What has happened what happened to Caffeine Free Coke? Discontinued?


You’re here because trying to figure out why you’re not able to get Caffeine Free Coke in 2020. The stores have sold out, and online retailers such as Amazon as well as Walmart have run out of stocks. You’re probably wondering if they still produce Caffeine Free Coke?!? !

Caffeine Free Coke has not been discontinued permanently. The COVID-19 catastrophe has led to an aluminum can shortage that resulted in Coca-Cola to temporarily cease production of Caffeine Free Coke. Many other beverage companies have also halted less-popular drinks until the issue is fixed.

Take an inhale and let your mind go. Caffeine Free Coke will be coming back, but likely not until around mid-2021.

Where can I get Caffeine Free Coke?

As of now, I’ve not found any retailer that sells cans. A few stores say they have 2L bottles on hand however, supplies are extremely limited. Luckily, cans are likely to be available, but around mid-2021.

A few independent online stores might advertise Caffeine Free Coke, but be prepared to pay 10x the price of the regular version. Be wary of stores which claims to have plenty of cans.

Check out the following alternatives without caffeine that will be able to be used until your preferred is back.

If you can handle caffeine free diet…


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Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Caffeine Free, 12 oz (pack of 12)$10.35$19.48

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More COKE ZERO Information

Pepsi Caffeine Free


Do they still produce Caffeine Free Coke?

Coca-Cola produces Caffeine Free Coke in limited quantities while it tries to figure out the best way to adapt to the increasing consumption of sodas at home.

I have a cousin who is employed by Coca-Cola. Employees were initially unaware of what was happening. She was of the opinion that Coca-Cola had stopped making Caffeine Free Coke temporarily as the result of COVID-19’s impacts on the availability of raw substances.

In the end, she discovered that the problem was actually the lack of aluminum cans, which caused Coca-Cola to reduce the quantity of flavors they could make. It’s clearly an issue with the raw materialsand aluminum! What would you have believed that that the shortage of cans was caused by the lack of ?!?! ?

Alongside the dearth in cans available, there has an enormous shift in demand for food from restaurants to homes. Manufacturers are still grappling with shifting their supplies from syrup tanks and fountains to bottles and cans that are packed for homes.

Coca-Cola’s Official Statement

Many have asked questions regarding Caffeine Free Coke on Facebook. Coca-Cola responds to every concerns with the same message:

Free of caffeine, Coca-Cola has not been withdrawn. As with many other companies, we’re seeing an increase in demand for items consumed by consumers at home. We are taking steps to adapt to the growing demand. We are working closely with clients and suppliers to overcome the challenges in this unprecedented period. We thank you for your trust in our drinks and hope you be assured that we’re doing our best to keep the drinks you love on the shelves of your local stores.

Coca-Cola Facebook Page

Coca-Cola has made numerous public statements about their reaction to COVID-19. Here are some of their statements specifically related to the availability of their beverages:

Local retailers, grocery stores and eateries are working hard to ensure families have access to the food, beverages , and things they require in this time of need. We’re doing everything we can to help these businesses and the people they serve.


To ensure that our products are availability, we keep business continuity plans that address any supply chain problems that may occur.


Coca-Cola has produced lots of COVID-19 related content. efforts around the world:

Contact Coca-Cola

Contact Coca-Cola by yourself. You can send an email to them at their department for consumer affairs. Here is the email address: consumer.relations@coca-cola.com

I contacted the consumer relations department at Coca-Cola to inquire about the status of Caffeine Free Coke. The response I got was the same as this formatted response. It’s not really useful, but I am grateful that they took the time to respond…

We are grateful for your appreciation for our brands and products. As with many other companies we are experiencing a higher consumer demand for food items by consumers at home. We are taking measures to respond to the changing needs. We are cooperating with our customers as well as our suppliers to ease the challenges during this incredibly turbulent moment.

You are welcome to use this locator to locate additional stores to purchase your favorite brands. http://locator.coke.com/lct-web/ Be aware that the stores listed have ordered the product recently, but do not show their current inventory, so we recommend calling ahead to ensure that they have the product in stock.

We are pleased to allow on-line shopping for select products from Amazon Pantry which is available to Amazon Prime members. Please visit Amazon.com for additional information or The Coca-Cola online store https://beverages.cokestore.com/. There is no alternative option to purchase or place an order for the product through us directly.

Thank you for informing us about the issues in the local store(s) that we will examine. We are grateful for your trust in our products and we hope that you will be aware that we’re trying to make sure that we keep the items you love on the shelves.

There is currently no estimate of the timeframe to replenish stocks. Thank you for your patience.

If you have additional concerns or questions, please be sure to contact us.

A response to an email from Coca-Cola

What about Caffeine Free Diet Coke?

Caffeine Free DIet Coke initially had a shortage but it’s now back available on the internet and at supermarkets. It is out and in of stock very quickly due to its high demand. If you can find it on sale, get it!

Pay attention to prices online However, be aware of prices on the internet. They’re costly right now! The 12-pack I’ve seen is selling for around $20 on the internet. This is a huge fraud. If you’re in a hurry I’d say it might be worth it.

What is the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero?

Coca-Cola has announced that there may be long-term effects to the availability of Diet Coke and Coke Zero. The artificial sweeteners that are used in these products are not in stock. At present, the products are still on shelves and are available on the internet. It is my hope that this doesn’t affect in the similar in the same way that it did Caffeine Free Coke. I’ve got an complete article regarding the state regarding Coke Zero here.

Coca-Cola has stated… it is concerned that the chain of supply may be affected in the long in the future as coronavirus continues to grow. The company also stated that it relies on suppliers from China for the addition of certain sweeteners to its diet, and also zero sugar-based drinks.

USA Today

Are there alternatives to caffeine-free Pepsi as well as Dr Pepper an alternative?

If you thought that you could be able to get through this tough time by drinking a caffeine-free Pepsi you should reconsider. It appears that quite many people were of similar thoughts and the caffeine-free Pepsi is now gone from shelves in stores and also from online retailers. Pepsi also restricted production of certain drinks and other beverages.

Here’s our complete post about what’s happening in the world of Pepsi’s Caffeine Free.

Caffeine Free Dr Pepper was on shelves in stores and on the internet until July 31, but is now out of inventory at most stores, too.


There are many companies that produce Cola syrup which you can utilize to make your own caffeine-free coca. Here’s the lowest price on Amazon for caffeine-free syrup for cola.

You could also make your own. Here is a recipe that I came up with…

Caffeine Free Cola Recipe

If you are unable to find the best cola with no caffeine Make your own! This may sound a little odd however if you’re in a hurry then why not give it a go. It’s easy and simple to make.Prep Time 30 minutesCook Time 1 hourServings 12 people


  • 1 quart of water
  • 7 1/2 cups sugar , approximately 2lbs
  • 1 lemon with zest and juice
  • 1 lime along with the zest and juice
  • 2 oranges along with juice, zest and zest
  • 3 cinnamon sticks broken or 1/4 teaspoon ground
  • 2 tsp coriander seeds
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • 2 slices of fresh ginger 1/4 tsp ground ginger
  • 1/4 Cup Kitchen Bouquet or any other browning sauce
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


  • Add sugar, water and fruit zest, as well as coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger to the sauce pan on high heat. Bring the mixture to a boil for one minute and then switch off heat. Let it cool to the temperature of room.
  • Mix in juices of fruit, Kitchen Bouquet and vanilla.
  • Mixture of strain.
  • To make a cola beverage make a cola drink, add 1 cup of syrup to 1 1/2 cups of carbonated water. Mix it well, then add Ice.
  • Reserving syrup leftovers within the fridge for up to two weeks.


It’s not going taste exactly similar to Coca-Cola or Pepsi However, it will be recognized as Coca-Cola. But, it’s caffeine free!

What other sodas that are caffeine-free are there?

There are numerous soft drinks that don’t contain caffeine. In fact, they are too many to mention here including local brands. The best option is to head to your local grocery store and search for the sodas you believe you’d be satisfied with and also check the labels for caffeine.

Because caffeine is an ingredient in almost all sodas, it is included as a component in the standard list of ingredients which is found in all food products sold within the US. A quick glance through the bottle will inform you if the beverage has caffeine in it. If there’s no mention of caffeine listed in the ingredients list the soda is likely to be caffeine-free. Perhaps you’ll find something you’ve never tried before that you like exactly the same way!

What is the reason for an aluminiu shortage?

Nothing has changed since the aluminum supply. However, with the increasing number of people working at home and eating at home less often, drinking sodas packaged in aluminum containers has increased. Similar to that the demand for sodas from fountains at restaurants has decreased.

In order for things to return to normal, everyone will be required to get back to work. Or we’ll need to find a way to make lots of aluminum to fill cans.

News stories about the shortage of aluminum

  • Fact Check: Dr Pepper shortage? No. However, a shortage of aluminum cans could be the reason for the shortage of supplies
  • Another supply issue! Soda makers and beer producers struggle with aluminum cans, plan to restrict niche drinks

Related Questions

  • Does caffeine exist present in Caffeine Free Coke?
    No. There isn’t any coffee present in Caffeine Free Coke. Actually, every one Coca-Cola’s beverages that are labeled “caffeine free” are caffeine-free. The same is for other producers of beverages within the US. The phrase “caffeine non-caffeine” is usually considered to mean that the beverage does not contain added caffeine.
  • Do you know if Coke Zero have caffeine?
    Yes, Coke Zero contains caffeine. Its “zero” of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar refers to zero sugar and no calories. In the year 2017, Coca-Cola replaced the original Coke Zero with a slightly modernized recipe, dubbed “Coca-Cola(r) Zero Sugar”. I hope that the name will help keep from confusion about what “zero” that is in its name refers to.
  • Is Coke still making Caffeine Free Diet Coke?
    Yes, Caffeine Free Diet Coke is still being produced. It is hit by the identical shortage, but it is still sold in retail stores as well as from several online retailers. Demand is currently large, so it may not be available at certain stores. You can look up Amazon’s inventory here.
  • Do you know of a Coke Zero with no caffeine?
    Yes. There’s a version that has no caffeine dubbed “Coca-Cola(r) Zero Sugar, Caffeine-Free” More info on Coke’s website.


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