Who is Amarjeet Sada? and How the 8-year-old became the youngest Serial Killer in the world


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  • 1. Incident:
  • 2. Investigation:
  • 3. Sentence:
  • 4. Amarjeet Sada Disorder:
  • 5. Where is he?

Amarjeet Sada was born in 1998. Her family was born in Begusarai located in Bihar. The family then moved to Mushahari. Amarjeet Sada is considered to be the most young killer in history. He was from India and, when the police caught him as an accused killer, he was just eight years old.

Life of the Amarjeet is poor due to family circumstances. He was the son of a farmer who was poor.


In the history of crime serial killers, thousands of them and murderers have shocked the world with their kidnapping and murders. In 2007, however the world witnessed an entirely new version that was a serial murderer that caused everyone to be shocked and grieve.

An investigation team from Bihar investigated the strange case of a 10-year-old boy, who is believed to have killed four young children.

The police and the residents of The Begusarai district’s Musahari village slept through the night because of the Amarjeet Sada case. In the beginning in the probe, the police did not believe that a boy of eight could be a killer.

As the villagers revealed what they knew, authorities were shocked to discover that the innocent man is hiding a cruel and twisted personality. After the investigation, Amarjeet confessed to his crime and explained why his actions led to a series that included murder in the town.

Khushboo the baby, who was six months old who was found dead by the locals, was the final reported victim. The investigation revealed that the mother of the baby, Chunchun Devi, told the police she had abandoned her baby at the school for the primary. The infant was missing after she returned. Therefore, a search was started to locate the baby.

In the event that the villagers couldn’t locate the baby, Amarjeet informed the villagers that he had strangled the infant. The villagers were also taken to the place in which he had killed and then placed the baby in a grave within a couple of hours.

The villagers then contacted police to conduct an investigation of the matter. As the boy was brought to the police station, he stared at officers with a icy look. When the boy Amarjeet was detained The police arraigned the boy in court.

As per law in India the lawmaker was ordered to the home for children until he reaches the age of 18.


The crimes committed by Amarjeet were well-known to a few family members, but were not widely known to others.

“family matters,” Amarjeet’s uncle.

The police did not even take him to a doctor to evaluate his mental health. When the police officer inquired about how the murders were committed He smiled and replied that the he was hungry and needed food.

The police provided him with biscuits to take. Following his meal, the man explained to his police that he had taken the infants to an empty space (fields) and struck their faces with large bricks. He continued to hit the faces of their victims until they passed away. After confirming that their bodies have stopped breathing He covered them with dirt and leaves.

Amrjeet was also responsible for the murder of three children. This was also the first time police were aware of this kind of incident. The mere sight of his face made a lot of them feel nervous. He was sent to a psychiatrist following being assessed by police officers.

The media also reported Amarjeet’s actual name and photographs even though he is an underage. The police took precautionary measures in accordance with the diagnosis of a psychiatrist that

“Amarjeet is a dangerous killer with a mental disorder”


In the course of his investigation, police were directed to place Amarjeet into a juvenile home.

In the children’s home where he was confined to isolated confinement, with no contact with other children. The doctor who treated him in the course of the case was of the opinion that he suffers from an illness of the mind in which one is known as”sadi*t. “sadi*t.”

In this type of disease people usually find pleasure in hurting other people. The doctors have suggested that he receive appropriate treatment and therapy.

When he was an early age school, he received treatments and a constellation to ensure that he could be a safe and decent individual for society.

4Amarjeet Sada Disorder:

In the case of Sada it was discovered that he had an anxiety disorder that hindered him from recognizing what was right and wrong. The man also loved torturing other people since he was believed as an apathetic savage.

The laws governing juveniles in India were able to prevent him from being accused of an offense. To deal with this disorder, his most severe punishment was for him to be in a child’s home until the age of eighteen.

A fake identification number was used in 2016 to expel him from the residence He is now unidentified, and no one knows where he’s at the moment.

5Where is he?

In 2016, Amarjeet Sada released on the 18th of his birthday. He is now 22 years old. However, after his release, nobody is aware of where he went and what he’s doing.

After releasing the sentence, he’s experiencing a normal life in India or in another country. There is also the possibility that Amarjeet is committing the same crime just like previously. To the public and media there is no evidence or information about Amarjeet.

Final Words:

Amarjeet Sada was regarded as an exceptional case by the global community. Due to him, many families lost their innocent children. In all scenarios, the family of Amarjeet did more wrong than his family. It is recommended that he see the doctor for treatment in order to discover more about how he is feeling mentally.

The issue is that they cover up everything, which leads to the loss of many beloved family members. The family’s case was made more complicated for the family after Amarjeet attempted to murder his sister.

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