Which Is More Effective for Advertising: Window Decals or Clings?


As time goes on, people develop new tactics for marketing their companies. The tried-and-true offline approaches include TV advertisements, radio spots, and newspaper ads. But during the last 20 years, window graphics have emerged as a more popular kind of advertising. Certain businesses have seen success using storefront windows to display their goods or services using eye-catching graphics and clever designs. It has really aided in achieving visibility. Such images have the ability to entice clients to enter and have a look at your goods.

Window decals or window clings are the two types of window graphics that are most frequently employed. To make the best choice, you must have a good understanding of each one of them before choosing any for advertising. Both are excellent, but people select them based on their needs. Clings are images without adhesive backing, whereas decals are stickers that may be applied to any smooth, clean surface. Static electricity keeps them affixed to a surface. Let’s evaluate them in light of specific criteria. 


Both decals and clings don’t require hazardous installation procedures. Depending on the size you order, you might or might not need more assistance. As previously said, window decals are comparable to stickers and have an adhesive backing, making them semi-permanent once applied. Therefore, the decal’s placement area should be chosen first because removing it could harm the graphics. But remember to clean the area before you place the decal.

Clings, on the other hand, can be easily attached to glass or plastic surfaces because they don’t have an adhesive backing. They won’t adhere to any other surface.


Any flat exteriors, including the window, wall, floor, or tabletop, can be covered with decals. Only surfaces made of glass or plastic will allow window clings to stick. All you need before putting up any of them is a squeaky-clean surface.


Both the interior and outer walls of a retail shop’s window are suitable for applying window decals. They are durable and resistant to harm from weather factors, thanks to the material used to produce them. But window clings are unable to perform this. They are a transient method of promotion and are vulnerable to external harm. 

Taking the graphics down

In contrast to a decal, a window cling can be simply removed from a surface without leaving any trace. Due to the glue in a decal, a residue will undoubtedly remain after you remove it.

Cost component

Decal buys are significantly more expensive than window cling purchases since customers choose them for prolonged marketing. Clings are a less expensive advertising mode because they are only used temporarily.


Pick the one you believe will work best for your company. Window clings would serve your purpose the best if you’re seeking a short-term advertising strategy. However, if you’ve made the decision to decorate your store window, choose the decals. There are many customizable options accessible, regardless of what you ultimately decide. Learn about these choices before placing an order for a window graphic.

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