What is the penalty in Overwatch for leaving the game early?

What is the penalty in Overwatch for leaving the game early?

If you play Overwatch frequently, it is possible to be compelled or tempted quit a game in progress. Sometimes the circumstances dictate, even though your teammates might not understand. For leaving Overwatch games, you can be punished.

This article will show you what to do if you quit the game early.

What happens if I move?

If you quit a game in progress, you may be considered a loser. The penalty amount is determined by how many games you have played in the 20 most recent games.

For playing matches, you will get 75% less experience.

You should avoid leaving multiple games at once if you are being penalized. The penalty for leaving will be lifted as your leave statistics improve. You can see the player card on the right to see how many games you need to lift the penalty.

It is possible that leaver penalties for competitive matches are higher, so it may take more games to remove the penalty.

For leaving a match in progress, you will be punished for 10 minutes. For any subsequent offenses, the penalty will be increased.

If you continue playing in competitive matches, you will be removed from the ranked seasons.

This is a quick overview of how to obtain leaver status in any given game.

Quick Play

You don’t have to leave a Quick Play match during the “Assemble Your Team” phase. There are no penalties. The game will not be recorded to your account. You can queue up immediately for another game if you so desire.

If you quit a match before the “Victory” and “Defeat” screens, your game will be recorded. You won’t get any wins if your team wins. You could also be considered a loser, and face a penalty.

If a player leaves during matches, the game will attempt to fill that position with another player or group if there are more players. The team that they have filled will lose and the players who were left will be awarded a small bonus at the end of the match. If they leave the match, they will be considered leavers.

Once a winner is announced, there are no penalties for abandoning a match. If your team wins, the game will be recorded.


If you leave a match that is in progress, you will be punished.

You can opt to return to the match in the next minute, so you don’t have to pay a penalty. Any other player who leaves during this period will be considered a loser. Your teammates have the right to leave the game if you don’t return within the time limit.

The game will be considered a win or lose. If you leave, your teammates will not get a pass. Your help is essential for them to win or lose. If all players leave, the game is forfeited. Their skill rating will also drop.

If you leave the match, but return later, your score will be reset.

One man down

If you find the match too stressful, you can withdraw from it. Their team will be faced with an opponent team that has a number disadvantage. This will make the game less enjoyable. It’s a good idea not to lose any match you start. This is particularly important in competitive matches, where players take the match much more seriously.

If you experience connection problems, you should not be playing matches. You could lose your rating or be forced to quit multiple matches. It is okay to be in an emergency. No matter how dedicated a player is, real life is more important that video games.

Return to the Games

Overwatch is a great game. It would be a shame for one player to leave their team. This can result in penalties but the team is still not better off.

Have you ever quit Overwatch or a game? What was the reason you quit Overwatch? We’d love to hear from you by leaving a comment below.

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