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What’s The Difference Between a Hotel and a Motel?

There are thousands of resorts as well as lodges, and the only reason for both of them is to provide a room to a person who wants to live in one, but each little aspect of both of them is one-of-a-kind. Moreover, as there are numerous types of humans, both resorts and lodges are popular with corporations.

A motel is also referred to as a motor lodge, a motor inn, or a motor resort.This is a hotel designed for travelers, especially motorists; furthermore, inns are ordinarily owned, in my opinion, but there are chains of inns.

A motel provides short-term paid lodging.The amenities provided by a motel differ depending on the type of lodge.Most motels may have a modestly satisfactory bed, but hotels that are pretty massive institutions have higher-quality beds.

If we speak about the difference between a lodge and a motel, there could be an extended list; however, there are tremendous differences. A resort is a huge, enclosed building that consists of hundreds of rooms and a couple of floors, while a motel primarily has one or two floors with fewer rooms. Moreover, hotels have large lobbies because it’s the first room that visitors will see when they arrive, and it has to make an enduring impression. Motels, on the other hand, do not have large or fancy lobbies; even the room entrances are outside. 

Here is a table for the variations between a lodge and a resort.

HotelMotelThere are various types of hotels.A resort is a type of hotel. A hotel offers additional amenities and services. The most convenient motel provides basic amenities.Hotels are massive and luxurious. Everting in a lodge is of poor quality.

Hotel vs. motel: the difference

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What is a hotel?

There are extraordinary styles of inns.

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A lodge is a large status quo that provides paid accommodations, and the centres vary depending on the type of lodge.Smaller and less expensive motels may also only provide basic services and facilities, whereas larger and more expensive hotels provide many extra amenities such as a swimming pool, childcare, a tennis court, and many others.

There are many forms of lodges, and here is a listing of them:



  • International luxury
  • Lifestyle: luxurious lodges
  • Upscale, full-service motels
  • Boutique
  • Focused or selective carrier
  • economy and limited service
  • Extended live
  • Timeshare resorts
  • Destination clubs
  • Motel
  • Micro live

Let’s take a look at each one one by one.

International luxury

Such hotels provide magnificent facilities, on-site eating places, full-service motels, and the best level of customised service and expert carrier in capital cities.These worldwide luxurious motels are labelled “Five Star Hotels,” for example, the Grand Hyatt, Conrad, The Peninsula, Rosewood, and The Ritz-Carlton. 

Lifestyle: luxurious inns

Lifestyle luxury lodges are inns that have an attractive way of life or personal image in a particular region. These resorts are typically full-service and expensive.The most distinguishing feature of such lodges is their way of life; they are entirely focused on providing a unique experience for each guest; additionally, they are classified with Five-Star Hotel ratings.Examples of such inns are the Taj Hotels, Banyan Tree, and Waldorf Astoria.

Upscale, complete-service resorts

Such hotels offer a huge variety of offerings to visitors as well as on-site centers. Most commonplace amenities encompass on-site food and beverage (room providers and restaurants), a fitness center, and a business center. These hotels range in quality from upscale to luxurious; additionally, this classification is based on the first-rate facilities and amenities that the inn provides.Examples: Kimpton Hotels, W Hotels, and Marriott 


Boutique accommodations are small, impartial, and non-branded institutions. Such types of accommodations offer mid-scale to upscale centres with complete inns. Furthermore, boutique hotels normally have 100 or fewer rooms.

Focused or selective provider

Some resorts cater to a particular kind of human being. 

There are inns that are small to medium in size and offer the simplest, most restrained on-site amenities that, in general, cater to a particular type of human being, which can be vacationers. Many targeted or select-carrier motels may provide full-service lodging; however, they may not provide amenities, such as a swimming pool. Examples of focused or select-service accommodations are Hyatt Place and Hilton Garden Inn.

economy and restrained providers

These hotels are small to medium-sized, have limited on-site facilities, and are frequently simple lodges with almost no services.These motels typically cater to particular travelers, which include the budget-minded traveller looking for a “no-frills” accommodation. Economy and restricted-service inns lack on-site restaurants; however, they make up for it by providing complimentary meals and beverage facilities, or, in other words, an on-site continental breakfast service. Examples: Ibis Budget and Fairfield Inn.

Extended live

These inns are small to medium-sized, offer full-service inns for an extended time frame, and have a non-traditional pricing approach that means a weekly charge that caters to vacationers that need short-term accommodations for a prolonged time frame. Moreover, on-site online facilities are limited, and most extended-stay resorts don’t have an on-site restaurant. Extended Stay America and Staybridge Suites are examples 

Timeshare resorts

Timeshare is a form of property ownership, which means someone will have to buy a unit of lodging for seasonal usage for a distinct period of time. Timeshare motel services are similar to those of full-service motels; however, these inns lack on-site restaurants, swimming pools, and other amenities.Examples encompass Westgate Resorts and Hilton Grand Vacations.

Destination clubs

Destination golf equipment is comparable to timeshare motels; it is also the purchase of a single unit of inns.However, these clubs provide more exclusive non-public accommodations, such as private houses in a community-style setting.


A hotel is a small lodging structure with direct access to rooms from the parking lot.Motels are usually for avenue travelers; they were pretty common from the 1950s to the 1960s. Such establishments are located on a major highway; additionally, lodges are considered as locations for romantic assignments in many parts of the industry.Primarily, motels are rented by the hour.

Micro Stay

Micro-stay is a form of inn that offers reservations for much less than 24 hours; this movement permits them to resell the same room as quickly as possible in the afternoon.

What is a resort?

The term “motel” refers to a type of hotel. 

A resort is also called a motor lodge, motor hotel, or motor inn. It’s in particular designed for motorists; each room is entered immediately from the automobile parking space.

A motel is an unmarried building with connected rooms; furthermore, lodges are built in an “I,” “L,” or “U”-shaped format; they include a connected manager’s workplace, a small location for reception, a small diner, and a swimming pool that is uncommon.

In many resorts, you can find large rooms that include kitchenettes or condo-like facilities, but the costs can be higher for such rooms. In my view, motels are owned, but there are motel chains. 

In the Twenties, large highway systems had evolved, which led to lengthy-distance visiting; for that reason, there was a need for cheap, easily accessible overnight accommodation web sites, which can now be acknowledged by using the term “motel.”

After World War II, the very phrase “lodge” became coined as a portmanteau of “motor inn,” originating from the Milestone Mo-Tel of San Luis Obispo, California, that is now called the Motel Inn of San Luis Obispo and constructed within the year 1925.

Why is it called an inn instead of a resort?

A “lodge” is largely a class that consists of all the establishments where you can get paid accommodations for a detailed time frame. There are many establishments, and certainly each one of them offers one-of-a-kind facilities and offerings, and each one of them is constructed differently. For example: international luxury hotels, focused or select-provider inns, and boutique lodges.

A hotel is likewise referred to as a “motor hotel” because it falls under the category of a hotel. However, hotels and accommodations are one of a kind. Often, all of the motels have lobby areas, but a lodge doesn’t. In a hotel, you can input a room immediately from the parking vicinity, but in a lodge, there are many lobbies and stairways.



Here is a video that dives deep into the difference between an inn and a resort.

Hotel vs. motel

Which is more opulent, a hotel or a hotel?

A motel is more expensive than an inn because it offers many services that a hotel does not.With a resort, you may get to revel in amenities like a swimming pool, on-site eating places, and so on. Because inns are large businesses, everything from towels to food is usually excellent. 

A motel, however, offers a room that is not so fancy and doesn’t have any services like a hotel, but some resorts do have a swimming pool and a small restaurant.

What is the distinction between a hotel, a resort, and a hotel?

The difference between resorts, accommodations, and resorts is that inns are bigger than hotels, in addition to having larger rooms, while accommodations are larger than inns. The lodge presents many additional amenities, and accommodations provide fundamental amenities; however, inns don’t offer any facilities. Moreover, motel rooms are rented for a day, but motels and resorts are rented for hours.

Hotels, motels, and inns are three specific institutions that cater to distinctive varieties of human beings. However, motels and inns may be similar to each other in many aspects. 

Inns like this one also offer short-term lodging offerings to people, generally tourists, and offer restricted food and drink services. Because they are less luxurious than other hotels and accommodations, they are less expensive.Inns can be found in any part of the United States, but they are most common along highways.

Hotels, hotels, and resorts are extraordinary.



To Conclude

A resort is a category in which all of the institutions that provide paid lodging are included, and a motel is likewise a form of lodge. Most hostels have large rooms and large buildings with a couple of floors, whereas a motel has the most effective one or floors and the building faces the parking area, allowing you to enter a room directly from the parking zone.

There are many accommodations, and every one of them presents distinctive facilities and offerings that make them different from one another.


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