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What’s the significance of Candice in TikTok? Inside joke explained!

It’s likely that you’ve heard about or encountered”Who’s Candice? “Who’s Candice?” joke on social media, but who is Candice and what exactly is the meaning behind this joke?

If you’re reading the post before anyone has asked to tell you what Candice is, please tell us in the future!

You don’t want to be the victim of this latest viral social media prank You want who does it to your acquaintances… So continue reading and we’ll show you everything you should know about to know about the joke, from the reason it is, to humorous examples of TikTok!

What’s what is the Candice joke?

If you’ve not yet fallen for the hilarity of the prank you’ll be unaware that Candice isn’t actually a real person… It’s an in-house joke!

Candice is a joke that people across the internet are playing with not just their friends and partners, but also strangers!

Candice sounds like the word “can-dis” which is the same as “Can This”, but the name Candice is instead used to get the joke to be effective… it’s often then followed by something indecent, which is part of the game.

This may be confusing, so we’ll provide an example!

Urban Dictionary uses the following as an example of”Candice” “Candice” joke…

awesome guy Do you have any idea about Candice?

The gullible one Who is Candice?

cool guy: Candice d*** fit in yo mouth.

The gullible person Combusts into oblivion*

Hilarious Candice jokes and examples on TikTok!

Social media users everywhere are getting caught up in”the “Who’s Candice?” jokes” Here are some hilarious instances that we’re amazed by!

@blair_brownxo attempted this trick to her lover… And the result is hilarious.

The gamers are also experimenting with the Candice Joke when enjoying Call of Duty…

TikTok users are playing this joke on their friends”live” videos!

The Twitter community reacts to Candice Joke

There’s a mixed response to the Candice joke from people on Twitter.

A few people are reacting somewhat out of character when they are sucked into the Candice gag… (you’re appreciated to help you stay clear of this!)

Do you have a thought of Candice? What do you think about Candice joke? Are you a fan of it or is it just a little snarky? Tell us!



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