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Why did Spotify logout? What can I do to fix it?

There are various options to pick from if you want to listen to music or podcasts. But Spotify is a popular music streaming service, and chances are you use it as well. It is an online music streaming app, which means you must log in and have an internet connection to listen to music. Nevertheless, there have lately been difficulties with the Spotify app and website where it immediately locks you out and you are unable to get back in. If this occurred to you, you’re probably asking why Spotify logged me out.

In this post, we will concentrate on this common Spotify issue and attempt to explore some troubleshooting procedures to resolve it.

The most popular music streaming service is Spotify. It has a large music collection from various musicians all around the globe. Both iOS and Android devices can access the software.

The Spotify app is only functional when your smartphone is connected to the internet. Just sign in to Spotify with your credentials, choose a playlist or artists, and start listening to music. It really is that easy.

Spotify, like anything else connected to the internet, experiences issues from time to time. The fact that it locks you out of the app is a regular issue these days. As infuriating as that may seem, there are several easy remedies.

But first, let’s look at several probable causes of the “Spotify logged me out” problem.

You Have a Problem with Your Account

This is a very unusual occurrence, but if there is an issue with your unique account, Spotify will log you out and you will not be able to get back in.

This issue may occur if there is a bug in Spotify’s software or server side, namely the “username” and “password” areas of the programme.

Too Many Devices Using the Same Login Information

A group of friends or family members using a single account is fairly popular, particularly for premium applications like Spotify and Netflix. Another possibility is that you have many devices on which you have used the same Spotify login information.

There is no limit to the number of devices that may be used with a premium Spotify account. Nevertheless, Spotify servers may interpret this as a glitch and attempt to log you out of certain devices.

Another issue with sharing a Spotify account is that if any of your friends or family members change the password, you will be logged out of the app since you have the wrong password.

Spotify servers are down.

This is most likely the root cause of the “Spotify logged me out” problem. A fault with Spotify’s servers or networking infrastructure may cause you to be logged out.

Spotify is not available in your country.

It is very uncommon for a government to outlaw a music streaming service. Nonetheless, everything is possible.

If there is any sensitive material or podcasts on Spotify, a region or nation might block the service temporarily (or permanently).

Spotify’s Software Issue

Spotify is compatible with iPhones, Android phones, and Windows computers. You must first download the applications from their respective shops and begin using them.

But if there is an issue with the Spotify app or program, it will log you out.

Using the Previous Spotify App

If there is a problem with the Spotify app, particularly an earlier version of it, you may see the Spotify logged me out error.

You messed up the app (sign out everywhere).

Signing out of all devices where this Spotify account is signed in is an option in the app. This might be an issue if you use a shared account.

If the owner of the Spotify account decides not to share the account any more, he or she may change the password by clicking the “Sign out anywhere” button.

If this is the case for you, Spotify will log you out, and you will not be able to log back in.

It’s also possible that you mistakenly hit “Sign out everywhere” on one of your devices, which signed you out on all of them.

The Issue with Third-Party Applications

Spotify provides excellent connectivity with third-party programmes such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Siri, Alexa, and others.

There is a potential that Spotify may log you out if there is a compatibility problem with any of the third-party applications you are using.

Here’s How to Resolve the Spotify Logged Me Out Issue

Check out Spotify.

Spotify monitors Twitter for significant announcements or problems. After more users reported the problem and posted “Spotify logged me out” messages on various networks (Twitter, Reddit, etc.), Spotify quickly responded with a statement stating that it is investigating the matter.

Thus, if the issue is with Spotify, first see whether they’ve released any statements or updates about it.

If a large number of people log out of their Spotify app, they will also issue a troubleshooting guide.

Do You Have a Shared Account?

If you share a Spotify account with friends or family (to split the premium prices), there are a few things that may go wrong.

The first is that if you use a lot of devices (your own gadgets—cellphones, tablets, etc.), you’re probably using a single premium account for all of them.

Although the number of devices isn’t the problem, it might sometimes be a Spotify bug. It attempts to log you out of certain gadgets.

The easiest option is to change your primary account password, log out of all devices, then re-log in with the new password.

If you share your Spotify account with others and your password is changed, it will also log you out.

Check with your friends and family to see if anyone has changed the password. If that’s the case, request that they share your new password with the rest of the group.

If no one changed the password, log out of all devices, change the password, and then distribute the new password.

Log in to the Spotify Web App.

If Spotify has logged you out of the app, try logging in using the Spotify Web Player app. If you can log in, there seems to be an issue with the app on your device.

But if you are unable to get in to the Web app, try changing the password. You may also check to verify whether Spotify’s servers are operational.

Check to see if Spotify is down.

When it comes to Spotify’s servers, they sometimes update or improve them. If there is a software issue during this period, Spotify will log you out.

Check the Downdetector website to see if any other users are experiencing a Spotify outage. If there are numerous customers experiencing a similar difficulty, the fault is most likely with Spotify, and all you can do is wait for them to fix it as quickly as possible.

Spotify’s app should be updated.

Spotify, like many other developers, changes their app on a regular basis to address difficulties, glitches, and bugs.

If you are using an out-of-date app and have not updated it in a long time, it is time to do so.

Just search for Spotify in the Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (on iOS devices) and update it.

Remove and reinstall Spotify.

If the issue is with your app or device, deleting and reinstalling the Spotify app may resolve the problem.

Alter your password

If you can log in to Spotify’s online app but not the smartphone app, try changing your password in the web app and then using the new password in the smartphone app.

Remove Spotify’s Cache and Data

If the data in the Spotify app is corrupted, you may erase all the data and cache and re-login.

This is the easiest method for reinstalling the Spotify app without really removing it.

Restart your computer.

Restarting the device is a typical and often the easiest remedy to a variety of difficulties (Android phone, iPhone, etc.).

Contact Spotify customer service.

Contact Spotify’s help staff and describe the problem to them. If the issue is limited to your account, they can help you find a solution.

But if it is a frequent problem with several customers reporting it, they will strive to resolve it and keep you updated.


Spotify is a well-known online music and podcast streaming service. Despite its popularity, there are sometimes minor glitches, such as playback, connection, or others.

One typical issue is that it may suddenly log you out, and you will be unable to get back in. You’ll be outraged that Spotify locked me out.

In this post, we looked at the most common reasons why Spotify locks users out. Finally, we saw several basic troubleshooting methods you may use to resolve the problem.


Q: Why can’t I get back into my Spotify account?
A: Check your email and password, or contact customer support if your account has been suspended or banned.

Q: Why did I suddenly get logged out of Spotify?
A: It could be a glitch or an issue with your subscription or account. Contact customer support for assistance.

Q: How do I restore my Spotify?
A: Use the correct login credentials or contact customer support if you’re still having issues.

Q: How do I reopen my Spotify account?
A: Log in with your credentials or contact customer support if your account has been closed or terminated. Certain terms and conditions apply.

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