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What exactly does MFS refer to on the TikTok platform? Slang explained!

TikTok terminology is constantly expanding and enhancing the meanings of one term used in slang. Here are three possible interpretations of MFS.

Let’s take a moment and be grateful for the many things TikTok can teach us in the last year: dances, brand new music and artists, new stars to follow, as well as lots of slang until we’re confused.

MFS is an acronym which has become very popular on TikTok for some time however, after the addition of meanings to it, users need clarifications. What exactly does MFS mean?

It is believed that the hashtag MFS has more than 19 million views and hundreds of making videos. Based on what it appears to be, the acronym MFS does not have a single meaning but has three diverse interpretations. Look at it this way: the MFS meaning is based on the perspective that is being used in the TikTok video. I’ll explain the subject for you.

First MFS Meaning

The MFS language is quite common on TikTok since it is often used in captions, and also within videos as well.

The most common definition of MFS and possibly the most popular on the internet will be “motherf**kers” . It’s used to describe people you don’t like and who do not like you.

But, this definition is applied on TikTok to refer to ourselves as a society, where we are unable to let ourselves go of our irritating habits.

Second MFS Meaning

Another meaning for MFS could be “mom’s friend’s son”. There is always the one person that our mothers is comparing us to, and often it’s her child likely to be an high achiever. “Jessica’s son has the best grades in his class, why don’t you follow his example?” It’s likely that this will be familiar to many .

A lot of the time mothers don’t really know anything about the son of their friends and daughter, yet they are prone to talk about them just for reason of it.

Third MFS meaning

A third, and perhaps final significance of MFS at the moment being, at least, an entirely unexpected one and is a term that is rarely employed. MFS also is a reference to “Mother F**king Smokers”. It’s used to refer to those who smoke and who annoy non-smokers with their smoking habits in public spaces .



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