What Types of Exam Tables Are Available for Vet Clinics?


Running a busy animal facility requires a lot of planning on your part to ensure that animals remain safe and secure under your care. Whether it is a veterinary clinic or an animal housing facility, the equipment used at these animal centers should be made using high-quality, durable, and animal-friendly materials. Veterinary clinics require even more deliberation when it comes to selecting the perfect material since high-quality animal care requires peak efficiency in terms of design, space-saving properties, and other features that improve the services offered at your facility. One such element that can make a huge difference in animal care is a vet exam table.

Veterinary exam tables are available in multiple options for design. Although most exam tables are made from high-quality stainless steel, you can choose between several different exam table configurations, including wall-mounted tables that are available in folding, fixed, and end-folding options. Read on as we take a closer look at the types of exam tables that are available for vet clinics.

Wall Mount End Folding Table

Made using high-quality, medical-grade stainless steel, these wall-mount end folding vet tables are the perfect choice for clinics that have space conservation and equipment efficiency as their top preferences. These tables fold up to use and down to store, with a reliable tension release trigger that ensures smooth operation. The exam table is made using 18-gauge stainless steel with optional raised marine edges that contain fluid spills on the tabletop and is ideal for small clinics that need to save space for other equipment.

Wall Mount Side Folding Table

The side-folding wall mount design table features a high-quality tension release trigger that keeps the exam tabletop stable to examine animals at your clinic. Preferred by thousands of veterinarians, this side folding design is ideal to save space and efficiently conduct animal exams in a busy vet clinic. Like the end folding design, the side folding table also features a raised marine edge to contain any animal urine or other fluid spills and keep your facility clean. High-quality stainless steel ensures that your exam table will handle animals of all shapes and sizes, with a broad 20 by 35-inch surface to cater to all animal needs.

Wall Mount Fixed Table

For veterinary clinics that have a dedicated animal exam room with ample space, these wall-mount fixed tables are the right choice. These tables are made from medical-grade stainless steel that features a smooth, broad top and raised edges to keep your floors clean. These tables come with optional sliding pass-thru drawers that can help you in storing animal examination equipment. These tables are ideal for all sizes and breeds of animals and can be chosen for animal care facilities of all kinds.


If you are looking for an animal exam table for your veterinary clinic, a stainless-steel wall-mounted table might be ideal for your facility. These tables are available in several configurations. These configurations include fixed, side mount, end mount, and other designs. Each design offers a high-quality stainless-steel structure with optional features like marine edges, pass-thru drawers, and more. It’s always good to have options to ensure the safety of the animals within the clinic.

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