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What happened To Connor Murphy?

Connor Murphy is a fitness and social media celebrity with a large following on social media. He has 2.4 million users for YouTube and 450,000 followers on Instagram. The growth of his accounts has reached a peak and is now at a steady decline. The followers are worried about his physical and mental health. The kind of content he’s putting out differs significantly from his previous videos. From showing his shirt flexed off in public, to uploading videos that talk about the advantages in drinking the urine of your self.

Then, in May of 2021 Murphy posted two videos titled “RIP Connor Murphy’ and ‘Connor Murphy’s Last Words’. The act of faking his death has led to his family and friends becoming extremely worried. Police have visited his house several times to see how he was and Connor has been in a mental hospital in order to be psychologically assessed. According to Connor doctors, that he’s bipolar or suffering from psychosis triggered by drugs.


Youtuber Patrick Lyons stated Connor consumed the drug called Ayahuasca in the very first instance about one year ago. It’s a powerful psychedelic that’s illegal in many countries. Ingestion of the drug may induce hallucinations, and some refer to as “ego death” which explains his unpredictable behavior. Additionally, they alter people’s perspective of both time and feelings They also alter the functioning of their senses.

He is losing his gains

At first, Conor Murphy claimed he was using Ayahuasca to fulfill religious purposes. He also claimed to have reached a level of spiritual awakening, when he stopped engaging in funny routine pranks and started doing more mundane ones. He lost weight after forty days of fasting which had previously been done. It’s possible that Murphy’s muscle loss was increased due to his fasting habits along with his Ayahuasca usage.

Loss of Hair

At beginning, Murphy argued his case due to his thin hair. He claimed it was inherited. The situation has become worseand everybody is asking what’s going on with his.

There’s a chance there’s a chance that Connor Murphy isn’t getting enough nutrients since he’s supplying his body with harmful substances. It’s important to be aware how healthy hair needs a particular amount of nutrients. Moreover, substances can deplete you of the nutrients which can cause thinning or graying hair.

Dependency and hair loss

Addiction has been found to result in hair loss, which is among the more prominent negative side negative effects. The hair cycle can be disturbed by hallucinogens, such as hallucinogens that cause an early rest of the hair follicles , or even stop the mitotic activity in cells in totality. This causes noticeable loss of hair when it is used frequently over a prolonged period.

Recently Uploaded Uploads

Despite his bizarre behavior in the past year, it seems the former Connor Murphy is beginning to return. Recent uploads to his channel are bringing fans joy to be hopeful Connor is recovering from his own personal struggles. Also, it appears his body has improved, the pecs and delts are gradually returning!




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