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Where can I buy cute Kpop photocard binders?

Kpop fans who don’t mind the music will appreciate a cute binder to store their photocards. Collectors will purchase large, white office binder and then decorate them with stickers. They then simply purchase UltraPro sleeves. Others, like me prefer something smaller and cuter that allows for customization. Below is a list of cute Kpop photocard binder design ideas. These binder designs are available at Walmart in the USA. These stores can be found in the Philippines, if available, if they ship to there.

Where can I purchase Kpop Photocard Binders?

  1. This shop is based in Indonesia and sells cute jelly binders. They have a variety of themed binders, including BTS, BlackPink, and Astro. The tiny keyring binding is also available that you can use for ID-sized photocards. You can also buy keychains, stickers, and other accessories to enhance your binders.
  2. This seller is Korean-based. They have the largest stock of Korean-brand binder brands such as Wanna This, Been D and Jam Studio. They sell Sanrio photocard holders keyrings and stickers, as well as everything you need to keep track of and collect photocards. Many sleeves are also available to replace the binders. They sell sleeve replacements for binders that can hold standard-sized cards as well as square polaroids and postcards.
  3. This shop is brand new in Shopee and also has a Korean base. They also sell Sanrio bindings and Been D bindings. They also sell stickers, holographic sleeves, magazines, and kpop albums.

NOTE: PVC is a common ingredient in binders that are on the market. This can damage your photocard collection. Many collectors choose to use PVC-free or acid-free card sleeves to protect their photographs. Here is a list of stores that sell card sleeves .

These are the only places where cute kpop photocard binders can still be bought. If I find any more, this list will be updated.




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