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What does the Hourglass in Snapchat mean?

Snapchat offers many unique features that encourage interaction, including emojis which are placed beside usernames to indicate other things.

The hourglass emoji is one emoji that causes confusion. What does it actually mean?

The hourglass emojis are similar to fire emojis and relate to your Snapchat streak. This measures how frequently you communicate with certain people on your friend list.

You don’t need to know much about Snapstreaks or what these emojis are. This article will cover all you need to know about Snapstreaks, and the meanings of common emojis.

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What is a Snapstreak?

You need to first understand Snapstreaks to learn more about the hourglass Emoji.

Snapstreaks are created when you exchange snaps with other users at least once per day for at least three consecutive calendar days. A fire emoji will be added to the username when that happens.

You will need to exchange photos at least once per 24 hours in order to maintain the streak. To keep the streak going, you must both send snaps. This is a fun way of encouraging users to use the app regularly.

A number will be displayed next to the fire emoticon. This number shows how long your streak has been. The streak will end if you don’t send snaps within 24 hours.

What does the Hourglass Emoji mean?

Snapchat will remind you that your Snapstreak 24-hour window is ending. An hourglass emoji will be displayed next to the fire to remind you.

Your streak may end if you don’t respond quickly enough to this emoji. But how much time are you able to spend?

The hourglass icon will be displayed when the Snapstreak Timer reaches 20 hours since your last snap. You and your friend will have approximately four hours to continue the streak.

You can exchange photos right away if you don’t want the hourglass emoji disappearing. Or, let it end.

What is the 100 Icon next to a Snapstreak and How Does It Work?

If you have exchanged snaps with a user for 100 consecutive days, the ‘100″ icon beside their username indicates that you have achieved this feat. Snapchat will give you a 100 emoji in recognition of your Snapstreak.

The icon will disappear on your 101st birthday, regardless of whether or not you choose to continue the streak.

How to Keep a Snapstreak Going

You need to keep your streak going by exchanging snaps. Snapchat does not count all interactions as snaps.

Snaps are messages you send using your camera button. Snaps are pictures, video recordings and voice messages that count towards your Snapstreak.

The Snapstreak does not include interactions such as:

  • Snapchat Stories
  • Spectacles
  • Memories
  • Group chats

What should you do if your snapstreak disappears?

An app error could have caused your Snapstreak to disappear even though you and your friend had sent snaps.

You can prove that your Snapstreak was lost due to a mistake by clicking here

  1. Visit the Snapchat Support Page.
  2. Look for the “My Snapstreak disappeared” option.
  3. Complete the following information.

Once you have done this, you will need to wait for Support to get back to you. Snapchat will send you a message explaining the rules of keeping your Snap Streak.

You can chat with support if you are positive that the other person has followed all guidelines to keep the streak.


Last Thoughts

You may not be able to see the hourglass immediately, so you might have less than four hours to complete the streak. Get in touch with your friend to exchange photos as quickly as possible.

Streaks can be lost due to system problems or friends who are too busy with their Snapchat activities. If you’re determined to maintain a long streak, all it takes is to make sure that you exchange snaps at the very least once per day.




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