What makes men remain fit even in the ‘40s


Health is wealth; the quotation is known to everybody but very few actually apply these in their lives. This is what separates a healthy man from the crowd of unhealthy men. There is no exact parameter that says whether a man is healthy or not. Hence, misconceptions and rumours arise that shape the opinions of the masses about health. One such great misconception about being healthy in today’s times is going to the gym. The gym is not bad, but overemphasizing it is not recommended. You can be healthy even without going to the gym.

Being healthy is variable to the job or daily activities of the person. You need not build six packs in order to remain healthy, for instance, a farmer’s job is so hectic and insanely physical that he naturally develops six packs. The only definition of good health is that it is a condition or state of health when you can smoothly perform all functions of the day without any issues and depending on medicines like Vidalista 20 and Vidalista 60 Generic Cialis. The status of health varies greatly with the age.

For instance, you could run at high speed for 5 minutes in your 20s, but in your 40s that’s kind of tough, if not impossible. And if you are in a job where little physical activity is involved then suddenly one day running hard can lead to serious cramps or even fractures. Hence, it is necessary to be mindful of the age group to which you belong. For the 40s, even being able to run at mid-speed for 5 minutes is a good sign of health. We are not us an bolt, sports people or celebrities that we could spend most of our time on health.

Most of the readers are common people who belong to professions like teachers, doctors, lawyers, students, bankers etc. We get very less time to work on our health; hence we must not aspire to such bodybuilding personalities. This article is all about the motivations that keep men alive and fit in their 40s. If a man is missing proper health in their 40s, then they can think of developing these motivations in their life.

A loving family

When people around you are lively, energetic and loving, it is a natural tendency to work full hard which eventually keeps you fit not only in your 40s but whatever age you are. This is why we have a proverb, “A man is known by the company he keeps”, if your company is full of pessimistic then you are sure to get depressed and lonely. Forget about your 40s, you may become a depressed lad in your 20s.

Family is the biggest support system one has, you may find your family at times too much interfering in your matters, but actually, their intention is never wrong, but their methods may be incorrect. The biggest example is when you fall in love for the first time all your laziness goes away and suddenly a boost of energy develops in you. This is what love and happiness do to your mind and body. Hence, always give priority to your family and never go against your family as said by Michael Corleone from The Godfather.

Good food

Now, moving from emotions, the next big reason behind the good health of men in their 40s is good food. Food is the fuel which the human body needs to perform every activity, from the beating of the heart to every other small to bigger process. You may keep a fast for a few days scientifically but an average guy needs a meal two to three times a day (24 hours).Good food does not translate to delicious food, though it can mean healthy food. Homemade is the best option in this case as they are tasty as well as pro-health.

Less oily, no trans-fat and a little bit of cholesterol is the basic parameter of healthy food. You may do hours of exercise but if your diet is healthy then that time spent goes in vain. The exercise and diet must be in sync and complement each other, and then only a favorable result will be obtained.

Good sleep

Now that you have managed to make your diet and things under control, it is time to take a good sleep. Nowadays, if you sleep for adequate hours, a kind of tag is put on you, that you are not a hardworking person. But sleep is the time when actually your body recharges itself to again work will full efficiency the next day. Hence, if you want to be a constant achiever then taking a good sleep is a must.

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