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Where can I buy Kpop Albums, Lightsticks and Official Merch in The Philippines?

Kpop is so in-demand that we want to buy albums. We also want to purchase their official lightsticks, and other merchandise. Scroll down to find my list of places to purchase kpop albums and other merchandise in the Philippines.

TRIVIA History Lightstick

Did you know that Big Bang was the first to create their own lightstick? To show support at concerts and award shows, fans used balloons that were the same color as their favorite band back in the 90s. This is a problem because some bands use the same color, which can lead to heated arguments among fans. G-Dragon, the leader of Big bang, believed that his fans deserved something special until the late 2000s. They created the Bang Bong, the first ever lightstick in Kpop. The rest is history.

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Where can I buy Kpop Albums in the Philippines?

  1. This is where you can purchase the official BTS albums and lightsticks. They are actually affiliated with them. You can also purchase merch from other artists like CL, ENHYPEN TXT Seventeen, GFRIEND Henry, Henry, and many more. You can ship to the Philippines by DHL. Shipping costs start at $26 and increase as you add more items. If you have multiple orders and want to combine them to get a lower shipping cost, you can follow my guide on How to Order in Weverse and Ship to the Philippines .
  2. – All the stores I have mentioned are based South Korea. However, this store is only based at BF Homes, Paranaque. Yes, there are. This shop was recommended to me by one of my Instagram followers, when I was searching for an RJ Jumbo Doll. This shop is more of a personal shopper than a store. Although they have some on-hand merchandise, most of their items are available for pre-order. You can use their Personal Shopper Service if you are looking for kpop albums, lightsticks or other merch.
  3. is another shop that’s based in the Philippines. However, they don’t just have an online store, but also have physical stores such as their Festival Mall branch, Alabang. N.Cat sells accessories from Korea, but they also carry Kpop merchandise like lightsticks and albums by bands such as BTS, BlackPink and Red Velvet. You can find them in Lazada, as well as Shopee and selected malls. They also offer giveaways via their Instagram.
  4. CNA PHPILIPPINES – They are also based in Philippines. Like N.Cat they have physical stores in several malls in Metro Manila. They sell accessories and Korean skincare products as well as Kpop albums. If you’d like to shop online, they also have a Lazada page.
  5. KPOPMERCH I shop directly from this Shopee seller in South Korea. This is where I purchased my BT21 monitor figurines. You can buy light sticks, albums and plush dolls as well as tech accessories and shirts.
  6. This is the most popular site where you can purchase almost all K-Pop merch. This store ships internationally via FedEx or DHL. As I write this post, my pre-order has been shipped and is currently in the process of being fulfilled. My only complaint so far was that prices are much higher than those of other sellers. It depends on where you live and what shipping method you select, but it can take a while before your order arrives. Sometimes, they don’t update. However, I have found that their customer service responds within 24 hours.
  7. HARUMIO – I found this website through Laine of GlowCounsel. This website is more of a personal shopper than a store. You can find merch, lightsticks, and albums on their website. However, you can also request custom items. This means that you can ask them to purchase anything in South Korea. There is a fee for this service. can find out more. They ship to the Philippines via DHL.
  8. SM GLOBALSHOP – This store is for SM artists like BoA, EXO and Super M. They aren’t my favorite artists so I haven’t yet shopped with them. They ship internationally, I’m sure.
  9. – If hardcore fans have met, they most likely bought from this online store. Their website is overwhelming to me so I have not tried them. If all three shops fail, this website is an option. Some people have also purchased Dicon magazines here.
  10. HTML4U I have not yet shopped in there, but Reddit and Facebook groups recommended it highly. You can also purchase albums and lighsticks here, as well as other official Kpop merchandise like season’s greetings packages and winter packages.

These are the only places I know of where you can buy Kpop albums in Philippines. Although I do know that there are sellers in Shopee or Lazada, I have not tried them all. There are many fake lightsticks, merch, and merchandise being sold these days so I am cautious. You can also browse the KpopHelp subreddit if you have questions.




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