When will the crypto bull market start?


The market is a game and this game involves investors from over the globe. The market prefers the brave and those investors who have a keen knowledge of the market itself and know how to deal with the challenges of the market, flourish manifoldly. There is a possibility that bitcoin may see its next great bull market in the coming 2024 or even 2025. This is not a speculation but are the words of a co-founder of one of the crypto exchanges that are quite popular. Visit BitIQ site, one of the best platforms to start bitcoin trading.

Many investors who were loyal to the traditional market, have switched their sides to cryptocurrency and as a result, there is a huge crowd of people in the digital zone. The sole reason behind this shift is due to heavy and large gains in the crypto market. Since 2010, the crypto market has seen many ups and downs but it was sure that the market was always bullish. In recent times, a sudden shift in the market was witnessed in the form of changes in market conditions and the fall of the cryptocurrency.  In this article, we are going to discuss the terms and conditions involved in waiting for the next bullish market. So, let us start the journey!

Comparison with traditional market

The traditional market is an experienced player in the field of bull and bear-related variations. The traditional market has experienced both stages in its time but this is completely wrong in the case of crypto. The crypto market is new in this field and has not experienced a bear market before. So, this is a new problem for crypto. This year marks a remarkable year for crypto as it has seen some of its spectacular landmarks this year. Ranging from record-breaking bitcoin high prices to record-breaking low. Thus, this year marks the ultimate year for crypto. Whereas traditional market is somewhat nearby standing still as was before, thus do not make any difference to the enviroenmnet.

Market cycle trends

The crypto market cannot be predicted due to its volatility. No person on earth can correctly predict the exact variation to come. Though there are some principles that every customer follows but this doesn’t completely support the process. The bitcoin market has a special feature. The feature is bouncing back to its original price position, every time after falling. Thus, there are chances that the prices will be recalled and bitcoin will again be at the top. But, currently, this seems to be far away from reality due to drastic changes in market conditions. Though this time summers were at their peak crypto market was cold as hell! The winters for bitcoin market proved to be harmful as far as its situation related to stability is concerned.

The bull market and crypto bull run

A bull market is a condition of a market wherein the prices are constantly rising and flourishing. As a result, the market blooms and prospers. Thus, the crypto bull market can be considered as the condition of the crypto market wherein the investors feel confident to invest in new securities and assets. The last bull market was experienced in 2021 and this was the booming point for the crypto market. The condition of the market is a bull one cannot be considered subtle but sudden. The process is sometimes gradual and sometimes the process is sudden.

Conditions favoring the bull run

  • Almost governments of every country are now legalizing the crypto tenders or are making their crypto assets work on a decentralized pattern.
  • Various altcoins have been introduced that have the least value of volatility favoring market boom.
  • Bitcoin halving can prove the best option for bringing the bull phase into the market. The experts believe that the next bull market will not come before 2024 due to the next scheduled halving in the same year.
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