn’t growing you’ll see an increase in viewers instead of an rise.

Fix: Stick To A Single Niche

Concentrating on a particular subject is vital because you’ll be able to target a niche-specific market.

This will allow you to gain frequent followers and eventually, an increase in viewership.

It is vital to conduct an exhaustive research into the various subjects before you choose a particular area.

If you discover the potential of a certain subject, you should stay with that niche and not change until you have gained an enviable reputation on the platform.

15. Posting Sometimes

Insufficient posting is another factor that contributes to the low views for TikTok videos.

The majority of people join the site but don’t post anything for several weeks.

They are known for posting at random times and this causes an abrupt drop in the number of views but not recognition.

Fix: Consistency Is The Key to Success On TikTok

The only way out of this mess is to stay constant.

It is important to ensure that your account receives new videos on a regular basis.

It is essential to publish at a certain time and stick to the calendar of content to achieve more effective outcomes.


You must take all necessary steps to ensure that your content is quality enough to continue to be seen by users on TikTok.

Also, keep an watch on the algorithm of TikTok and experiment with it in a way that is appropriate to get noticed through the app.

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