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What is iOS? Apple’s iPhone Software Explained

What is iOS? Let’s take a look at Apple’s mobile operating systems to find out what iOS is, what it offers and how you can get the most recent version.


What is iOS? iOS is Apple’s mobile operating software.

We are here to answer your questions. Let’s look at iOS, the most recent version, and all the other details you need about the operating system.

What is iOS?

iOS is Apple’s mobile operating platform that powers the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It was the operating system that powered the iPad up to 2019, which we’ll talk about shortly.

An operating system (OS), a type of software that manages all aspects of a computer’s hardware and software, is essential to make it work. It allows hardware and software to interact with each other, as well as managing the many processes running on your computer.

You probably have the Windows, macOS or Linux operating systems installed on your desktop computer. The most popular mobile operating systems are Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android.

What does iOS mean?

We will explain more about iOS’s meaning. The original name of the iPhone’s operating system was “iPhone OS” when it was first introduced in 2007. The operating system that was used by the iPod Touch, which launched in 2007, did not have the same name.

The iPad was introduced by Apple in 2010, running the same OS. Apple rebranded the operating system as “iOS” after the launch of the fourth mobile OS version later in the year. It wasn’t just for the iPhone anymore.

You might also be interested in , where the “i” branding comes from . This branding has been used across Apple’s product lines since 1998, when the iMac was launched.

Steve Jobs stated that the “iMac” was the result of combining the excitement of the web with the simplicity and ease of Macintosh. Apple explained this further with a slide that showed how the “i” prefix can also stand for individual , inform and inspire.


What about iPadOS?

iOS has been available on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad since 2010. Apple has developed iPad-specific features over time that take advantage of the larger screen. These features included a dock to display apps on the homescreen, drag and drop support and picture-in–picture mode.

With the 2019 release of iOS 13, the company changed the name to iPadOS. It’s almost identical to iOS but iPadOS was separated to make a product that could be used for tablet-specific features. Apple launched iPadOS version 13 to match iOS.

Take a look at the introduction to iPadOS for more information.


The term “iOS devices” is still used to refer to Apple’s mobile range. So, when you see this, both iPhone and iPad can be considered. You’ll be able to use both OSs if you are familiar with it. There may be some unique functions.

What is the latest iOS version?

iOS 15 is the most recent version of iOS that is currently available. iOS 15.3.1 was released February 10, 2022. If you are interested in the most recent updates, older versions of Apple software are available in beta.

What’s New in iOS 15 will show you some of the most exciting new features.


When will the new iOS versions be available?

Apple generally announces the new iOS version at WWDC every June. Only beta versions of iOS are available to developers for testing.

Apple releases the latest iOS version later in the year. This usually happens after the annual iPhone announcement event which is held typically during the second week September. Anyone with an iOS version can get it free of charge if they have a compatible device.

iOS 16 will be released sometime in September 2022.

Apple releases minor iOS updates throughout the year. These “point releases” are added a decimal mark to the version number (e.g. iOS 15.3). These are usually used to fix bugs or patch security flaws and can also add small feature revisions.

How to update iOS on your iPhone

When new iOS updates become available, your iPhone will prompt to you to download them. You can also visit Settings >General > Software Update to check for updates yourself. This page will tell you which iOS version you are running if you’re already on the latest update.


For more information, see our guide for updating your iPhone. It’s important to update your iPhone regularly in order to keep it safe. Your device could become vulnerable to security threats if it isn’t updated regularly.

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What about older versions of iOS?

Apple distinguishes iOS releases using simple numbers increments. The newer OS releases are the ones with a larger number.

Apple used to drop support for older versions of iOS when it released major iOS versions. This has changed with the release of iOS 14 and iOS 15. Apple offered iOS 14 updates even after iOS 15 was launched. However, updating to iOS 15 was an option for a while. Apple also supported iOS 12 devices, which could not upgrade to the latest version of iOS with security updates.

It’s wonderful to see Apple support older devices with the latest iOS versions for a while and providing updates for those older versions. However, Apple will eventually have to retire obsolete devices. Scroll down to Apple’s iOS information page for a list of compatible devices.


The iPhone 6s Plus and 6s Plus are the oldest devices in the iOS 15 list. They were released in 2015. All compatible devices with iOS 13 can upgrade to iOS 14. This was also true for iOS 14 to iOS 15. This can be used to calculate the average life expectancy of an iPhone.

You should consider upgrading to iOS 12 or earlier if you own an older phone. Apple will not offer updates for older versions forever so it is important to upgrade to a newer device in order to ensure your mobile life remains secure.

Make the most of iOS

You now know what iOS is and when Apple releases new versions. Also, you can learn how to stay up-to-date. iOS, like many Apple products, is simple. You don’t have to worry about which version you are using.

You should learn iOS if you are new to Apple’s mobile devices. The Shortcuts app can make your interaction with your device more efficient.


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