Who Is Tobias Dorzon? Everything About The NFL Career And Wikipedia Bio Of The Footballer Turned Chef


Chef Tobias Dorzon is a former football player with an outstanding NFL career, but isn’t yet able to create the luxury of having his personal Wikipedia webpage.

Tobias Dorzon is an executive chef of Houston’s dining establishment, Thirteen, and is also an active participant in third season of the Guy Fieri’s Tournament of Champions.

Tournament of Champions premiered the season on February 27. Tobias is in a battle with the chef Einat Admony in the Super 16 Sudden Death battle on April 3.

Who Is Tobias Dorzon? Wikipedia Bio And NFL Career


Tobias Dorzon is a Chef who has yet to create his own Wikipedia page. He is currently participating in the ongoing food competition in Food Network’s season 3 of Tournament of Champions.

The NFL statistics that are available for Tobias Dorzon has come up since he’s currently working as executive chef at the dining establishment, Thirteen, is opening his own eatery Huncho House. Although there isn’t much information about his experience as a player Dorzon did share that he’s given all he had to work for the restaurant he is opening with tweets.

He wasn’t into the world of food when he first started out. He was a football player and played in the NFL and the Canadian Football League for about two years.

He discovered that he was more into cooking than football, the result of the fact that he became a full-time chef , and followed his passion to the fullest extent.

How Old Is Tobias Dorzon? Age Details Of Former Footballer Turned Chef


Tobias Dorzon is 37 years old and was born on the 23rd of November 1984 at Washington DC. He was a student athlete in the athletics department at Jackson State University.

He played for the the NFL’s Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He switched from playing professionally to becoming a chef. He went to an Culinary School at the Art Institute of Washington.

He devoted his time to studying the world of cuisine. In addition, he was able to study to Sicily during a period of six months. He was a master of various food styles.

How Rich Is Tobias Dorzon? Net Worth And Total Earnings Explored


The net worth of Tobias Dorzon is estimated to range from $1 million to $5 million. And his total earnings are likely to be in the millions as well.

He’s been in the field of culinary for a long time and now he’s opened his own restaurant. It is sure to add value to his assets.

Tobias has been active on social media sites like Twitter as well as Instagram. He is on Instagram as @tobiasdorzon. He has 115k followers.

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