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What does the Snapchat Fruit signify?

Snaps began to appear in Snapchat’s fruit section right after Christmas 2016. It’s code that tells you if you’re single, taken, or complicated. It left many Snapchat users confused unless they were actually doing it. Then they would have the advantage in the guessing game.

This creative way to state your relationship status is more interesting than the conventional way of just saying the obvious. It’s unique, I’ll admit it. You may not know what each of the relationship statuses for different fruits are.

Everyone has a secretive relationship. Some people find it enjoyable, while others prefer it to be private. Another way to share private information is by using the fruit emojis within a Snapchat story.

We have more tutorials for those who are new to Snapchat. We will take a look at the Snapchat emoji and explain what they mean for your relationships. We are here.

Which fruit are you?

If you have already taken part in the Snapchat fruit revolution, then you might know what each fruit is. If not, you might want to continue reading. The use of the fruit emoji to add to a Snapchat story doesn’t mean you are just using an emoji. Each one represents something unique.

According to rumours, this fruit craze was created to confuse Snapchat users about their relationship status. Snapchat users are becoming more adept at this. They are starting to figure out the code and decipher each fruit.

We’ve collected the following information from Snapchat’s different fruit emoji.

  • Blueberry is Your Single
  • Pineapple is a complicated word.
  • Raspberry is a sign that you don’t want to commit to just one person
  • Apple is a sign that you are engaged
  • Cherry is a sign that you are already in a relationship
  • Banana is a sign that you are married
  • Avocado is the sign that you are the better half of the couple
  • Strawberry is a sign that you won’t find the perfect one
  • Lemon is a sign that you want to be single
  • Raisin is a sign that you are looking to marry your current partner

Snapchat’s fruit emoji is a smart way to show your relationship status. We have you covered if you want to find out what’s happening in Snapchat.

And just when you think you have it all figured out, there’s another Snapchat game featuring animal emojis.

Snapchat has Animal Emojis

People started using animals to communicate their feelings and became more familiar with the fruit emojis. Snapchat users can use the same code as the fruit to send a detailed message with the appropriate animal emojis.

The code is:

  • Horse Emoji – This person is most likely single
  • Cheetah-The Cheetah symbolises that the person is in an intimate relationship
  • Whale or Monkey? This is a sign that they are in a complex relationship. They may or may not reveal why.
  • Octopus – This is a sign they don’t know. It may also be related to their complicated relationship status
  • Lion – They are interested in someone, but not committed
  • Rabbit – This is simply because they haven’t found the perfect partner.
  • Pig – Refers to their attractiveness (or lack thereof) to others in their social circle
  • Dog – This indicates that the person isn’t looking for a long-term partnership.
  • Bird – A person who shares a picture of a bird on Snapchat is looking forward to getting married.
  • Frogs – They are married
  • Mouse – This is a more comical status in a relationship. They are claiming that they are the better spouse in their current relationship.

While animal emojis won’t be the only way to see relationship symbolism in Snapchat stories, it is a fun and fascinating code within the social media community.

Other symbols

Snapchat users are transforming the social media app beyond what the app developers intended. The popular app has many symbols and meanings that are embedded by users, not by its creators.

Snapchat Friend Emojis

Users didn’t forget their closest friends, of course. There are many friend emojis available and you can find their meanings here. The Golden heart emoji, which is often shared by two people at once, signifies that someone is their best friend. These emoji symbols can also be used to announce friendship anniversary. Red heart emojis signify that the two people have been best friends for at least two weeks. The pink heart emoji represents one month.

Snapchat has its own symbol, the “send” arrow. You can tell which color this arrow is indicating the content of your message.

Most social media platforms have some symbolism or secret messages that users create, especially if they are young. These symbols are usually harmless and used for entertainment purposes.

Avoid Emojis

There are some things you should be aware of if your child uses Snapchat. Some Emojis that represent pills or plants can be a sign of drug use, but not all. Snapchat emojis can be a good indicator of your child’s recreational activities.

Emojis used to be a bit more frightening than they are today. While the gun emoji used look like a real gun, it is now a more threatening squirt gun. You can use weapons emojis to make threats.

It is not difficult to decode emojis intended for harm. It is easy to see if someone is sending you threatening emojis, or those that contain drug-related inuendos based on the context.

Overall, emojis can be a lighthearted and fun way to communicate with other people. These tiny symbols are not likely to be malicious and can be used to represent many different relationships, feelings, emotions, or other matters.



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