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Who is Tooka? How did he die? Everything Expounded!

What is the name of Tooka? The Chicago teenager was killed in a gang shoot in 2012. There’s a reason the teen isn’t getting much attention these days. King Von’s lyrics as well as the internet discussions have been able to bring him back into the spotlight eight years after his death.

Let’s learn the details about Tooka. Be sure to read the entire article to see the whole picture.


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Who is Tooka?

Shondale Gregory, also known by the name “Tooka,” was a 15-year-old Chicago boy who was known by his street name rather than his actual name.

What caused his death?

Tooka was at a bus stop on January 12, 2012, in line for the bus, when an automobile pulled up in front of him. After exchanging several words with a person who was outside the vehicle, the young man was shot several times. On the scene, Tooka was pronounced dead. However, the doctor was able to rush to the closest hospital.

What was the motive for his brutal murder?

He was an associate of the Gangster Disciples of Chicago and was also known for his nickname, Tooka (GD). There is a belief that the death of his through shooting was caused by the gang’s response to the murder of a friend in the Black Disciples (BD) gang, Eddrick Walker (aka Ty), aged 17. He was an ardent follower and a member of BD.

GD gang members assassinated 20-year-old Odee Perry in revenge for Tooka’s death. As per the Daily Mail, Gakirah Barnes, Tooka’s closest friend, might have been the culprit in her death. According to The Mail, Odee Perry was a prominent female gang member.

The retaliation against the killing of Odee Perry was continued by the murder of Tooka’s most trusted friend, who was 17 in 2014, and it was planned as a retribution.

Why is it that the singer King Von has so much hate for Tooka?

A gangmate of King Von, a rapper from the O Block on Chicago’s south side, nicknamed him Odee Perry. King David Barksdale, better known as King Dave, the founder of the Black Disciples, was King Von’s great-great-grandfather.

The track, “Smoking Tooka,” refers to the conflict that Chicago has between its diverse gangs and the members’ verbal assaults against each other through music or social media.

Tooka is the term that’s used to refer to potent cannabis, in accordance with the definitions of the dictionary. Shondale “Tooka” Gregory died (smoked) with Chief Keef’s team of Black Disciples after he was part of the crew. The incident is utilized for the purpose of “humiliating” Shondale’s death by using the word “smoking” to refer to her death.

In his song, King Von sings, “Tooka in my lung, I say that every time, ’cause he got smoked,” in his song.

Her return to the spotlight after eight years of absence is due to one line of hate, which is the reason why people on social media are speculating about King Von’s resentment for Tooka.

One Redditor said that he believes that the anger towards King Von is due to Tooka beating him at one point in the past.

“F*** Tooka, we killed him” is what can be seen in the video above. After 8 years since the death of Tooka, the name of his victim is now becoming popular due to a photo that was posted on Instagram and soon became popular with a huge following.

Tooka was one of the group of members that were brutally killed and later rubbed online. One of the names that are now recognised around the world is his.

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