As we know, people living in different parts of the world have different choices in terms of food, clothes, etc. Just like that, they prefer different sorts of appliances as well. Based on this fact, we see different kinds of fridges and freezers in the market, including the French style, the American style, and various others. Today, our focus will be on American-style fridges and freezers.

American-style fridge freezers are those that have two doors, both of which are placed side by side and open in the middle; therefore, they are named “double-door fridges” or “side-by-side fridges.” In these double-door styles, the freezer could be present on the top or bottom, and nowadays, interconvertible variants are also available where you can convert the freezer compartment into a fridge and vice versa. There are many brands that offer different variants with differences in their accommodations, capacities, and features as well.

It was believed that double-door fridges and freezers consume more energy compared to French-style refrigerators or other types, but this doubt is now part of the past because, in such an era of modernization, many new developments have been made in this field as well, where the consumption of power by these appliances has reduced to a great extent. And you can also protect your environment now by enabling the “echo mode” so that the harmful gases released by these appliances do not become part of our precious environment.

After briefing you about the salient features of American-style fridges and freezers, let’s share some fridge/freezer reviews about the most preferred brands and their models in this category and some descriptions of their specifications.


Samsung is no doubt the most trusted brand in terms of appliances and machinery. The latest launched double-door fridge and freezer by Samsung is the “bespoke” model, which is a customizable variant; you can decide the colors of the refrigerator door based on your kitchen’s theme. If you open the upper compartment, you get to see ice cube trays and a water dispenser; behind them, refrigerator trays are present; and between them, a water filter is available, from which you can change the water every 5–6 months. The best thing you’ll see in this region are the air filters, which firstly keep the air in every portion of the fridge separate and secondly prevent this air from entering into your food items, keeping your food intact from the smell. The lower portion is divided into two parts: one is for the freezer, and the other is customizable, so you can convert the freezer into a fridge whenever required. You will get to see LED lights in every part of the fridge, so finding small tins and tiny bowls isn’t difficult for you.


This model is the newest launch by LG in the category of American-style fridges and freezers. This model comes with “knok-on” technology, where you knock on the refrigerator door two times and everything contained in your refrigerator appears. This way, your refrigerator’s efficiency would increase and power wastage would decrease because every time you open your fridge, 30% of the cold air goes out. It performs five stages of filtration, keeping minute microorganisms away from your food. It has a foot sensor, and when it senses your foot, automatically opens the door; this is a very useful feature, especially when you are holding heavy items. The most attractive feature that you would find in almost every new refrigerator is the voice command. You can ask your fridge to play recipes, music, and place orders while you are busy cooking.


This American-style refrigerator appliance offers all the modern attributes, including a home bar, a water filter, and some exceptional control settings for temperature and display. The two exclusive characteristics that you would see in no other fridge/freezer are:

  • No defrosting is necessary, as dry air circulates in both compartments, so the ice would never build up in the inner space.
  • Holiday mode: if you are going out on a holiday, you can turn on this mode; it will maintain the refrigerator temperature at 14 degrees and the freezer temperature at 18 degrees, keeping the power consumption very low.



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