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Why is my text not delivered? (12 Causes, Fixes)

Text messaging is a great way to communicate with loved ones and coworkers.

It can be done by sending a simple text message or using an app like WhatsApp, iMessage and many others.

Keep in mind, however, that not all recipients will receive the message.

Sometimes the message might not reach the recipient for several reasons.

You can fix the problem by understanding its causes.

Why is my text not delivered? (12 Causes, Fixes)

These are the top reasons that your text may not be delivered. We have solutions.

1. Switched off the number of the recipient

If a number is not switched on, messages are not sent to the person.

This is because the sim of the individual does not have any networks.

You’ll have to wait until the person turns on their device.

Once the recipient establishes a good connection, the messages will be sent promptly.

If the message is not received for a prolonged period, you may see a Failed tag.

This occurs when the number is switched off for longer than six hours.

If the issue is with your sim, the tag might also be displayed.

Your broadband network might not be strong or your bill may still be pending.

Fix: Either Wait for Automatic Delivery or Resend

Standard texts are delivered automatically by all SMS providers.

If the message doesn’t reach its destination on the first attempt, it will be automatically resent at specified intervals within six hours.

If their networks are available, the recipient will be able to receive the message.

If the number remains the same after six hours, the “Failed tag will be displayed beside the text.

After this statement is made, the automatic delivery will not take place.

The message will need to be resend to the recipient and the whole delivery process will start again.

2. Your message was flagged as spam

Each mobile carrier has its own regulations to make it easy and convenient to use.

Companies are taking numerous measures to stop their customers becoming spam targets.

Some messages are sent to the spam folder, rather than the primary inbox.

The worst thing is that the recipient won’t have access to spam messages because they were not delivered by the carrier.

The recipient will not receive your message if it has been marked as spam.

This can be done by sending the message again and checking if it is delivered.

Avoid Violation of the Guidelines

Although each carrier has its own rules for handling spam messages, many others follow the universal guidelines.

Your message will be considered spam if it doesn’t violate these regulations.

It will be delivered to the recipient immediately after you send it.

By avoiding suspicious links like, you can avoid being flagged for spam.

You may experience the issue if you send the exact same content repeatedly.

Spam will also be a problem if you send long messages, such as essays.

You should avoid using all caps when writing.

These methods will make sure you don’t break the rules.

3. False Negative

Sometimes, your message is not delivered due to a problem with your phone or the signals of the recipient.

Standard texts can only be sent if you have received Delivery Reports (DLRs) from your operator.

The carrier will not send you a receipt if it fails to create one. Instead of notifying about it, it will mark the message “Failed To Send”.

Operators have failed to send reports or generate DLR in many instances.

The worst thing is that you don’t know if this is the problem.

It is possible to waste time on actions that could help you deliver the message in vain.

Fix: Wait For A Reply

This issue is not a quick fix.

You will not be told by the carrier that you are experiencing a false positive.

Although you can call the operator to inquire about the issue, it is unlikely that you will receive an adequate explanation.

Waiting for a response from the recipient is the best thing.

To verify if they received your message, you can contact them via another method.

4. You Require A Different Number

Although sending SMS messages might seem simple, it can be complicated depending on the type.

You can choose between A2P or P2P.

You will need to use different numbers for these types of messages.

If your recipient is not of the correct type, you may have to deal with it.

A2P SMS is intended primarily for businesses that send reminders and billing texts as well as other transactional messages.

P2P can also be used to send personal messages.

If you are sending a message to a friend, or to a loved one, this is the type of communication that you want to engage with.

Texts will not be delivered if you make mistakes with the numbers.

Fix: Use the Correct Numbers

A2P messaging requires that you use toll-free numbers that have short codes and numbers that are approved for high volume texting.

The carrier will block messages if you use a regular phone number for this type of messaging.

Do not use this number.

You don’t need to worry about P2P messaging if you use a local number to send texts.

You must make sure you don’t send too many messages in a short time.

5. The Number Is Abroad (Roaming).

Perhaps a friend or family member has just traveled abroad and is now back home for the holidays.

Their number will be considered roaming and they may not be delivered to them.

If you send a message to someone who isn’t in your country, it could cause problems.

It is important to note that roaming numbers can be reached by carriers.

It all depends on the operator and your network plan. Some providers may limit you.

Before you attempt to resolve the problem, it is important to first determine if the recipient is traveling.

Fix: International SMS Messaging Approved

Your network plan has not been approved for international messaging. This is the main reason why your message might not reach a roaming phone number.

This issue can be resolved by calling your carrier and telling them.

They’ll modify your data plan to meet your needs.

It’s important to keep in mind that this can be expensive.

You may have entered an incorrect code if international messaging is allowed.

If the person is already in another place on their trip, this can occur.

If you enter the correct country code prior to the number of the recipient, the text will be sent immediately.

6. You are sending many messages

SMS messaging requires that your carrier sends the information to multiple networks.

You may have issues if you send too many texts at once.

If you do this, the operator could mark your number spam.

You may also be limited by the operator in the number of messages that you can send at one time.

Your text will be returned to you if it violates the guidelines.

Sometimes, the network provider might also classify the text as “Failed,” so it must be resend.

Fix: Avoid Sending Multiple Messages

To ensure smooth service, all carrier services offer a different message limit.


The majority of numbers that can receive P2P traffic allow only one message per second.

If you send more than 100 SMS messages simultaneously, the texts won’t be delivered.

This issue can be avoided by using a number that is approved for high-volume traffic.

This type is used by most businesses because it allows them to send messages to thousands or hundreds of customers each day.

You will not have delivery problems if your data plan changes.

7. It is not possible to send text messages


This only applies to Apple devices, as it is exclusive to the iMessage App.

This program allows you send SMS messages over Wi-Fi or a sim connection.

You may not be aware that text messaging is not available on your phone by default if you’re a new user.

Without Wi-Fi, your texts won’t be delivered.

If the person does not have Wi-Fi, you can send standard text messages.

In such cases, carrier charges may apply.The option must be enabled in the settings.

Fix: Send text messages or manually

This issue can be fixed by opening the Messages app from the iPhone Settings tab.

Scroll down until you find the “Send to SMS” option.

This allows your text to be automatically delivered as a standard message even if the recipient doesn’t have Wi-Fi.

If you do not want the automatic feature to be activated, you can manually send each message.

Send the message, hold the button for a few seconds and then send it.

There will be several options. You must choose “Send As Text Message,” then the blue text box will turn to green.

8. Local Restrictions

To avoid having to deal with A2P messaging issues, it is important that you fully understand the cause.

Some countries allow companies to send SMS marketing messages during certain hours only.

Most businesses can send texts to customers from 8 AM to 8 PM on weekdays.

It is possible for things to get complicated if you send SMS messages to customers around the world.

This is because local restrictions vary depending on the laws.

To ensure that your message reaches your customers, you will need to comply with the following requirements

Fix: Learn the Rules or Use a Worthy Service Provider

You may be the business owner and you might be responsible for sending out messages to customers.

This means that you’ll need to be aware of the time limitations to ensure messages are delivered correctly.

You can avoid all the hassle by using a reliable A2P messaging provider.

Certain carriers have specialized knowledge in A2P services, and can offer automated features.

You simply need to give the message to your carrier and the company will schedule the sending of the texts at specific times.

This will allow you to keep your customers informed about your services.

9. The Recipient is Not Receiving Messages for a Purpose

Standard text messages are not the only way you can communicate with someone who needs essential information.

Talking to someone on another platform like WhatsApp or OpenPhone could be a possibility.

It allows users to opt out from receiving messages.

OpenPhone will send you a STOP message if you have received any text messages from them.

Your messages won’t reach the person.

If you have blocked someone on WhatsApp, they will not be able to receive messages from you.

Fix: Wait To Be Unblocked

The bad thing about the opt out of messages feature is that it doesn’t allow you to control it.

It is up to the recipient to decide whether they want to receive text messages from you.

You can send them more messages if the person you are messaging unblocks you.

Unfortunately, your messages will still be delivered despite this.

If you wish to share the same information, you will need to send the texts again.

This is true for messages sent via WhatsApp or OpenPhone.

A reliable Wi-Fi connection is essential to ensure that messages are delivered.

10. The Device’s “Receive Text SMS” setting may be incorrect

You have many options for communicating with family and friends online.

For texting, the recipient might be using an internet-based application such as WhatsApp, iMessage or Facebook Messenger.

This is why it is possible for the individual to not be aware that their standard SMS sending is incorrect.

Many phones have built-in settings that enable you to receive messages.

The phone will not accept texts from others if the feature is turned off.

Your messages won’t be delivered if the recipient has disabled their settings.

Fix: Tell the recipient to Turn On The Setting

Many people don’t know when SMS sending is delayed due to other communication methods.

If you know the recipient, call them to help them change the setting.

You can also find out if the person deliberately disabled standard text messaging.

The person will immediately receive future messages if they turn on the feature.

You can’t tell someone to change the setting if you don’t know how.

11. The Message contained illegal content

Providers have very strict guidelines regarding the content of text.

Local laws and regulations may also impose restrictions.

For safety reasons, if your message contains illegal content, it won’t be delivered to the recipient.

You may also have your number blocked.

Sending adult content or referring to drugs is a prime example of illegal material.

If the carrier sees criminal activity, the carrier may block your message and report you to the authorities.

CITA is an organization that enforces safe SMS messaging rules.

Don’t Send Illegal Content

This is why it is important to not send illegal content to others.

Always be aware of the messages that you send.

Do not attach links to text messages. Not all websites are legal, regardless of how safe they seem.

You could also be blocked by your carrier if you attempt this action more than once in your lifetime.

Your messages will not be delivered to anyone in this instance, so you will need to remove your number from the block list.

If your company blocks you, you may have to change your carrier.

12. You Are Texting To A Landline

Keep in mind that telephones are still being used by people today.

The device is easy to use and will be found in many homes.

It’s also a good choice for families with seniors who can’t use technology.

No matter how many times you try, a text sent to a landline phone number will not be delivered.

It is possible that a cross will appear under the message, indicating that it failed to send.

The sign may not be visible to some service providers.

Use a Different Number

Text messages are not allowed on landlines.

You only have one option: Get the phone number of the person.

You can also send the message via an internet-based platform to the recipient.

You can identify when you are sending a message to landlines.

To get the information you need, you can use a validator phone number.

You will also be notified if a message is not received.


These are the 12 causes and solutions to why your messages don’t reach their intended recipients.

To ensure that your messages are received by the recipient, you should follow these instructions.

If none of the above solutions work, call your service provider.

The messaging service may not be receiving your outgoings correctly.



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