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Where are the Google Chrome Bookmarks stored?

Bookmarks in oogle Chrome are simple to access and sort. You can add, delete, or rename bookmarks in a matter of seconds. If you want to move bookmarks to another browser, you will need to locate the bookmarks file and transfer them manually.

Chrome stores all bookmarks together. You must be in the wrong path or have the wrong folder open to locate the bookmark file. The bookmark file is always located in the same folder on all systems. Depending on which OS you are using, the location may be in a different place, such as Windows 10 or Linux.

This article explains how to access Google Chrome bookmarks. You can backup them or import them into another browser.

How to find Google Chrome Bookmarks on Windows

Access your AppData folder to find the bookmark file for Windows. These steps will help you locate the folder:

  1. Open “File Explorer.”
  2. Go to “C:/Users/[YourUserNameHere]” and select the “AppData” folder. If you are successful, proceed to Step 6.
    Hidden folders are those that you can’t see. You will need to adjust your settings to hide hidden folders in order to access it.
  3. Select the tab from the menu to display hidden folders.
  4. In the section ” Show/hide“, tick “Hidden Items.”
  5. Try again to open “C:/Users/[YourUserNameHere]” and select the “AppData” folder. You should now see it.
  6. Click on the folder.
  7. Go to ‘Google > Chrome > Users Data.
  8. Select ” Profil 2” folder, if it is listed, and then skip to Step 10. If not, go to Step 9.
  9. If the “Profile 2′ folder is not available, choose ” default” or Profile 1, depending on how many profiles you have in Chrome.
  10. Scroll down to find the Bookmarks folder. Notepad++ can be used to “kind of” view bookmarks files within the folder. This will allow you to confirm that it is correct. You can try another profile folder.

You can now move, copy, and delete your Chrome bookmarks at will.


Are Google Chrome Bookmarks stored in macOS?

Google Chrome saves its bookmarks to the “Application Support” directory in macOS. This directory can be found using “Terminal.” To find it, you must change your file browser to Show Hidden Folders in macOS.

Type command line: /Users/ /Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default . Press Enter Click on the button, and Finder will open the folder along with your bookmarks.

You can still access the folder even if it is hidden using Finder. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Navigate to “Users/ /.”
  3. If you don’t see a directory called “Library”, press the “Command+ Shift + Period” buttons to turn off hidden folders. Or, you can hold the “Alt” key and select the “Go” menu.
  4. Go to ‘Library > App Support.”
  5. Click on and then click on .
  6. Click on now.
  7. Navigate to the folder.
  8. As a backup, you should now see the ” bookmarks” folder that contains all your Chrome bookmarks.

Are Google Chrome Bookmarks stored in Linux?

Linux users can access files via two methods.

Option 1: Use Linux’s Terminal

  1. To open ” Termin“, press (Ctrl + Al + T)
  2. Type this path in the Terminal window:

/home/ /.config/google-chrome/Default/

Depending on your Chrome version, you may need this alternative path:

/home/ /.config/chromium/Default/

  1. You can access your bookmarks folder by pressing Enter

You can access the file folder/path by clicking ” Show Hidden Files” from the file browser’s menu.

Option 2: You can use a File Browser directly

Depending on the flavor of Linux you use, there are many file browsers available to you, including Nautilus (default in Ubuntu), Dolphin, Thumar, Konqueror and Krusader.

  1. Navigate to the file browser you prefer. Pre-established privileges may make default the best choice.
  2. Open Home > [your username]>.config> google-chrome > default If you prefer Chromium, change “google” to “chromium in your nav path.
  3. The “Default” folder should contain the files “Bookmarks” & “Bookmarks.bak”.

Export Chrome Bookmarks to an HTML File

You don’t have to navigate through system files or hidden files to access your Google Chrome Bookmarks. Instead, export them as HTML files.

You can export your Chrome bookmarks by following these steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. In the top-right corner, click the three vertical dots.
  3. Hover over the “Bookmarks” option.
  4. Click on to open the “Bookmark manager.”
  5. Click the “Organize” button (the three vertical white dots).
  6. Click to “Export bookmarks.” You can now choose a destination folder.

It is easy to import this file into another browser.

  1. Follow the steps 1-5 and click Import instead of ” Export “.
  2. Select the destination file, then click “Open.” This adds all saved bookmarks to the current ones.

Are you unable to locate the Chrome Bookmarks File/Export?

You can ask Google Support if you are having trouble finding your bookmarks files in the above folders, or if you need help exporting HMTL files.

Sometimes the problem may be a glitch in Google Chrome’s profile or your current OS’ state. Try restarting your computer and trying again. Or, contact the customer service team to get help.

Although you might need to adjust some settings to see hidden folders, your bookmarks file can be found on all devices and operating systems. Exporting your bookmarks doesn’t suffice. You can also find out where it is stored so that you can make a backup whenever you need.

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