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What is Airplane Mode? What is Airplane Mode?

What does it mean to be an airplane mode? What is airplane mode? This important feature is essential for your phone.


You’ll find an airplane mode toggle on any Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows 10 PC. What is airplane mode? What can you do to make it work for your smartphone or computer?

We will answer all of your questions regarding airplane mode to help you learn how it works.

What is Airplane Mode?

You can activate airplane mode on almost all smartphones and laptops. It stops any signal transmission from your phone when you activate airplane mode. When airplane mode is turned on, you’ll see an aircraft icon in the status bar of your phone.

Because many airlines prohibit wireless devices from their planes during takeoff and landing, the feature is called airplane mode. Although there is some debate about whether smartphones could interfere with radio equipment on planes, most people believe it’s safer to be safe than sorry.

What does an Airplane Mode do?

Airplane mode disables all wireless functions on your phone or laptop including:

  • Mobile connection: It is not possible to make calls, send texts, or access the internet using mobile data.
  • Wi Fi: Your device won’t be able to connect to any Wi-Fi connections that are already in use.
  • Bluetooth: bluetooth is a short-range connection which allows you to connect your phone with speakers, headphones and other devices. This is disabled by airplane mode.


After activating airplane mode, you can toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth back on manually. You can also keep airplane mode disabled to block cell signal reception.

Modern Android and iOS have added convenience tweaks to airplane mode. Modern phones will not drop the Bluetooth connection if you activate airplane mode while it is connected to a Bluetooth device. If you prefer, you can turn off Bluetooth manually.

GPS is slightly different. It does not transmit radio waves. Your phone’s GPS functionality receives signals only from GPS satellites. Depending on the device, airplane mode might or may not turn off GPS.

Although offline maps apps can be used without an internet connection but live traffic will not work in airplane mode since there is no internet connection.


How to toggle Airplane Mode on Android

These steps will enable airplane mode on an Android device:

  1. To open the Quick Setting panel, swipe down two times from the top of your screen. Alternativly, swipe down with two fingers.
  2. You will find the Airplane mode toggle on the grid. You might have to swipe to the side if you don’t see it.
  3. To enter airplane mode, tap the toggle. In your status bar you’ll see an airplane icon and all radios affected will be disabled.

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These steps will be repeated to disable airplane mode. It may take your phone some time to connect to Wi-Fi or cellular data after you have exited airplane mode.

You can switch airplane mode on your phone by going to Settings > Network and internet > Airplane mode.


How to toggle Airplane Mode on iPhone/iPad

For iPhone and iPad users, please see our guide to airplane mode for iPhone and iPad.

How to toggle Airplane Mode on Windows or Mac

Windows 10 allows you to toggle airplane mode via the Action Center. To open the notification bubble icon at the bottom-right corner, press Win + a.

After it has appeared, you will see the Flight mode toggle. To enable airplane mode, click this button. To see the panel, click expand. It may be hidden by default.

It turns out that macOS does not have an airplane mode option. However, shows you how to put your MacBook in airplane mode.

Is it possible to save battery with an airplane mode?

Yes, airplane mode can help your phone save battery life. Your phone’s various radios use a lot of energy. They send app notifications via Wi-Fi, communicate wirelessly with cell towers and Bluetooth devices, and track your location.


These all consume a lot of energy, so it is best to disable them all at once. This will allow you to keep your phone plugged in for longer. Your phone will charge faster because it doesn’t do as much in airplane mode.

Is Wi-Fi possible in Airplane Mode?

It depends on the device you have, but most modern phones let you use Wi-Fi in airplane mode. Wi-Fi will automatically turn off when you enable airplane mode. However, you can manually enable it again.

Swipe down twice from the top of your Android screen to open Quick Setup. Next, tap Wi Fi. After a few seconds, Wi-Fi will turn on and connect to your device (if it allows). Open Control Center on an iPhone. Swipe down from top-right for iPhone models that don’t have a Home button or swipe up from bottom if you have one. Tap the WiFi toggle the same way.

Many airlines offer Wi-Fi in-flight. You can turn Wi-Fi on airplane mode to take advantage of this feature if you wish. You should verify with the airline before connecting. Wi-Fi is usually only available at 10,000 feet. However, it’s important to turn off Wi-Fi during takeoff or landing.


Is Bluetooth compatible with Airplane Mode?

Similar to the previous scenario. Except for the above, enabling airplane mode will disable Bluetooth. However, most phones and laptops can still turn it on using the shortcut toggle. Because Bluetooth’s range is so limited (about 30 feet in most cases), airlines don’t care about it.

Bluetooth can be enabled to pair Bluetooth headphones, keyboards or other similar devices. You can also enable airplane mode even if you aren’t on a plane to save battery and listen to offline music via Bluetooth headphones.

Does Airplane Mode Use Data?

No. You won’t be able to use airplane mode because it prevents your phone’s connection to your mobile provider’s network.

What does the Airplane Mode do for Games?

You may love to play games on your smartphone but hate ads. Enabling airplane mode will disable all internet connections and hide ads from offline mobile games. After enabling airplane mode, make sure to not turn Wi-Fi on again.

If a game requires that your device be connected to the internet, airplane mode won’t allow you to play it. Try airplane mode with your favorite games to see what happens.


Are Alarms able to be used in Airplane Mode?

Yes, alarms can sound normal even when in airplane mode. They do not rely on internet or mobile connections. To set your alarm, open the Clock application on your device.

Snapchat works in Airplane Mode

No. Snapchat is dependent on an internet connection so it won’t work in airplane mode.

Are you able to receive calls and texts in airplane mode?

Your phone is not connected to cellular service. Your phone will not connect to cellular service if someone calls you while it is in airplane mode. They’ll be able to reach your voicemail just like if the phone were turned off. After you turn off airplane mode, you’ll be able to see any texts you have received.

This limitation will not apply if you use Wi-Fi Calling. This function must be supported by both your phone and your carrier. You will need to allow it to send traditional SMS messages and calls over Wi-Fi.

READ MORE:Steps To Fix Wi-Fi Calling On Your IPhone

This is not the case for messaging apps such as WhatsApp or iMessage. You can still use instant messaging services if your phone is not in airplane mode, but it’s connected to Wi-Fi.

How to listen to music while in Airplane Mode

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Music streaming apps such as Spotify, Apple Music and others won’t work in airplane mode because you don’t have an Internet connection. As we mentioned, streaming music in airplane mode can only be done by turning Wi-Fi on again.


If you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi then you have two options to listen to music in airplane mode.

First, music can be downloaded to your smartphone if you have a paid streaming subscription like Spotify Premium or YouTube Music Premium. You can listen to the music even when you are in airplane mode.

You can still listen locally to your music even if you don’t wish to subscribe to a premium streaming service. To sync your music to your smartphone, you will need an offline player app.

This is what you can do in Airplane Mode

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about airplane mode for your smartphone or laptop. It allows you to turn off all wireless activity from your phone or laptop, which is useful on certain flights but not necessary on others. You can also manually adjust airplane mode by turning Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on or off, if you want to allow certain connections.

We recommend downloading media to your phone if you have a long flight. This will ensure that you don’t need an internet connection. This will allow you to have unlimited access without having to pay for Wi-Fi on the plane.




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