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What is the Single Take Mode for Samsung Phones?

Samsung Galaxy phones have the Single Take mode that allows you to capture the perfect shot every time


Samsung Galaxy devices’ Single Take mode is an amazing feature. This will allow you to snap amazing photos and videos in a matter of seconds. This feature isn’t new to the S21 series phones, but there are some improvements that make it even more useful.

Let’s find out what Single Take is and how you can use it.

What is Single Take?

Single Take allows you to snap multiple photos and videos in one click. The phone takes a picture of whatever is in the frame and saves it for 10 seconds in a variety of styles. After that, the AI optimizes the photos or videos so you can choose the best and share them.

Single Take will not fix bad lighting or angles. Single Take will not magically make your photos look professional. It’s important to start with a decent photo and Single Take will help you maximize it.

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The single-take feature was introduced first on the Galaxy S20 smartphones. It has been improved and maintained for the new generation Samsung smartphones.

To optimize your photos, the AI has been enhanced to include an Aesthetic and Angle Evaluation engines. These engines allow your phone to take pictures of people with closed eyes and do basic editing on your photos and videos.

The latest S21 series smartphones feature upgraded AI features for Single Take. All Samsung Galaxy handsets that have been upgraded Android 10 support Single Take.

  • Note 20 series and higher
  • S20 series and higher
  • Z Fold 2 series and higher
  • A51, A71 and higher

How to use a single take

Open your camera app to access the Single Take feature. You will see Single Take at the bottom of your screen, where you normally switch between video and photo mode. To activate it, swipe across.

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You will see a dropdown menu called Shot types in the upper right corner. You can tap this to choose the types of video and pictures you wish to include in your Single Take shot.


Once you are ready, you can simply take a photo and then hold the phone until it does its thing. If you need to capture video or take different angles, you can also move your phone.

What should you use for a single take?

Single Take is great when you need to capture a moment or shot, but aren’t sure if you want a video or a photo, or which filter or lens to use.

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Single Take allows you to get the best shot, without having to worry about taking the photo. When you are looking at beautiful scenery or wild animals and don’t have time to decide on a shot you can use Single Take to give you many options.


This is also useful for special occasions like holidays or birthdays, where you want to capture all the moments without having to choose angles for multiple videos.

Enjoy Your Budding Photography Skills

You’ll soon be the best photographer at family and friends’ major events once you have mastered using the Single Take feature of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. You may love or hate your new job, but your photos and videos will always look amazing!

To extend the life of your Samsung device, make sure to equip it with screen protectors, a case, and other accessories.




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