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What iPhones are Waterproof?

Is your iPhone safe if it is dropped in the water? Each iPhone model has water resistance ratings.

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Phones can be damaged in many ways, including getting wet. Water is a common element and protecting your phone against it can be difficult. Water can cause many problems, including spills, rain, condensation and even a plunge into a pool.

A water-resistant phone will have less water damage. It is important to check if your phone has water resistance.

This guide will show you which iPhones are waterproof.

What iPhones are WaterProof

How do you know if your iPhone’s waterproof? Your iPhone is not waterproof. Your AirPods, however, are not waterproof.

Waterproof means that your device is indestructible even when exposed to water. This would mean that your iPhone could be used to snorkel for hours without any problems. No smartphone is waterproof at the moment.

Your iPhone may not be water-resistant. They are water-resistant to a certain degree, but can still be damaged by liquid contact under certain conditions.

It’s not just semantic. The distinction between waterproof and water-resistant makes all the difference in terms of devices. It is important to ensure that your iPhone can withstand a downpour or accidental drop in the toilet.

We now know that iPhones cannot be waterproofed. Let’s see which iPhones can withstand water and how much.

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Models of iPhones Water Resistant

iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus were the first iPhones to be water-resistant. Apple announced in 2016 that both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus would have an IP67 rating. They could survive up to 30 minutes in water as deep as 1 meter.

The iPhone 8 Plus, 8 Plus, XR, iPhone SE (2nd Generation), and iPhone XR received IP67 ratings.

The IP68 rating on the iPhone XS, XS Max and 11 allows them to resist liquid intrusion up to two meters deep for up to 30 seconds.


Apple claims that the iPhone 11 Pro Max and 11 Pro Max are IP68-rated, meaning they can withstand water depths of up to 4m for 30 minutes.

iPhone 12 and newer are the water-resistant iPhones Apple made. They are IP68-rated and can be submerged in water up to six meters for thirty minutes.

Furthermore, all devices starting with the iPhone XR are resistant to spills from any other liquids like soda, beer or coffee.

No iPhones manufactured before iPhone 7 are water-resistant.

It is not surprising that the iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS Max, and later have IP68 ratings with varying degrees of water resistance.

How IP ratings work. Standard testing for water resistance doesn’t give an exact depth. IP68 simply refers to phones that have been tested at greater than 1 meter depths and were found unaffected. Manufacturers will determine the exact durations and depths.


Apple’s claims will therefore be more accurate that the IP rating.

What Activities Can Water-Resistant Phones Do?

With this information about your iPhone’s water resistance, you might be tempted take your iPhone with you to go swimming to capture some amazing underwater selfies.


Seals and gaskets are used to protect the ports and other openings of new iPhones from water damage. These seals may become less effective over time, but it is impossible to confirm their effectiveness.

Apple doesn’t give any guidelines on when protection ends, so it is up to you to determine your iPhone’s water resistance. There are some phones that come with defects from the factory, so these seals may not be present on all of them.


Keep your iPhone out of water. You can rest assured that your iPhone will be safe if it falls into a bowl of water or is caught in a drizzle.

Even Apple suggests that you stop using an iPhone if you’re:

  • You can swim, sauna, or steam your way through the water.
  • Using high-velocity, pressurized water (e.g. Showering, jet-skiing or surfing
  • Use pressurized air to clean the device
  • Submerge the device intentionally for any reason
  • Use the iPhone in conditions other than those recommended by the manufacturer.

Apple’s message is “Dunk your iPhone underwater at Your Own Risk.”

What to do if your phone gets wet?

Turn off your iPhone if it gets wet with water. You can clean your iPhone with clean water and then dry it using a soft cloth.

Tap your iPhone gently on your palm, with the charging port facing downwards to dry it. To speed up the drying process, you can place your iPhone in front a fan.


Do not dry your iPhone using an external heat source. Don’t place a foreign item, such as a cotton sample or a towel, in the Lightning charging port.

Don’t try to disassemble your device. You could endanger the iPhone’s protective parts.

You can take your iPhone to an expert if the damage appears severe.

Apple’s Warranty Does Not Cover Water Damage

Apple claims that it is water-resistant, but the warranty does not cover water damage.

Many people believe that Apple wouldn’t know if an iPhone is damaged by water if it was taken to be repaired under warranty. Apple is not the only smartphone manufacturer that has built-in indicators to detect if the phone was in direct contact with water.

These are known as Liquid Contact Indicators, or LCIs. The LCI can be found in either the iPhone’s SIM slot, or the iPhone’s headphone slot depending on the model. The LCI should not be colored if the iPhone has been in direct contact with water. LCIs for iPhones that have been dropped or dipped in water will be red.

Apple will not cover the damage if they see that the LCI has turned red.


Does My iPhone still resist water after repairs?

Your water resistance will not be affected if you have to replace an iPhone part at an Apple-approved store. Third-party repairs can cause your iPhone to lose its water resistance capabilities.

The waterproof seal breaks when the device is opened. It must be replaced to ensure water resistance.

Third-party repairers are preferred by most people because they charge less than Apple-accredited technicians. Apple-approved repairs can be expensive, but you will receive high-quality replacement parts and highly qualified technicians for a fair price.

You should confirm that the sealant strips have been properly replaced if you take your iPhone to a third party service provider. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to be certain. You would have to trust the technician.

Do you want a waterproof iPhone? Buy a Case

A waterproof iPhone case is the best way to protect your iPhone from liquid intrusion. These cases are more durable than Apple’s water-resistance claims.


Keep your iPhone safe from liquids by using a waterproof case.




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