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What to do if your AirPods get damaged?

Apple AirPods are one of the most loved products ever. These tiny wireless buds look great, are comfortable to wear and offer excellent sound quality. There have been many models over the years.

They aren’t cheap no matter what model they are, but the improvements over the original AirPods are remarkable. You want the pods to be as safe as possible, especially at $250

You had the AirPods in your jacket pocket or jeans pocket. Now you have to put them in the washer. They won’t work, and you are likely scared. You might not have even tried to turn them on. This is what you should do if your AirPods get dirty.

Are they water-resistant?

The myth that the AirPods are waterproof is still circulating. That’s incorrect. The new AirPods Pros are sweat and water-resistant. The original model was not able to withstand moisture. The Pro pods can tolerate moisture to a certain degree.

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However, neither the charging cases for AirPods or any AirPods are waterproof. Avoid exposing the expensive wireless earbuds for liquids or moisture.


Register for AppleCare+

AppleCare+ allows you to “insure” your Apple products. For $29 per earbud, and $29 for the case, you can “insure” your AirPods. This is a costly addition but it covers up to 2 incidents of accidental damage. A replacement earbud costs $89.

AppleCare+ subscribers will receive a replacement case and earbuds for $29. AppleCare+ is available for all Apple devices including the AirPods.

Remember to sign up for AppleCare+ within 60 calendar days of your purchase.

Note the serial

AirPods that won’t turn off after being washed are not easy to track down. Not charging the case is the best way to go. Worse, Apple may not allow you to give Apple your AirPods’ serial number. The serial number is located on the underside or lid of the case. The serial number may not be legible if you have washed the case.

If you want Apple to replace your case or earbuds, the serial number is required.

Keep track of the serial numbers on every apple device you own as a precaution. You can also use your iPhone to find the serial number. To find the serial number, go to Settings. Next, tap General. Then, select About. Scroll down until you find AirPods. You’ll see the serial number if you select them.

The serial number can be found on both the original packaging as well as the receipt. These should not be thrown away.

You can find the serial number on the AirPods. This is true for AirPods 2 2 Gen, and AirPods Pros.

They got wet

You just realized that your AirPods have been washed. The case and earbuds should be dried as soon as possible. Take a piece of paper towel and a cotton swab. Next, take the AirPods out of the case and dry everything as best you can.

The case must be plugged no later than 12 hours after it has been exposed to water. You should not return the earbuds to the case. The devices should be kept dry and at room temperature.

Try Silica Gel

A bag of rice can work miracles on electronic devices that are exposed to water, as you’ve probably heard. It is not clear if it does a good job. Silica gel absorbs moisture well, that is what is certain.

Manufacturers ship small silica gel bags with multiple devices. You can try your local Walmart if you don’t have silica gel bags. These should be available at your local Walmart. You should also buy a Ziploc bag.

Next, place the AirPods in a Ziploc and add a few silica gel packs. Leave them alone for a couple days. This should remove any water remaining in your AirPods. The same process should be done for the AirPods bag. When you place the bag in your bag, make sure you do not close the lid.

AirPods Pro: What’s the Deal?

A waterproof AirPod model is not yet available. AirPods Pros can withstand water splashes and are sweat- and water-resistant. However, the resistance decreases over time so don’t expect it to last forever.

Don’t delay drying your AirPods Pro if you wash them. You should do the same thing as if you were using the original AirPods. You can get silica gel bags and a Ziploc bag.

The AirPods Pro charging case does not withstand sweat or water. AirPods Pro charging cases are not resistant to sweat and water so be careful when transporting them. Before you put your AirPods in the washer, make sure to check your pants and other clothing.

Visit your local Apple Store

If the AirPods don’t work after you’ve followed all instructions, don’t buy a new pair. Instead, contact the seller you bought the pods from to request a replacement. You may be able to exchange the earbuds yourself.

You may be able to replace any of the AirPods parts that fail if at least one of the main components is working.

However, if your AirPods don’t have a warranty or if any of the parts aren’t working, it is probably a good idea to buy a new set.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

After washing my AirPods, they won’t turn on.


You don’t have to be devastated if your AirPods go stale. AppleCare+ is available to anyone who has not purchased it.


Apple will replace the buds for a fee if they aren’t functioning. For those with older models, a friend or relative can help you get a case. The cases of the older models were interchangeable, so even if the case is damaged, you might be able to get a replacement at a cheaper price.

Are AirPods waterproof


No. Many users mistakenly believe they are. Users can accidentally wash and dry their AirPods without any problems. Apple has stated that the Bluetooth devices are not waterproof.


Electronics are not waterproof so the term “waterproof” isn’t really a thing. Because electronics and water are never good friends. Manufacturers use terms such as “Water Resistant” to describe devices that aren’t impenetrable.

Be careful with your AirPods

AirPods can be expensive and you don’t want them to get damaged. To avoid the pods getting soaked in a washing machine, make sure you check all your clothes before washing them. Follow the steps to make silica gel. Visit your local Apple Store to learn more.

This article helped you get your AirPods to work correctly. Have you visited your local Apple Store and purchased AppleCare+? Send us any comments. You are welcome to ask questions and offer additional tips.


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