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What happens when you accidentally like and then unlike an Instagram post?

It is very easy to mistakenly like someone else’s Instagram post. Instagram will notify them almost immediately if you double-tap the post, or tap the heart button beneath it. But, what if they liked and then unliked an Instagram post?

This article will discuss what happens when you accidentally Like and Then Delete an Instagram Post. You’ll also find tips to avoid this situation. Let’s get started.

Can Someone See If You Like or Unlike an Instagram Post?

Most people who have an Instagram account have liked a post of someone else’s by accident at least once. It’s easy because you just need to tap on the post. Accidental likes are usually when you scroll through your Instagram feed or zoom in on a particular photo. You can like, “heart”, or double-tap an Instagram post to notify the creator.


According to our tests, notifications disappear if you “like” someone’s post immediately. What if someone is actively checking their notifications? There is a delay in the notification. It is possible that the other user won’t know you liked their post if they don’t immediately like it.

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Only people who have re-checked their notifications prior to your accident will be able to see your accidental like. The notification will then appear. The “like” button will disappear if they refresh their notifications.

It all comes down to timing. This is why you will get a notification if you like an Instagram post. The notification is removed if you “unlike” the posted. The notification could be seen if the person who accidentally liked your post was online at the time. The notification will not be displayed if the person who accidentally liked your post wasn’t online at the time.

It can be embarrassing to accidentally like someone’s post, especially if they have uploaded it three years ago or you weren’t supposed to be there. This could be interpreted as a sign you are stalking their profile.

It’s easy to “unlike” someone’s Instagram photo. Simply tap on the red heart button once more. Remember that the likes will not be saved if you double-tap an Instagram post.

The chances of someone liking something are greater if they wait longer between likes and unlikes. Let’s say you accidentally liked an Instagram post and didn’t notice it until five minutes later. In this case, you give the other person five minutes to check their Instagram notifications. It’s best to like the post as soon you can so that your chances of being seen are increased.

These notifications are also known as push notifications. You’re safe if the person who accidentally liked your photo has their push notifications disabled. It also depends on how lucky you are. Users with thousands of followers receive hundreds of comments and likes daily. To avoid distractions, users are advised to disable push notifications. Instagram users with fewer followers can turn off push notifications if they don’t like receiving them.

You might be wondering what it would look like if you accidentally “liked” an Instagram post twice in a row, or multiple times, and then later unlike it.


Take Care When Looking at an Instagram Post

It can be extremely uncomfortable to accidentally like someone’s Instagram post, regardless of how long it takes for them to unlike it. They might see the notification. You can block the user, temporarily disable your account and turn on Airplane Mode if you wish to see their posts.

Instagram Like/Unlike FAQs

Does the number of people who like a post go down if they don’t like it?


Yes, each post you dislike decreases in likes. The number of likes on posts accidentally liked by users will decrease if they track their engagements for analytics.

How can I stop accidental Instagram likes?


There is no way to prevent accidental Instagram likes except being very careful. You can view someone’s profile and ensure you don’t accidentally Like something by turning Airplane Mode on your phone. This disables all Wi-Fi connectivity.

How will I know if the notification was seen by someone?


Instagram won’t tell you if someone checked their notifications at exactly the same time as yours. If you communicate with them about the post, you will be able to tell if anyone saw it.




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