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Who is Remedios Nable Jose? Husband Name and Life Story Details

The story about the love of Remedios Nable José and Gregorio del Pilar is listened to by many. Many historians believe they believe that Nable Jose as well as Gregorio were married and declared married. Some say that they didn’t because the wedding was delayed. Is Gregorio del Pilar her husband? Let’s find out.

If you’re and are not from the Philippines If you are not from the Philippines, then you’ve probably not heard of the story about Remedios of Nable Jose or Gregorio del Pilar.

Their story is dated to the 1800s when an 18-year-old Filipino general in the Philippine Revolutionary Army, Gregorio became infatuated with a girl whose name was Remedios (or Dolores.

There was confusion over Remedios Dolores and Remedios. Dolores. They are one and the same.

There’s even a film created about their relationship. The film is available on Netflix The title that the movie has is “Goyo The General.” General.”

Remedios Nable Jose Husband Gregorio del Pilar

Gregorio del Pilar was one of the youngest generals of the Revolutionary Army during the Philippine-American War.

He was famous for his numerous successful attacks on the Spanish barracks within the town of Paombong.

Who is Remedios Nable Jose? Wikipedia

Remedios Nable Jose’s profile on Wikipedia was not found. However, her boyfriend Gregorio has a biography on their website.

She is she is the child of Don Mariano Nable Jose and Dona Paz Borja , both from Dagupan. Her family’s origins are from Dagupan.

Don Mariano was described to be among the best in the elite of his community and was even a part of the Malolos Congress.

A well-known Chinese businessman who was a mestizo, specialized in the shipping industry, as did the most prosperous merchants of Dagupan in the past. There were three children: Feliciano, Rocio, and Mariano Jr., Their family is believed to be among the richest families in Dagupan.



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