Who is Abigail Shapiro, the Sister of Ben Shapiro? Meet Ben Shapiro’s Sister


Abigail Shapiro (aka Classical Abby) is the sister of Ben Shapiro who is a well-known political commentator and host. But that is not the reason she is so famous.

Abigail Shapiro runs a YouTube channel with more than 100K subscribers, which she calls Classical Abby. But that’s not all.

Abby is a woman of many talents. She is a YouTuber, social media star and actress. How does Abby manage to have so many career options as a married woman?

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Family Early Life and Family

Abigail Shapiro saw the world for the first time on Sunday, November 8, 1992. In November 2022, she will turn 30. Abigail, a Los Angeles native, was raised in a home where performing arts were valued.

She was inspired to learn music by her father, who played piano when she was a child.

Abigail began practicing music when she was 16. Her father saw her passion for music, and enrolled her in opera classes as a Hanukkah current.

Because her parents are Conservative Jews, she is also a practicing Jew.


Abigail attended Los Angeles’ local high school and graduated from high school to get admission to the College of Southern California.

She then moved to New York, where she studied a three year course in opera and classical singing at Manhattan College of Music.

Physical Appearance

Abigail has fair, flawless skin and black eyes. She also has medium-length brown hair, which adds to her beauty. She is approximately 5.7 feet tall and weighs in at 60 kg.


She is a woman of many talents, and she can manage her career while also taking care of her family as a spouse.

Acting Career

She starred in 2007’s movie A Light for Grey Towers as Miriam Aronowitch. The story centers on Miriam Aronowitch, a young girl who fled England to better her life. However, when she arrived there, her mother became ill and she was forced into an orphanage.

She played the role in 2012 of a singer on the golden globe for the television series “Glee”.

Singing Career

Abigail wanted to sing opera, and her father supported her dreams.

David Shapiro, Abigail Shapiro’s father uploaded two YouTube videos of Abigail Shapiro performing in opera on February 31 and 25, 2014. These YouTube videos were titled “hi there!” Oh, Margaret, it’s you” and “Adieux de l’hotesse Arab”.

YouTube Career (Classical Absby)

Abigail Shapiro started a YouTube channel called Classically Abby on January 31, 2019. She enjoys sharing videos about her life as a conservative married woman.

Abigail also posts videos on makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and other topics. In less than a year (2020), Abigail had more than 9,500 YouTube fans.

The video generated over 1.2 million views, 132,000 dislikes and 19,000 likes in just five months. Her channel now has over 100K subscribers who love to watch her videos.

In five months, the video received over 1.2 million views, 132,000 dislikes and 19,000 likes.

Vaush, a socialist YouTuber, uploaded a video on August 5, 2020 in which he criticised Shapiro, and complained about the ads that were being sold on her channel.

This video was uploaded by him under the title “forestall showing me commercials for Abigail Shapiro, I don’t care please”. The video was quickly viewed by the public and received more than 600 comments.

Gay Criticism

Because of her relationship with Ben Shapiro, Abby was often the victim of social hatred online. We all know that Ben Shapiro, a TV host and political commentator, is well-known for his conservative views.

Ben Shapiro’s sister Abigail Shapiro has been criticized for her views. Milly Shapiro is Ben’s maternal cousin and a well-known actress.

This issue was brought up by Ben in October 2017. He openly spoke out about his views on the LGBTQ community, calling them sick and psychological dysfunction and adding that homosexual activity is a sin.

Ben claimed that they shouldn’t be allowed to have children. These views were shared by Ben via his Twitter account, after the Supreme Court legalized equality in marriage.

He wrote:

Let’s skip the suspense. SCOTUS should simply declare a Constitutional Right to “Whatever the hell they feel like that day,” and “Same sex marital status will never affect you.” We don’t refer to your business, your church, or the raising of your children strong>

Source Twitter

He also reviewed the American Invasion of Afghanistan and stated,

“One American soldier can be worth much more than an Afghan civilian”

People rushed to Abigail’s YouTube account after seeing these videos to protest his ideas. Within days, her YouTube comment section was flooded with hateful comments and rape threats.

One user wrote to her.

“I want to Rape her, Cut off her head and send it back to Ben.”

Another wrote

“Ben Shapiro Uses His Sister’s Khazar Milkers To Bring All the Goys into the Yard.”

These comments led Abigail to suspend her “commenting privileges” on her YouTube channel. She explained why she did this and stated,


False Breast-Reduction Rumors

Last year at the start of 2021, Shapiro Last year post on her Instagram about her breast surgery, and she added the” #breasthealthawareness” hashtag underneath her post.

Some fans misunderstood the post. This led to them believing Shapiro was going through a breast reduction.

She posted another Instagram post to clear the air. In it, she stated clearly that she had a lump in her breast and was going through the procedure to get rid of it. She stated,

It is not a serious problem, so don’t worry. The nurses were excellent and the doctor was top-notch. I was made to feel at ease by everyone.

The entire procedure was very simple (except the part in which they placed the IV in my hands – that is for a few reasons that will become the provoking portion, e). It seems like it is so easy that they were able to complete it in just ten minutes! I was anesthetized so I do not forget that I am painless – even without any medicinal drugs.

Abigail Shapiro Family

Abigail Shapiro comes from a family rich in performing arts genes. David Shapiro is her father and a composer.

She is Ben Shapiro’s sister. He is best known for being the editor of The Each Day Wire (an American conservative news and opinion site). The podcast is also hosted by him under the name ‘The Ben Shapiro show.

Relationships between Husband and Children

Ben Shapiro’s sister, Ben Roth, married Jacob Roth on Monday May 28, 2018. It was a private ceremony.

They met in 2017 when they began dating. After realizing that they were meant for each other, they decided to get married.

Jacob Roth is her husband and works at Younger America’s Basis’s national headquarters, Reston, Virginia. After she got married, Abigail moved to Virginia and now lives in a lovely house.

Social Media

Abigail Shapiro, a social media celebrity is very active on social media. She loves to comment about the important issues in her view.

Abigail has over 77.7k Instagram followers, and these numbers keep growing every day. Her Instagram account is @ClassicallyAbby.

She is also active on Facebook under the same user ID @ClassicallyAbby, and this page has been followed by 11,169 people all over the world.

Classical Abby uses Twitter as @classicallyabby to discuss different issues facing women around the globe.

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